I took the medicine shelter for three years, and I couldn’t have my own children since then (end)

I took the medicine for three years, and I could no longer have my own children.

After knowing this, I also poured a bowl of Juezi soup for Li Xu.

I drink him and drink it, so it is fair.


Three years ago, major things happened in the palace.

The emperor who was more than a year after the battle was back, and a woman with unknown life and death in her arms.

That woman is not just me.

I am the princess of Nanming, and my father emperor was absurd. Nan Ming, who had inherited from his grandfather, was even more disliked by Nan Ming.Therefore, the rivers and mountains of Nanming were stomped into mud by the iron hoof of the Northern Wei Dynasty.

When Li Xu took me back to the palace, my life and death were unknown because I read a little sage book, and it was crooked.When Nanming City was broken, I jumped down from the city wall.

Li Xu asked me why I did it when I saved it.

I said, although I didn’t live like a princess, I hope I can die like a princess.

The princess is not too should be.

Unexpectedly, the country was martyr, the city wall jumped, and I didn’t fall to death.

It’s embarrassing.


What’s even more embarrassing is that Li Xu told me, women, hello special, success attracted my attention.

Then I brought me back to the Northern Wei H herd. I became his concubine. From this, "the emperor is back, and a woman with unknown life and death in her arms" knows the classic scene.

In fact, I was awake at the time, but I had to pretend to be dead.I am afraid that Li Xu will tell me again, "Woman, you are red, I can’t wait to give you all your life", "Woman, you are getting angry", I will be embarrassed to pull out the three rooms and one living room, one living room, one hall, one hall, one hall, one hallEssence

Do it all at once, second time tired, third time exhausted.

The same is true of the country.

After jumping back to the city wall, I have no courage to die for the second time.Broken the three ribs, one leg, and the feeling of falling out of a brain bag, who knows?

I admit that I counseled.I want to live.


Although the most fundamental reason is that I don’t want to die anymore, but I can survive, Li Xu really contributed.

Li Xu said, Yaoyao, don’t look for short -sightedness, not worth it.

Li Xu said, Yao Yao, you don’t know what princess is at all.

He investigated my past.

I was indeed the daughter of Emperor Nanming. My mother was a maid, because she was pregnant with me and was sealed.

And my father, there are more than 300 concubines.As long as there is pregnancy, the concubine.

The predecessor poet wrote "the harem three thousand people", but the serious emperor’s harem was thirty or 40 people. After all, the emperor was afraid of kidney overdraft.

Only my father was committed to turning 3,000 people from the finger to a real finger.

In fact, I doubt that even if Li Xu does not hit Nanming, my father’s emperor should die in two years.


My father is so ridiculous.

He loves beauty, but he just regards the love of all beautiful players.

Play things, throw one another, there are many women in the harem.If you want to live a better life, you have to be beautiful enough, and desperately brush the presence in front of my father.

My mother is beautiful enough, but she dares not to brush the presence.

Because the woman who was remembered by my father may have a good time, but he might be rewarded by him at any time.

My father’s proud life requires a lot of silver to pave the way. Where is the state treasury that is enough for him to splurge, so as long as he can spend money on my father, who can be the minister of his humerus.

My father will also reward the mmeral ministers accordingly. The concubine and princess are the best gifts.

My mother does not want to be a concubine, but she doesn’t want to be the players of the courtiers.

I don’t want to.

So A Niang and I can only hid in the harem in a shock.

Speaking of my mother, I am a concubine, I am a princess, but my hunger is full of meals, a meal, and lack of clothes and food is our norm.

At the age of twelve years old, A Niang couldn’t help but died.

I am sad, and I have never rely on it since then.

But I am not so sad. When A Niang died, the corners of her lips were smiling, and she was relieved by her.

So I was sincere on the day of jumping the city wall.

Death is probably liberation.

Moreover, the royal family in the Nanming family has a responsible people, cannot save home, and cannot defend the country. When the country is broken, the royal family should be the country.


Li Xu said that the princess was not me.

My girlfriend was Cheng Yao, and he built me a bright moon platform.

There are three floors in the Ming Dynasty. At night, standing on the high platform, the cool breeze learns, as if it can pick the moon.

Li Xu said, I am his moon.He has already picked me, so he won’t let me surge when it is in Nanming, like the abyss, such as the day when she walks thin ice.

He built the clothing grace for me, sealed my mother as Mrs. Xuanping, and the grave was next to the emperor’s tomb.

Li Xu said that after a hundred years, I would be buried with him.At that time, A Niang was also by my side, and she would not feel lonely.

He took me to the hometown of Nanming. At that time, the people who fled at the time had begun to relocate. Even because Li Xu’s policy was inclined, many farmers from the Northern Wei Dynasty voluntarily moved to reclaiming wasteland.

Nan Ming, who had been sorrowful, experienced the war of the country’s death, turned out to be a thriving trend.

Li Xu took me to ride the royal puppet. Wherever I was, the people knelt on their knees spontaneously, and long live the mountain.

He built an orphanfang in Nanming in the name of my name. He adopted the orphan who lost his parents in the war. He supported the elderly who had no children relying on their children and funded the lonely lonely.

Li Xu said, "Yaoyao, you have never enjoyed the luxury of the Nanming royal family one day, and naturally you should not be atoneable for the royal family. Nanying overwhelming is not a crime. What are you guilty now?Dead, in the future, in Dawei, I will let you be a real princess, Jinyi Yu, and admire all the people. "


I admit that I didn’t like Li Xu.

However, he gave too much.

But at that time, I was too simple. I didn’t know the gifts given by fate.

This was a Zhaizi soup that had been filled with me for three years.


In the past three years, I have been a veritable concubine.

If Li Xu can stay in the harem for a hundred days a year, it will have to be in my bright moon for fifty days.

There is no shortage of sour sayings, "I have no thousand days, and there is no hundred days of red", but I do n’t care. I always know how fast the man’s heart can become. My father ’s emperor has given me the bestDemonstration.

So I always hope to have a child connected to my blood.

My relatives and friends died. Even if Li Xu spoils me again, I still think that I am like a roots.

Unexpectedly, Li Xu broke my hope.

Most of the young life is too difficult. I have always had irregularities and my body will be unwell every few days.

After becoming Li Xu’s concubine, although Jin Yi Yu food, this situation not only did not improve, but even worsened.

I can doctors.I have been in Nanming and stole for more than ten years. I didn’t dare to have too much contact with others. I was afraid that I was pushed into my father’s vision, and then he was rewarded by him.

So I can only pin my loneliness in books.

I read a lot of medical books, and relying on the poor people who gave themselves to the harem to see a clinic to earn some silver subsidies, the medical skills have been practiced.

I have always doubted that the little fairy in the harem was jealous and hurt me, but I checked the things in the Mingyue Palace, and the entrance was checked again. There was no problem.

I haven’t checked only what Li Xu gave me.


Excluding all possible possibilities, the most impossible reason must be the truth.

I understand this truth, but it is ridiculous. At that time, I was indulged in the warmth that Li Xu gave me, and I didn’t want to face it.

It’s just that there are skeptic seeds in my heart, and it is impossible to deceive themselves.

In the end, it was found in Li Xu’s reward of my bird’s nest.

Li Xu appreciated my bird’s nest soup is a bloody swallow, which is very rare. The place will provide hundreds of cups a year.

Li Xuquan gave it to me, saying that it was pity for my terrifying suffering in the past ten years. I wanted to make up for me and urge me to stew at least one drink every three days.

I said, "Your Majesty is annoying, even if you have to control it," but my heart was so moved.

Who knows, alas, I’m still ignorant.


