I often see foreign mothers during pregnancy. Can Chinese mothers do it?

Can Chinese mothers do it during pregnancy?

In recent years, due to the high -speed development of the Internet era, we can often see foreign mothers exercise during pregnancy, and we have also maintained a good body shape during pregnancy.Can Chinese mothers do this too?

Let me take a look at the sports bloggers who are still in fitness abroad

In the picture, she has a baby’s body before …

The picture is what she looks like before and after pregnancy …

The picture is that she moves with her baby …

The picture is her little baby …

In today’s society, the female friends around us have become the key protection target. Naturally, the people in the family are also "fighting". The life of expectant mothers is sleeping every day.Exercise, I can’t wait to protect you like a security guard.

Of course, there are also some teams that follow the trend of Bao mothers to join the exercise, but on the Internet, there are also posts that teach you how to exercise how to fitness. First of all, we can determine that you can work out during pregnancy, but you must consult a doctor.With the foundation under professional guidance, choose a pregnancy exercise that suits you.

Benefit during pregnancy

Reasonable exercise arrangements can help expectant mothers improve constipation, help excessive obesity during pregnancy lead to production difficulties, and it is also helpful for body recovery after production. Good female friends will choose the basin after pregnancy.Maintaining exercise during pregnancy can be improved.A moderate amount of exercise can help pregnant women to divert attention, alleviate the pressure of pregnancy, reduce depression symptoms, and enhance self -confidence.

Suitable sports

There are many types of exercise, but there are very few exercise suitable for pregnancy. It is also a problem for the mothers to choose the right exercise. However, many common ones are Yujia and Swimming.One, of course, some pregnant women with good physical fitness can also choose jogging.The above are the safety exercise methods during pregnancy, so that the pregnant woman can fit the weight and fit.

Best exercise period

During the pregnancy and first conception, female friends are advised not to exercise. During this period from four to seven months after pregnancy, walking during this period, Yujia can give birth to mothers during pregnancy., Enhance the strength of the hands and legs. During this period, accumulating production forces can help Baoma’s fatigue during pregnancy.


Before exercise, you must do a good job of warm -up exercise

The expectant mothers who are pregnant will encounter the physical changes caused by the chaos of their hormones during pregnancy. The joints of the body and the muscles will feel relaxed. If you start exercising without warming up, you will be injured during exercise.

Wearing pregnant women’s fitness clothing

We will have dedicated clothing during fitness, and they will also have the effect of heat dissipation and sweat absorption. It can achieve the stickiness of sweat to the body during exercise. Professional sportswear can also move with the body of the body to help the body more beneficial to the body more favorable.Activity.

Sport intensity should be appropriate

Exercise during pregnancy, learn to control your body’s tolerance, and don’t force yourself.

Prepare enough water and food

Before the exercise, we prepared: professional instructor, or family, as well as water or food supplemented halfway.

Sports must be appropriate

The control of time is 2 to 3 times a week, 30 minutes to 40 minutes each time.

Dangerous action, don’t do it

During pregnancy, high -intensity exercise is prohibited. Each exercise must always pay attention to your own state, find your most comfortable exercise, and you cannot do excessive exercise.

Special attention: Because each person’s constitution is different, the physical condition of female friends during pregnancy is also different. Not every pregnant woman can exercise during the prescribed month, and you need to consult a doctor before exercise.Later, accompanied by professionals to perform appropriate exercise.However, because everyone has different family conditions, different physical conditions, different fetal conditions in the abdomen, and different ways to choose exercise, there are her danger factor itself when pregnant women are pregnant.It is not recommended to exercise.

If you happen to be a mother during pregnancy, please take a look at the above suggestions.We were exercising for healthy babies during pregnancy. Do not exercise for exercise, and do you.

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