I took 3 emergency a day, all of which were luteum rupture. What exactly is the luteal?Women should know

In my country, 40%of women have different degrees of gynecological diseases, more than 70%of married women, and the incidence of cervical cancer in Chinese women accounts for one -third of the world.

The luteal rupture is currently a common gynecological condition for female friends. Early symptoms are painful, and they slowly evolve into internal effusion in the abdominal cavity, with anemia and blood loss.

After receiving 3 emergency one night, it was diagnosed with luteal rupture

1st patient: a little girl in her early 20s. In the middle of the night, she looked pale alone, covered her stomach with sweat to the emergency room, sweating: "Doctor, my stomach hurts …" EmergencyAfter the operation, the doctor took a blood from the girl’s pelvic cavity: this is not an ordinary dysmenorrhea, but a luteum rupture.

The second patient: The second patient is a newlywed couple. Due to the work, the little couple has been separated for a long time.In a large amount of blood -based secretions, the husband immediately sent him to the hospital. After the doctor’s reception observation, he did a B -ultrasound test for the woman. The report showed that there was a severe rupture of the luteal, and the pelvic blood accumulation was as high as 1500 ml.

The third place: The patient was 18 years old and was just an adult. Due to the fainting pain in the pain of the lower abdomen, after the parents were sent to the hospital for examination, they found that there were a lot of blood in the abdominal cavity, which turned out to be luteum rupture.


What is luteum?

The luteal is formed by the yellow particle cells of the endocrine glands. Each ovulation performed ovarian every time will appear, especially after pregnancy, which has some benefits for the secretion of the breast.

The luteal secretes estrogen hormones. Generally, progestin can be maintained for 14 days. If it is pregnant, progesterone will gradually rise, maintain pregnancy, and form a decoration of pregnancy.Atrophy, the estrogen hormone in the body will decrease, and the endometrium will fall off and bleed. This is menstruation.


What situation can progesterone rupture?

The role of external force

For example, the pressure of the abdomen, or some internal factors cause luteal cysts, or the rupture of luteal hematoma, acute abdominal pain will occur.

Because the internal liquid in the luteal cyst flows to the pelvic abdominal cavity to stimulate the peritoneal, it will cause severe pain in the abdomen, which may be accompanied by a decrease in hemoglobin or changes in blood pressure.

Automatic rupture

Under normal circumstances, there are a small amount of bleeding in the luteum, but if too much bleeding, it may increase the pressure in the luteal, thereby spontaneous rupture. Some people thinkCauses luteal rupture.


What should I pay attention to after the luteal rupture?

1. Do good health care

For the severe luteum rupture, effective care needs to be given after surgery to avoid symptoms of abdominal infections. In particular, pay attention to sanitary nursing. In addition, avoid severe exercise after surgery, and pay attention to full rest and conditioning.

2. Pay attention to the light diet

The luteal rupture should pay attention to reasonable physical health and diet arrangements. It is best to eat more light food, which is conducive to physical recovery. After the luteal rupture, you should pay more attention to rest and avoid excessive tiredness.

3. Avoid staying up late and maintain a good habit of doing good rest

After luteal rupture surgery, patients need to maintain sufficient sleep rest time every day, otherwise patients are prone to discomfort such as dizziness and nausea.

From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the reason why people have adverse symptoms such as nausea and dizziness are mainly caused by lack of qi and blood deficiency. Some people usually do not like to exercise their bodies.Insufficient time, these bad living habits can cause dizziness, dizziness and other symptoms.

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