The ingredients contained in each blood swallow are very small, so I have never felt any abnormalities.

But the less content, even drinking for three years, is enough to destroy my body.

I can no longer have my own child.

Seeing that Li Xu had all the tenderness of me, he couldn’t have a little bit of heartbeat, but he felt ridiculous: how could he achieve seeming affectionate models, but so cruel?

There is no result of grievances.

In my heart, I also poured a bowl of Juezi soup directly for Li Xu.Oh, it should look like a bowl of ginseng soup.


In fact, although my medical skills are okay, after all, it is self -study, and there is a gap compared to the imperial doctor.

However, I am definitely outstanding, and I am absolutely so good.

Because in the more than ten years in Nanming, the most common medicine I have prescribed the most, in addition to treating typhoid fever, the most common disease is avoiding the child and the deeds.

The woman in the harem may be reduced to the hunting object of my father at any time, but no one wants to conceive my father’s child.

Life is so difficult, and there is only a lot of trouble to give birth to a child, so there are too many people asking me to medicine.

The harem life is not good, and their bodies are not good, but whether they avoid or remove the medicine, they are fierce medicines, and people with poor bodies cannot carry them.

So I changed the formula over and over, depending on the ridiculous of my father’s incurable, I also have enough practical objects.

In the end, the recipe I developed can almost make people lose their ability to make birth.


I put the medicine from the Zi Zi in the ginseng soup.

After Li Xu came to Mingyue Palace that day, and after me warmly, he rubbed my cheek pity and said, "I really feel like my Yaoyao, how can I raise it for three years, or is it thin like a cat?"


When Li Xu was picked up by Li Xu that year, I felt that this person was greasy, but later loved to defeat everything, and I was also used to it.

Nowadays, I feel that I can’t bear the oil on the world for a day, and I rolled my eyes and said, "This is a pump."

Li Xu was obviously stunned, but he continued to say: "It is also distressed. I should drink blood swallows again today. I have ordered someone to stew.

I looked at Li Xu fixedly, and his face was still impeccable tenderness, and I decided to give myself a little bit of extravagance.

I said, "Chen Yue forgot to drink blood swallows today, so I stewed the ginseng soup in person, and I was on the stove. The ginseng was a century -old ginseng you gave., But if you drink it, you ca n’t drink blood swallows, what should I do? "His Majesty?"

Li Xu laughed and slapped the plate: "Isn’t this here? Ai Fei will still stew the ginseng soup, and you have to taste the craftsmanship of the concubine."

I was dead, and I could still make a coquettish shape on my face. I admire myself.

I said: "To the love of His Majesty, the concubine also wants to practice cooking skills and return to His Majesty. But this is the first time to stew the soup for the soup.Drink bird’s nest, drink ginseng soup. "

At the end, I still stunned him without forgetting the innocence: "Guarantee of the ministers, the craftsmanship will give your Majesty for another copy."

Li Xu said, "I don’t listen to me, I don’t listen", saying, "As long as I love the concubine stew, I like it.

He really did not listen to persuasion. I had to drink the bird’s nest soup with a smile in front of him.

After several poisonous procedures, Gin Tang also sent it to Li Xu. Maybe it was guilty. He drank a lot, but soon his face twisted.

I was panicked and complained about it, "Is it bad? Chen Yan said, the ginseng Tang was stewed by the courtiers himself.It is also good to drink a bloody swallow supplement.

As soon as Li Xu heard it, he drank a whole whole soup with his face, and squeezed a smile, boasting: "It’s Yaoyao’s heart, how can it be good?Stew. "

I admire him.After all, in the bowl of soup, I added three spoons of salt and three spoons of sugar.


In fact, there is no need to apply the medicine, Li Xu’s son -in -law is also very difficult.

It is reported that when Li Xu was still a prince in his early years, he had a son -in -law, but he did not support all kinds of dog blood.

Later, when he became an emperor, he began to attack Nanming, and he couldn’t care about the harem.

Probably because the attack on Nanming was too smooth. When he ended up, Li Xu decided to take his own levy.

At that time, the morale of the Northern Wei Dynasty rose sharply, and the momentum broke into the capital of the South Ming emperor, but the sword had no eyes, and Li Xu was the kinship of the ancestors of the ancestors.

The injury is not serious, but the injury is not a place. It is estimated that it has fallen into a difficult lesion.

He is young and strong, and has the best imperial doctor to support it.But now I cut off Li Xu’s hope.

I can feel Li Xu’s eagerness to the son -in -law. He is an emperor. He has twenty -eight years. It is not a trivial matter.

That’s why I didn’t expect that he would start with me.

He doesn’t do much, why are he worrying about me too much?

But now I am sad, and Li Xu is anxious.

Everyone can’t give birth.

He was not good at the foundation conditions, and I did not believe that Li Xu’s harem could still have a miracle.

Who knows that it will appear in miracles in half a year.

The queen was pregnant.


After Li Xu knew this good news, he was so happy to be like the child. He turned around the queen all day.

Come to talk to me about the queen.

Li Xu said that in his early years, he felt that the queen was a bit arrogant. After that after being sealed, the queen became regular, but she did not know why he was alienated with him a day.But he began to miss her coquettishness.

Li Xu said that he didn’t know what he had done wrong, and he gave her even the queen’s position.She did what the queen should do well, but she was unwilling to be her wife.

Originally, he thought it was the same in his life with the queen. I did not expect that the queen had a child. This was really a good news, and after being pregnant, the queen’s heart was softened.Demonstrate made him.

Now that the queen has to quarrel with him every day, but Li Xu is very happy. He feels that this is a fireworks on earth, and it is back with the queen’s passing youth.

… I really admire Li Xu.

How did he be so immersed in front of a woman to express how affection he was for another woman?

Is it possible that he would be moved by hearing it?

I was dead when I found that he gave me the medicine. If I like him, I really don’t know if I will not be able to control my white eyes.

After that, the queen Li Xu said that the child again, the queen had three months of pregnancy, and the child did not take shape at all, but he did not say that he could feel the child’s movement.Essence

I was struggling with princess or prince. She said that her daughter was good, and she was gentle and thoughtful. She was more indifferent with her mother’s temper.

But it is best to be a prince. He needs a prince too much, and it is so coincidentally. It happened to be the queen. It was born and long.For a while …

Probably this child’s hope to Li Xu is really too much, and he has cured the haze that he might not have childbirth. Li Xu said more and more.

I really didn’t want to hear it, so I was very scenery: "I really envy the queen’s mother, Majesty, and give a child a child. The ministers do not want the prince, naughty, and it is easy to provoke right and wrong. The emperor gives him a princess?She must have given her the best, let her grow up carefreely, watch her calling his father emperor, coquettish around the courtiers, and feel good when you think about it. "

Li Xu’s words were a meal, and finally stopped talking about children, but regarded my words as invitation, and took me into the splendid pile with a smile.It is the princess who placed on the sharp heart. "

It is reasonable that I should perform red ears and red ears and shyness, but the state of mind changes, and the reaction naturally naturally reacted before, but now I ca n’t get a red face.

I had to cover my head on Li Xu’s chest, and said on my mouth, "Your Majesty is fun again", but I thought to my heart, otherwise I would like to change the backing.


I don’t want to cut my head to accompany Li Xu to feel sleepy.

It’s cold to a person, and it is easy to laugh at his affectionate performance.

However, in the harem life, it is difficult to stabilize if you don’t have a pet, and your status is unstable.

Alas, men can do not, Jinyi jade ca n’t.

I have been suffering, so I don’t want to live a bitter day of hungry meals to return to Nanming.

Thinking about it, I decided to hug the queen’s thigh.

After all, in addition to the emperor, the biggest is the queen’s biggest.

Moreover, the queen is really a good queen.

Li Xu said that the queen had been flying well, and I could imagine it, because the queen really did not have a good temper, and the most bored with the concubine and her crooked to catch the wind and catch the wind, so that the harem almost lost the important skill of "green tea".Essence

Whenever the concubines want to perform, the queen’s mother -in -law "said directly, don’t wind, have evidence to put evidence, there is no evidence to sit back and go back".

There is a doubt about it, and there is no need to cry with a snot and tears, and the queen can be able to do things beautifully.

I have to pet, just like the trees are great, and it is necessary to provoke some words.

De Fei stabbed me in front of the queen.

That day was on the first day of the first day. I wore the light blue and wide -sleeved palace skirts of Shu Jiu to ask the queen to ask for An An. De Fei saw me, and said with a smile and said, "Today, there is less.I gave Shu Fei’s sister, and even the queen mother and concubine did not get one.

Before I spoke, the queen’s mother -in -law took the tea and glanced at De Fei: "Are you questioning His Majesty’s decision? She is not used by it, you can only be worn by you? Shu Jin’s supply this year is mostly light -colored, light -coloredJelly, how old are you now? (1) "

De Fei opened her mouth a few times, but she didn’t say a word.

Because the queen mother -in -law’s tea skills are too good, although the harem is indispensable, but the overall Ananda is born, and there are very few lively on the stage.

I am very convinced of queen.

Of course, the most important thing is–

Now I am more convinced of the queen.

I don’t believe that the queen is Li Xu’s child.


The harem life in the fourteenth year of Nanming taught me, and no alliance was unbreakable.

Unless they have common interests, or have common secrets.

I really loved Li Xu, but I always wanted to want a child. I refused to put it on Li Xu wholeheartedly.

I have to be spoiled again, but he is just one of the concubines. There is no irreplaceable value, and it is not threatened to him.

He was tired of me. In addition to keeping the "tears and wet towels, the dreams can’t be achieved, the night in the middle of the night pressed the singing. The endless end of the red face, leaning against Xuncang to the Ming" ending ", what else can I do.

Only children who are connected with my blood can become my sustenance and my reliance.

Unfortunately, this road was cut off by Li Xu.

That queen is my best choice.

I have no common interests with the queen, but unfortunately, I have a common secret.

Just find the right one, saying that the opportunity to break this secret is really difficult.

It wasn’t until the Queen’s Qianqiu Festival that I waited for the opportunity to speak alone with the queen.

That’s a lively day.

Li Xu’s style is simple.

The two generations of the Dawei generation, the siege of the city, and the meritoriousness, expanded the territory of Wei State more than one -third, and accumulated amazing wealth.

But for years, the people were fatigue and the hardships of their lives.

It is a rare move to build Mingyuetai for me.

Therefore, many women in the harem were just jealous and couldn’t even have superficial kung fu. I thought I was unique.

Alas, it’s far away.

In short, Li Xu took the lead in the first place, and he was a leading life banquet with examples.

But the fact that the queen was pregnant made Li Xu Tai happy, so that when the Queen’s birthday was approaching, Li Xu solemnly announced that the queen has worked hard for the harem for many years. Now there are emperors.Fuck.

Xianfei and Liangfei control the palace affairs, and the Qianqiu Festival is beautiful. No accident, the good story of the emperor’s affection should spread throughout the palace and outside the palace.

But there was an accident that day.

Mid -way for the banquet, Yue Guifei fainted.

Li Xu directly released the queen’s hand and rushed to Yue Guifei.

I never saw Li Xu so panicked, and I couldn’t even think of it. He was such a young emperor, and there was such a time when he collapsed.

He picked up the concubine, and walked out, and ordered people to pass on the imperial doctor.

I didn’t even look at the queen.

Of course, we did not give us half -eyes.

I couldn’t help but hold my forehead and conduct some self -criticism.

In the past three years, the self -confidence of Yue Guifei and Queen was in the past three years.


The Queen’s Qianqiu Festival seems to be a joke.

The queen’s mother was sitting on the high platform alone, and she had to continue the second half of the banquet.

After all, because of Li Xu’s most, there were not only concubines in the harem, as well as invited wishes.

On the night of the month, this embarrassing banquet finally ended.

De Fei deliberately went to the queen, and said to the queen without any intention: "Oh, the queen’s mother must not sweep the interest for the concubine. Although His Majesty left halfway, His Majesty ordered the People’s Congress to do the Qianqiu Festival and do it.Such lively, this heart is also unique. "

The queen was still steady, asking: "Why did Yue Guifei sweep the palace?"

De Fei covered her mouth and snickered: "It’s time to be sick, like the intention to grab the queen’s mother -in -law."

The queen glanced at her: "The sisters of the harem are serving Her Majesty. The concubine is ill. You do n’t know about it.The palace regulations have been copied ten times. If you don’t finish it, you don’t have to go out of your Treasure Temple. "

De Fei Xixi referred to the 10,000th punishment, and he scolded angrily and indifferently: "Wu Qingjia, you really pretend, I think you can pretend!"

The queen smiled slightly: "Don’t talk about the rules, offend the palace, add twenty times."

De Fei finally didn’t dare to speak.

The rest of the concubine who wanted to see the lively concubine was also scattered.

The queen is always the queen who is irritable, ca n’t afford to mess with.

But the queen still failed to install it.

I took a walk in Yuyuan Garden, and I planned to see her on my way back to my Mingye platform.

She stood on the high platform, holding the railings with her hands, watching the vast night quietly, and she had a kind of exhaustion and loneliness that could not be covered.

I probably did not expect to meet me. The look of the queen was somewhat surprised, and then it returned to the pride and stable appearance.

I think she didn’t bring a few maids, and felt that this was a great opportunity. She ran into the high platform and said, "The queen’s mother is pregnant, and now she really looks like a civet cat."

The queen’s eyes suddenly came like a blade like me: "Shu Fei, what do you mean?"

I signaled that the queen waved back and left, and I didn’t hide it, and said with a breath: "His Majesty can’t have giving birth.How could it be pregnant? "

I did not hide my demands: "I am reluctant in Dawei, I hope my mother can be my backing."


My relationship with the queen quickly became frequent.

After discovering, De Fei also deliberately came to Mingyuetai, and asked me with a sour manner: "Yo, I have always been in the eyes that there is no other person’s princess.Yes, the princess is too late, I am afraid that I can’t enter the eyes of the queen. "

I laughed and said, "Nanming has become a part of the Dawei. What kind of princess am I? Sister De Fei still said with caution, otherwise it was only thirty times to copy the rules of the palace, and it was fined 30 times.It’s a joke. "

De Fei left me a backdown of an angry bird.

I really do n’t understand Defei. Why is it always keen to do such a bad thing? The most important thing is rare.

In the past few years, I have been in the palace. The palace regulations copied by De Fei should even go around the palace.

I also think Li Xu is bad.De Fei, his family is full of family, bright looks, and people are not people who are rape and evil. It is actually reasonable to seal a concubine, but Li Xu wants to name her as De Fei, it is like a bright ridicule.

What is even more interesting is that I did not sue De Fei. Instead, De Fei went to Li Xu and said that I bullied her. After Li Xu heard the process, in the unbelievable eyes of De Fei, he told me.The "fined 30 times the palace regulations" became a reality.

Li Xu told me this matter. He deliberately came to the platform and told me that he was very happy to go closer to the queen.

He kissed my aggressive eyes very lovingly and said, "Yao Yao, you are close to the queen, and you are very happy. Your relatives and friends are dead, lonely, and you are very distressed, and you are afraid of being lonely. You can become a close friend with the queen.After all. "

Li Xu said, "You can rest assured that the queen is a very good person, and she is the same as you. She has a lot of suffering in her heart. She always wants to think of the righteousness of the chivalry, and the scenery she can see.Talk about the customs and customs of Nanming before, teach her to be happy, and the queen will take good care of you. "

Wife and concubine are in groups, but harmony is like a family, probably the dream of all men.

Even the emperor of the world is no exception.

Unfortunately, he didn’t know that the queen and I could go closer. It was pure that the queen felt that I was stupid.

After I broke the queen’s arms not Li Xu’s child, the queen asked me to feed a few mice with the formula of Jeonzi Decoction.

Sure enough, even the rats can broadcast four or five trips a year, and the species that can be able to lower five or six cubs have been killed by me.

It added a lot of credibility to Li Xu’s medicine.

The queen scolded me stupid.

Only by taking the secrets of others can occupy the absolute upper hand, but when I show my secrets, I even shake my own key.

I said this is my sincerity, and I don’t want people to be trapped in a trembling situation.

The queen also held my lifeblood, so we really have a common secret.

I am not only her most guarded person, but also the person she trusts the most.

In my case, she is the same.

The queen still scolded me stupid, but the stupidest in her heart was Li Xu.

I told Li Xu’s touching words "Yaoyao, I hope the queen is good, you are good" to the queen.

The queen smiled for a long time "hahahaha", and she smiled and shouted with her stomach.

I was worried about her child, she wiped the tears that smiled at the corner of her eyes, and waved his hand and said, "It’s okay, I just think his words are too stupid and feel so funny. Why do you know that relatives and friends die?How bitter, he didn’t know? He had a face to cry with his face, fake compassion. "

I thought about it seriously and said, "Your Majesty may know, but I don’t know the suffering of the mother."

I want to know the story of the queen.

The queen then said, and slowly said: "At that time, the prince and the prince were very loving, but I was the concubine of the prince."


The queen is the daughter of the Wu family of the town.

The Wu family is so famous.

Since my memories, the Wu family is our nightmare.

Knowing that their family has been in the army, they are loyal to Dawei, and they are talented, brave and good, and have made great contributions to the Great Wei.

Xiliao was played by the Wu family.

At that time, the name of Wu Jiajun, in Nanming, was indeed as thunderous and smelled.

But everyone was lucky. The Wu family guarded Western Xinjiang all year round. Nanming was in the south.

However, in addition to the Wu family, there are Qi family, Chu family, Mo family who have to use under the hands of Dawei …

Nanying’s distress has not been interrupted one day, so the royal nobles are more obsessed with wine color to seek short peace.

Unfortunately, drunk dreams did not change the ending, and even the luck was burst.

It was the leader of the Wu family attacked Nanming.

The death of the country in the Nanming is the event of the Dawei and the grand event of the Wu family. Li Xufeng Wu’s family is the "town father", how big the glory is.

On the same day, Feng Guogong was sent to the Pepper Hall.

I have seen several familiar, such as the three -foot -high red coral tree I love the emperor, the treasured Gu Ximao’s "Three Spring White Snow Maps", and the pigeon pearl as the big pigeon egg used by my father …Mowing

They are all old things in Nanming.

I watched the palace people carrying those things back and forth, and I couldn’t tell what mood was in my heart.

But I didn’t know what the queen who was rewarded at the time, and she couldn’t tell what she felt.

"Fighting, it will die." The queen said gently.


I knew some of her past events from the queen’s mouth.

When the emperor was still there, although Li Xu was a sister -in -law, Empress Xiao De died early. Duan Wang, Xianwang, and Gong Wang was big, and Li Xu’s prince was crumbling.

Li Xu’s mother -in -law had to marry a wife with a strong background, but when Li Xu was sixteen years old, he hired a orphan girl Jiang Yuewei as his wife.

Jiang Yuewei is today’s Yuegui concubine.

"The actions of the prince to marry an orphan woman are very unwise, but the prince and the concubine are very loving. For her, even the rivers and mountains can stop fighting. This kind of feelings, even I heard that I was in the border.Well, I really admire the prince, and I am very moved by the emotions of the prince and the concubine. "The rain was hit outside the window, and the queen sat down when I was on the window.I got married and sent me back to Kyoto’s grandmother. Only when I returned to Kyoto, I met my heart. "

"He was chased and killed at the time, and was rescued by me. I had a relationship with him. He said that he was the sister -in -law of the three -bedroom of the loyalty. He was not valued by the family. I was worried that his door was not obvious.I won’t agree with this marriage. "

"But when I gave the Emperor He Shou, I discovered that what is the door to his door is not obvious. He is a prince. What else is more prominent than the royal door in this world?"

"I asked him why he had to make me, but he said that it was unknown and deepened. I asked the prince and the prince of his Qindas?

I want to say, coincidentally, the beginning of Li Xu and the queen is not the so -called life -saving grace.The princess was in front of the queen, and the queen was in the same drama twice. It is difficult to say whether the subsequent time was Li Xu’s arrangement.

But after thinking about it, what happened to this day, what I can think of, what else does the queen do not understand?

The queen said, "At that time, he was so good to me. I came back from the border, and the rules and etiquette were not good. They were always laughed at by the noble women. Only the prince, who praised me over and over again.If you are less, it is not my problem. Whoever dares to laugh at me in front of him, Li Xu knows people, and he regards himself as a prince, regardless of whether the other party is a man or a woman, anywayMine should fight. "

Speaking of this paragraph, the queen laughed and looked at me: "I said you are stupid, Li Xu is good to you, you will die for him, but think about it, who is the earliest people in the dwelling dwell, who is not that like this is soCome stupidly? He really will try to figure out the minds of people, and it is considerate to give people a special thing, making people feel that they are special. After I have to fall in the mud, I know that this is good.Can give countless people. "


I admit that the queen is right.

Some people, such as my father, the so -called goodness to people, is to give her a strange treasure, but Li Xu will go to everyone’s dilemma.What I gave me was that I did not owe the people of Nanming, and we all couldn’t ask at that time.

But those who were happy to be taken out by her, and was so straightforward by her, I still felt embarrassed, groaning: "The queen mother said she was saying, and what I did."

The queen rubbed her shoulders and said, "It depends on your performance. Alas, I don’t know if I have been sitting for a long time, why is it so sour?"

I really doubt whether the people in the palace have two faces. After being familiar with the queen, what else does she have?However, I still hate it while pressing her shoulders, "The queen mother is really a big shelf.

The queen did not feel ashamed: "Shu Fei is also a concubine. Ordinary people, let the room wait for the mother and mother, and the heavens and earth."

I flipped a white eyes: "Could it be that the concubine at that time asked you to wait for her?"

The queen shook her head and said, "She won’t. She is the kind of gentle person in her bones. At that time, I said that the rules in the house were fierce and annoying.Going to the East Palace, let Jiang Yuewei and her beside her teach me the rules. Jiang Yuewei also praised me to be clever, learned quickly, and there was no meaning of jealousy. I was shaken. I like Li Xu.I always have a fluke. With a little hope, I can comfort myself. Maybe the prince marry her just to return the prince’s kindness. "

So the queen married Li Xu regardless of the opposition of the family, and became his side concubine.

"The prince and the princess are very loving, and they are not like Li Xu just because Jiang Yuewei has gratitude to him," the queen said, signing me to hold my right shoulder again. "Under the same roof, some lies are veryIt ’s hard to maintain. But I’ m going to marry him or lonely. He has no way back. Naturally, he is even more reluctant to think about these facts.

"He said that he was a prince, a representative of orthodox. He couldn’t ignore the law of rituals, and he couldn’t fall the notoriousness of a pet. He knew that I was wronged, but let me pity him. As a prince, he could not help himself.He asked me to wait. When he ascended the throne, the queen would be me, and would not be others. "

The queen believed that with the support of the Wu family, Li Xu married the Qi family, Xie family, and Luo family who had the same good family. The position of Li Xu immediately stabilized.

I said, "He has realized a promise to make you a queen."

The Qi family is the concubine, and the Xie family is a concubine. I have never heard of the Luo family. I have probably disappeared.

The queen sneered: "The emperor’s ambition is far away, and he will open up the territory. He will leave a strong stroke in the history books. My Wu family is the sharp blade in the hands of the emperor. In order to win the West Liao, my Wu family year year.Hanging white! Li Xu’s succession, inheriting the legacy of the emperor, and hitting Nanming’s idea. My Wu family also worked hard.

Gradually, the queen’s tone was already somewhat stern: "That’s it, Li Xu is not satisfied, and he can win Nanming if he stabilizes and stabilizes.Do you have to pay more than the price of Dawei? My two uncles, three dangers, three brothers, two younger brothers, all died on the battlefield.When I was settled, I said that when I came back, I would marry the Shen family he liked … As a result, only his crown was brought back.There are still a few living people in the house now? Li Xu really doesn’t know? He doesn’t know, why bother to apologize to me again and again, saying that he is too young, too wantonly, to harm so many people’s life.I don’t know, how can I have a lot of bitterness in my heart. "

In the face of some too sad facts, everything is too pale.

Moreover, the Wu family died so miserable on the Nanming battlefield, and I am afraid that the intention of my father’s emperor’s "killing Wu Jia’er Lang at all costs" is probably not related.

I stunned for a long time, and I had to say, "The battle to die is also the glory of the good son."

The queen showed a smile, but the corner of her eyes was crying: "It is glory, but who is tired under glory, who can’t see clearly? Now Western Liao and Nanming have returned to Dawei.Most of the generals of Gai Lord have been left on the battlefield of Nanming. A booming Dawei is on the rise, and I have been able to look forward to the prosperous age of a Haiyan Heqing.His Majesty, but God probably couldn’t see the blood of so many innocent people under his feet, so he made a bad retribution. First of all, he sought the arrow, then you got the medicine, and finally I was wearing a green hat. The harem.For so many years, I have guessing that he has a problem with his body. He does not want to give up the Jiangshan Hands and Mountains that he is hit. If you want to have a child, I will give him a child.So far. "

The rain outside the window was dazzling and dense.

【twenty one】

Li Xu is very busy.

He is a diligent emperor. The former dynasty had to occupy half of his time. He returned to the harem. He had to be considerate of the queen of pregnancy, and to take care of the weak concubine.

In October, Li Xu was even more busy -the queen gave birth to a prince and celebrated the country.

Li Xulong was happy, amnesty in the world, and named the prince as Xi, a small name.It is conceivable that as long as the prince was not surprised, the prince was the place of the prince.

But no matter how busy Li Xu is, he will always take the time to come to Mingyuetai to accompany me.

I can still be regarded as the first concubine under the queen and the concubine. I used to move me to be moved or ecstatic, but I can only get the queen’s ridicule.

Li Xu said that the queen was bad, and I felt too much now.

She loves funny people.

The queen gave birth to the emperor’s independent seedlings, and the glory brought was true, and the crisis was doubled. Therefore, I often accompanied her.

In just two months, I found out three stubble toxic things. The blood flowed into the river before, and the harem disappeared silently.

I have such a credit, but the queen is not polite at all, and said to me, "Actually, the palace has long wanted to say, Shu Fei, you are a typical good card.I do n’t know that your identity is the biggest reliance. You are Princess Nanming, and Nanming has been annexed, but the old ministers in Nanming may not be true, and the people in Nanming may not have confidence in Dawei.As long as you don’t touch the bottom line of His Majesty, your Majesty will have to provide you, because you are the embodiment of his reunion, you are alive, the orthodox of the Nanming royal family will be held in the hands of His Majesty. If anyone wants to borrow the name of the Nanming royal family,You are the best card in His Majesty. How can you say that he can not spoil you? You have to give him medicine. Although it is good for me, it is really a way to go. "

I actually understand these truths. Even if I don’t understand at first, I should understand it for four years.

But sometimes people’s reason will always succumb to feelings.

I liked Li Xu for three years, and it seemed like a joke. I think I’m crazy. It is normal. I said, "He gave me medicine."

The queen said, "You are the blood of the royal family of Nanming, he will definitely not let you have children. If you have your own children and have the same mind of the country, how much trouble do you bring? Do you say this."

I smile bitter.It turned out that Li Xu knew that child was my greatest hope. He just intentionally cut off my expectations.

I don’t want to be the root of no roots, but he feels that I am the best to control me.

"But," I said, "The truth is the truth, but as a generous person, I always have to allow me to have a little temper. Just like the mother also knows that my Majesty is ruthless, the hero is buried on the Nanming battlefield., But still fighting the risks of the Yijiu tribe, gave birth to His Royal Highness, is it because the mother has no complaints? "

Of course there are regrets.

So I gave Li Xu medicine.

The queen wore a green hat for Li Xu.

And wearing two tops for Li Xu.

The following year, when Shen Fei was disgusting at the banquet, the doctor of the doctor had a diagnosis and announced that Shen Fei also had a dragon.

Li Xu Da was overjoyed and said "God Bless Dawei".

It’s outrageous.

【twenty two】

Shen Fei is named Shen Ruyi and is the queen.

When I saw Shen Fei with the queen, I understood this.

The queen said, I did n’t get the medicine for Li Xu, but since it ’s down, I ca n’t cure it. The upper and lower palace will be too conspicuous if she is pregnant.Malsy will come to the group.

More importantly, after a long time, Li Xu may be murmured: Why can’t everyone be pregnant, only the queen can be pregnant, whether there is a problem with the dumplings.

So there was Shen Fei’s pregnancy.

Many years later, it has also proved that the queen is indeed foresight.

I came over the small bench, put on the seeds of melon, and talked to Shen Fei: "Tell your story."

Confusing the blood of the royal family is the crime of the Yijiu tribe. There is no story, and it is impossible to do such a thing.

Shen Fei laughed and tears, and said to the queen: "You said to me before that Shu Fei was interesting, I didn’t believe it. I always felt that she came to His Majesty alone.After Yue Guifei, I didn’t expect it to be the temper of Yue Guifei at all. "

I don’t understand why Shen Fei said that I was similar to Yue Guifei, but Shen Fei was very similar to Yue Guifei.

Mainly Shen Yun.

Looking closely at the details of Shen Fei and Yue Guifei, in fact, many places are different, but it is easy to misunderstand.

I said that, Shen Fei was not angry, but smiled a little desolately, saying, "So, I just go out and go shopping, and I have seen it.I was originally interested? His Majesty would not allow me to have a face similar to Zhang Guifei and marry someone else. On the day when I was Feng Fei, he kneeling overnight outside the palace. "

I asked, "Then? Does His Majesty have no response?"

Shen Fei said, "What can you do? I am a woman from a civilian, and I call into the palace. My fiance is just a common chef. He kneels outside the palace door., His Majesty may know, maybe you do n’t know. But His Majesty is the son of the emperor. The person he does n’t like, you do n’t have to speak, and someone else does it. "

So the next day, Shen Fei’s fiance Song Ziming disappeared and was arrested by someone who was at the heart.

If it wasn’t for the queen, Song Ziming would probably disappear in this world without knowing that he was tortured in the last few years.

I looked at Shen Fei’s belly: "Then?"

Shen Yan nodded with a smile: "Puwei is as good as silk, and the rock has no metastasis."

I remembered that sentence again.

All the gifts presented by fate have long been marked in the dark.

It turns out that this sentence is the same for the emperor.

I suddenly felt a little funny.


After Shen Fei was pregnant, the queen’s pressure was a lot less, but the harem was much more troubled.

At this moment, the queen took the second step and proposed the draft with Li Xu. Li Xu gladly agreed that in August, he planned to choose a batch of showgirls into the palace to serve.

The harem, which was originally boiled, was even more fried.

De Fei just finished her palace rules, and couldn’t wait to rush to the pepper house hall to give people a head, sour stabbing the queen: "The queen mother is now born in the dragon, and she is not worried about the pillow., Busy push your Majesty to the newcomer. "

I thought to myself that it would not prevent everyone from being empty.

After all, it is difficult for a clever woman to cook without rice.

Of course, De Fei can only talk about sour words and prevent the draft from.

In August, the draft was launched closely, and thirteen talented talents lived in the harem.

The queen said, "I always think that she is still a sixteen -year -old girl. I really saw that these girls came in before they realized that they were old. The palace has been in the palace for ten years."

Shen Fei’s belly was already very big. Sitting beside the queen, he also sighed: "Senior Chen entered the palace for six years, and he felt like he had finished his life for a lifetime."

I followed a little sad. I was 26th, and Shen Fei was twenty -three years old. I was only eighteen years old. I entered the palace for four years. However, I have followed Li Xu and fell down.Speaking of one or two years older than the show girls, but I don’t know how much vicissitudes.

However, my eighteen years old, I have experienced too much suffering, and I have a lot of bitterness. I have learned to look forward and do n’t look back.

I only asked for the rest of my life and wealth, and stabilized my life for my whole life.

With support, naturally there are many sorrows of spring and autumn.

I persuaded the queen and Shen Fei: "The Tuanzi is still young, and Sister Shen Fei can only give birth to His Royal Highness in a few months. How can I serve the old?"

Shen Fei touched her stomach, showing a happy smile: "This is the truth."

The queen gently patted the back of the small dumplings, coaxed him to sleep, and laughed, smiling and starting to cough.

The prosecution of the Taiyi came to the diagnosis, only to say that the autumn meaning was getting stronger.

Shen Fei and I let go of my heart.

The queen can’t fall, she is not only Li Xi’s backing, but also our backing.

Fortunately, it is not a major disease.

【twenty four】

In October, Shen Fei gave birth to a princess.

Li Xu was a little disappointed, but he was always happy. He was named Yuanyuan, and his name was "Pearl", which meant that the emperor’s palm was on the pearl.

De Fei jumped out and laughed at: "Sister Shen Fei is worse."

So he liked Li Xu’s 30th palace regulations.

I really want to write a biography for De Fei, and it is called "Defei’s Life in Palace".

In addition, the queen and Shen Fei were a lot clean.

After all, Li Xu changed, not only diligent in the front dynasty, but also a lot of diligence in the harem.

The 13 new sisters fell, and the true love of Yue Guifei could not be left out. The queen and Shen Fei were meritorious, and he had to take care of it.

There are rivers and lakes where there are people.

Everyone scrambled to go, and there were naturally fewer people who stumbled the queen and Shen Fei.

Li Xu can’t wait to split into twelve petals to use it, and the grace to me is naturally much less. I don’t care. Since I understand this person, I am not on him.

Shen Fei and I nestled in the Pepper Hall all year round, and lived with two His Royal Highness.

I will not have my own children. To some extent, I think of the dumplings and Yuanyuan as my own child.

Tuanzi was late, and he couldn’t speak when he was old.

Who knew that the day after the week, the Tuanzi began to speak, first shouting "mother", followed by a series of shouting "Mother Cheng" and "Mother Shen".

I was so excited: "He called me Cheng’s mother -in -law!"

The queen said, "You often take him, he naturally recognizes you."

I was moved to no longer.

But the church shouted "Father Emperor", but he refused to speak, and only looked at everyone with a pair of black eyes.

Unexpectedly, Li Xu came to see him the next day, and when his talents arrived, the dumplings shouted "Father Emperor" loudly, and then added a "hug". Li Xu obviously stunned.Excited is not better than me.

Longxin was pleasing, and the reward of water was sent to the Pepper Hall.

The queen, Shen Fei, and I couldn’t help laughing: Tuanzi was afraid that it was not because of stupidity, but because the brain was too clever and deliberately played.

In contrast, Yuanyuan is too indifferent. When you are young, you know that eating, drinking milk when you are young, eating a bit of food, and what you can eat can be eaten.

Shen Fei said that she is indeed the daughter of the chef.

But when he said this, Shen Fei’s eyebrows were always melancholy.Although her love is rescued by the queen, her body is not very good, and although Shen Fei gave birth to their children, she was far worse than the real reunion.

【twenty five】

In general, my life is comfortable.

I didn’t expect that I had gone to my own life. Li Xu felt that I was particularly special. There were fewer grace to me, but I never broke it. I always rest in my Ming Moonstone one or two days a month.

Many times it is true. Pure.

I am not willing to wait for him. Although I do n’t have a face, I always take the initiative to do some small movements.

Li Xu pushed the boat in the water, chatting with me with a pure quilt, saying his mind: "Sometimes I really feel that they are matching/planted horses, and everyone can’t wait to squeeze me."

I always snuggled in his arms, saving Li Xu seeing my unable to hold back: For a long time, the grandfather was diligent and too hard, and the iron pestle was grinded into an embroidery needle.

But no matter how diligent Li Xu is, the new and old people in the harem will inevitably be impossible to spread any good news.

So much so that Li Xu was a little crazy.

There were no years, but the festival, Li Xu drank a big drunk, ran to my Mingye platform, I refused, he refused to stop, and finally played with him to play with a fairy fight.After the game, I heard Li Xu saying: "Yusi said, I was injured and injured that year. If this year, I have arrived. I am afraid there will be no children anymore."

I was shocked. Of course, he couldn’t know what he couldn’t have. Many people in the palace should have guessed it, but it is always different from Li Xu’s mouth.

I said, "Hush, Her Majesty Hongfu Qi Tian, don’t have to listen to the imperial doctors."

Li Xu came over and said, "I don’t believe it. Yao Yao, don’t you want a princess? Then give me a one."

The tent was drooping, and it was another round of wind.

Since then, Li Xu also stopped my blood swallow.

I really feel ridiculous: when I want a child, he gave me medicine.I can’t give birth, he will give it.

The queen said, "Do you think of him? If you can still give birth, he will not stop your medicine. We Majesty, that is, is anxious, but again, he will not do something that hinders him."

I feel reasonable and continue my career with my salted fish.

But Li Xu did not have a hurry.

Two years later, the harem was fell out of favor, regardless of the newcomer or the old man.

Because the concubine was seriously ill.

Yue Guifei’s body was not very good. In that year, she fainted on the Queen’s Qiuqiu Festival, which was really fainted.

Yuyi said that she was depressed, and her body would not be able to get rid of her heart.

The queen said, "Yu Guifei just can’t think of it. The woman in the palace has not liked His Majesty. Only she has always liked it for so many years and still can’t let go of his Majesty. How can you get it?"

Li Xu also loves Yue Guifei.There is no doubt, unquestionable.

As the queen said, Li Xu was a good emperor. No matter what he did, he always put Jiangshan ahead.But only Yue Guifei let him break.

The concubine was lingering the couch. In the past, Li Xu could throw them all thrown to the ministers.

Unfortunately, the affection is cheaper than the grass.

Yue Guifei’s body was weaker than day by day, and it was necessary to see it.

The queen took me and Shen Fei to see Yue Guifei.

The palace people always feel that the queen and Yue Guifei should have a relationship with the water and fire.

After all, the concubine of Yu was the serious princess, but on the day of the emperor, she only sealed her as a concubine, and the concubine became the queen.

In fact, the relationship between the queen and the concubine is much gentle.

When he saw the queen, Yue Guifei smiled, called the queen "Jiajia", and asked the queen: "Am I too stupid?"

The queen held her hand with only her bones and said, "It’s not that you are too stupid, you just love the wrong person."

Yue Guifei burst into tears.

In November of the year, Yue Guifei died.Li Xujia was named the emperor’s concubine and was buried in the tomb of the emperor. After hundreds of years, the emperor’s concubine would be buried with him.

I remembered that when Li Xu was in love, he also said that he wanted me to be buried with him, and said that "life and the same acupoint", but now the number is counting.How can I have my position?

I really believed in his evil that year.


After the death of Yue Guifei, Li Xu announced that he would no longer have a draft and hindered the marriage of the people and hindered the marriage of the people.

When you come to the harem, you can either go to the queen to see the dumplings, or to see Shen Fei and Yuanyuan.

Either, just look at me.

Yes, there is still my business, I feel magical.

What is even more amazing is that until this time, I realized what an inexplicable words that Shen Fei once said.

At that time, Shen Fei was born in pregnancy. I met her in the Pepper Hall. Shen Fei once told the queen: "You told me that Shu Fei was interesting before, and I didn’t believe it.In the past few years, my heart was full of His Majesty, like Yu Guifei, but I did not expect that it was not the temper of Yue Guifei at all. "

At that time, I didn’t understand why Shen Fei thought I felt that I would be another Yinggui concubine, and she obviously looked like Yuki concubine.

Now, Li Xu has solved it.

He always missed the concubine of Yue Gui, and when he arrived at the Moonstone, he also said that he was also the concubine.

Li Xu said, "Yue Wei, like you, is an orphan girl. When he came to me, he was helpless. He promised her to give her glory and wealth, protect her in peace, and as a result.She never said that she complained, even if she saw that she married the side concubine and sealed her, even if she was not useful, it hurt her to lose her two children.I said nothing. But her heart is cold, I know, I know … "

He said that he was really loved, and he was so moving.

I also fell two tears.

It turns out that this is like this, because I am the princess of Nanming and can soothe the old people’s hearts of Nanming; because I am the projection of Yue Guifei, Li Xu wants to realize that he is "rich and rich in life".Promise of.

It has nothing to do with me.

Fortunately, what he gave me was exactly what I asked.

I have to comfort Li Xu two sentences: "Sri Lanka has passed, and his Majesty must take care of himself.You need to be more concerned. "

Li Xu suddenly said: "Duanzi and Yuanyuan, is it really a child?"

I was shocked, sweaty sweat, and asked, "Why do you say this?"

Li Xu looked at me fixedly and asked me again: "Yao Yao, you have done well with the queen and Shen Fei, the most clear about their situation. Do you say that the dumplings and Yuanyuan are really children?"

I said, "Of course."

Li Xu was relieved, and said, "I think about it."

This topic was only revealed.

Have you been unveiled?nor.

Since Li Xu doubts, the group and round background are like pus.

The pus was finally pierced when the dumplings were ten years old and the nine years old.


That year, the harem finally added a newcomer.

I have never seen people like Yue Guifei so much.

It’s not my loneliness.

It’s not like Shen Fei.

It is simply similar.

Even the emperor’s concubine had a tear mole under his left eye, and Lu Yingming’s face had one in the same position.

Lu Yingming was only fourteen years old.

It was the age of the emperor and Li Xuchu that year.

Like Shen Fei, she sealed the concubine.

But her future is far more than that. When everyone sees Lu Yingming’s long -looking, she understands the matter.

Li Xu will go crazy for her.

In fact, there is no big deal for the alchemy of the imperial concubine. There are many in the harem palace. I could n’t see Shen Fei and me in that year. Can I still have a Lu Yingming now?

But Lu Yingming’s ambition is a bit great.She was serious about the palace fights. After two years, she first fell down the concubine, and then she was sick. She was provoked by her.

I suspect that Lu Yingming changed his chicken.

She would die if she did not fight in one day.

But Li Xu felt that she was the emperor’s concubine, so Lu Yingming rampantly, and he opened his eyes and closed his eyes.

He preferred his eyes, and the queen taught Lu Yingming in mind, and his hands were inconvenient to stretch.

I just didn’t expect that Lu Yingming’s hand would reach for the dumplings and Yuanyuan.

The queen was furious.We haven’t figured out how to take it. Lu Yingming drew his neck out of herself -she was pregnant.

The queen said: "I suspected that she had come to the way, and there were tens of millions of people in the world. It was not surprising that someone could look like the concubine.It is a coincidence. Now she is pregnant, the more suspicious. "

Li Xu could not have children, and Lu Yingming must also bring him a green hat.

With a certain premise, it is much simpler to check it back.

But even so, we checked for more than a year before collecting the evidence.

At that time, Lu Yingming’s child had been born for two months and was a prince. Li Xu was named "Yu". The queen said that it was the name prepared by Li Xu for the child of the emperor.

Unfortunately, the emperor’s concubine worked twice in his life. One was born because he was too depressed, and the other little princess was born, but she was killed by Li Xu’s Luo Luo.

Now Li Xu gives "Yu" to Lu Yingming’s child.

So much so that we felt a little wrong in the word "Yu".

Lu Ying was a little bit out, she was the king of Duan.

Duan Wang Li Su is the third son of the emperor, Li Xu’s same father and mother.

Li Xu ascended the throne and experienced some bloody storms. Li Su was inactive and was a rare prince who survived from the storm of winning.

Li Xu once considered that if he had no children, he succeeded a child from Duan Wang, but later he had a dumplings, and the king was naturally broken.

For so many years, Duan Wangan has been observed for so many years.

Li Xu didn’t give it, he came to ask himself.

Lu Yingming is his woman, and he is also his child.

In fact, Li Xu could no longer deceive himself and killed Li Yu and Lu Yingming himself.

Lu Yingming said before he died: "I don’t like you laugh, you don’t look like him. Now this kind of anger is exactly the same as Wang Ye. I just came to me as him, I am very happy."

Li Xu found the alchemy of the emperor Guifei for half a life, but did not want to be a substitute for Duan Wang.

This kind of funny thing, when I was flat, I should always laugh secretly, but at this time I had no time to take care of it.

Lu Yingming also said: "Yuer must not be your child, Li Xu, how many innocent people you stepped on the throne of the throne, it was God’s retribution, letting you lose your love, and forever.Is Xi and Li Zhu really your child? You have been ascending the throne for so many years, so many people in the harem, why only the queen and her confidant gave birth to your child, why don’t you think about it, or you dare not think … "

Without speaking, Lu Yingming was worn by Li Xu’s sword.

Lu Yingming was dead.

But the incident was not over. Li Xu took his body with his body and ordered the left and right: "Go to invite the prince and princess."


Li Xu is crazy.

He wants to drip blood to test his relatives.

Perhaps he was crazy since the death of the emperor’s concubine. Now he is only greatly stimulated, and he can’t hold the haze in his heart.

But go crazy, you have expected this day.

The queen and Shen Fei must not kneel, indicating their innocence.

Li Xu was still stubborn and asked, "Did the prince and the princess not arrived yet?"

The eunuchs around me returned: "It’s on the road."

Soon, Li Xi and Li Zhu, who were ignorant, rushed over. Li Xi probably felt that the atmosphere was wrong.

Li Zhu rushed into Li Xu’s arms like a small gun, shouting "Father Emperor" with a sweet smile, and asked, "Why did the mother and the concubine kneel?"

Li Xu caught Li Zhu, but did not answer.

I said, "Come on the courtiers, the prince and princess have a thousand golden body, and the ministers are afraid that others will lose their weight."

Li Xu glanced at me, or nodded.

I walked in front of the dumplings and Yuanyuan with two tea cups, coaxing them: "The mother of the Mother Cheng is sick, and I need a little blood to save a little blood. Can the dumplings and Yuanyuan stretch out my fingers?"

Yuanyuan couldn’t wait to extend his hands out, his eyes didn’t dare to open, but said loudly and said, "Mother Cheng takes it, Yuanyuan is not afraid of pain, Yuanyuan is not afraid!"

Shen Fei sobbed suddenly.

Li Xu actually leaned his head.

I touched her round head, boasted that she was a good child, and quickly took her a drop of blood.

Tuanzi Zaohui, probably what happened in the premonition, kneeling side by side with the queen, and calmly stretched out his right hand, saying, "Come on the concubine Cheng."

I also praised his good child and took blood to Li Xu’s side.

Li Xudao: "Let’s send the prince and princess back first."

In the end, he still softened for a moment.

However, the big scenes have reached this step, and it is impossible to stop. Li Xi took Li Zhuyuan. I took Li Xu two drops of blood and dripped into two tea cups.

It’s all mellow.


My father also loves to take blood to verify his relatives. After all, his concubine is going to play with the ministers.

Sometimes, sometimes the child can’t tell whether it is him or the minister.

Tongtong dripping blood test.

If you see a lot, you know how unreliable the blood test is.

The district is not just me, and there are some methods that make blood melted together.

For so many years in the palace, my medical skills have not been used a few times, but every time I play at a critical moment.

I praise myself.

Li Xu, like a tiger who had a sudden load, sat on the dragon chair and ordered the queen and Shen Fei: "Get up, it’s confused."

The Queen stood up and said nothing.

Shen Fei suddenly rushed to the pillar of the palace, and it was great. Even if she was stuck in her eyes, her power was quickly stuck. Her efforts still called her to touch the pillar, and there was a shocking wound on her forehead.

Without pulling, Shen Fei will die.

Li Xu stunned and hugged Shen Fei: "It’s clear, Shen Fei, you are bold! Are you complaining, are you demonstrating with me?"

Shen Fei laughed miserable, and the stubborn appearance was very like the prince of the prince.Meaning, I have grown up in the next day, can I still do n’t understand? Chen Yue is ashamed, only a death report. "

Li Xu finally couldn’t help it, and shed two tears in a bad state: "It’s confused, it’s confused …"

Shen Fei was promoted to De Fei and moved to Mingde Store.

The queen and me went to see her.

I said De Fei stupid: "I have me, and my Majesty will not make an error if I want to check. Why do you have a touched pillar? Whenever the eunuch does not stop, what do you do? What should I do?"

De Fei laughed: "How can there be no risk of bet? His Majesty’s level should be completely over."

I thought to myself, that’s the same, the emperor’s concubine was gone, and the most like her Lu Yingming was killed by Li Xu. On the same day, the concubine of the emperor’s concubine almost died by him.

Li Xu’s nervous nerves can’t stand it.

The queen also said: "Hard work, cough, cough …"

Without saying a word, the queen coughed again. When the group was born in the autumn, the queen began to cough. Now the Tuanzi is ten years old. The queen’s autumn cough has not recurred for a year, and even year by year.

Defei and I advised the queen to ask the doctor to see it again, but the queen said: "How do you think, don’t say that it is a seasonal condition, and you have to rely on it. You will also do your doctor in Yaoyao.Nowadays, this palace has nothing to worry about. You only need to survive your Majesty, and the palace can support it. "


But the queen did not survive Li Xu.

The burden was removed, but she seemed to be supported, and her body collapsed for a year.

Her cough has developed into asthma and stubbornness on the lungs.

At the age of fifteen at the age of fifteen, the queen couldn’t even take a few steps.

I boiled a lot of pear soup for her. The queen always smiled and drank, but she could relieve her uncomfortable a little bit.

I’m scared.

I had been together with the queen because of the benefit, but for so many years, she never gave birth to a heart that hurt me, but she had more love.

I like Tuanzi, and she let go of me to cultivate feelings with Tuanzi. Now the Tuanzi really respects me as my mother, making up for the regrets of my children.

I fell a follower at Li Xu, but later with the blessing of the queen, I even had little experience in the horizontal horn.

Although I am a bead of Nanming, I am not wealthy. In fact, I do n’t know how to enjoy it for me. In the deep palace, it is inevitable to be lonely.The queen taught me piano and calligraphy and painting to please himself.

However, the queen is now leaving.

I’m so scared, holding the queen’s placket and wanting her to keep it again: "The queen promised to be a courtiers, to be rich and rich in their lives.Prince and Princess’s family … "

De Fei also sobbed silently.

The queen patted De Fei’s arm and rubbed my head again. She smiled fragile and gentle: "The palace can’t bear to you, let alone Xi’er and Zhuzhu, but it really can’t support it.Rely on you yourself. "

She left me again, holding back my hand, and it made me feel a little painful.

The queen said, "Yaoyao, I know, you are clever, but you don’t love your brain. You love and hate clearly, this is very good. Xi’er will give it to you. I want you to swear.Xi’er. "

I don’t know why the queen said this, just when she couldn’t let go of Xi’er, she cried and vowed to give up her heart: "Who will harm Xi’er in this life, unless I stepped over from my corpse."

The queen finally let go, and laughed: "Yao Yao has always been a good child. It promise that you have not done anything. In the future, Yaoyao will run his own richest and rich."

After half a month, the queen was embarrassed, and the nations were mourning.

The following year, I finally understood what the Queen’s phrase "Yao Yao will run the rich and rich in the future."

I became a follower.


At the aftermath, Li Xu held my hand, looked at Jiangshan Wanli, and sighed: "Yao Yao, I am old."

He is really old, his double spots are white, obviously he is only forty -three, but it looks like a fifty or sixty.

The death of the queen was too heavy.

The emperor’s concubine is Li Xu’s love, but when she died, Li Xu was young after all. After the queen died, Li Xu couldn’t hold it.

He said: "I used to feel that old and death were far away. Qing Jia left, and I found that the years never forgiven people."

I comforted him: "In the eyes of Chen Xun, he was always at the age of fourteen of Chen. He brought his courtiers back to the young man of Dawei."

This sentence is sincere.

Li Xu and I have had love and hate entanglement, but after more than ten years, I also let go.

Reconstruction with him and reconcile with himself.

It’s just that I don’t understand: "Why does His Majesty let Chen Yue follow the successful?"

Obviously Li Xulian made me dare to have a baby.

Today, I became the stepmother of Xi’er.

Li Xu laughed and didn’t hide it: "You are the best candidate, this is also Qing Jia’s last wish. The back position is empty, and there will always be someone to fight., It is inevitable that one family is used to it, so that the other is dissatisfied. Other people are unable to sit in this position. Only Yaoyao you, the princess of Nanming, is noble, and the country is profitable. As far as Xier is for Xier, it will not.Who treats him more than you. "

I rolled my eyes: "Her Majesty is a mascot who sees the Chenyu to appease people’s hearts. It happens to be an orphan and widow.

Li Xu reached out to cover my eyes: "You are not young, and your eyes are not good -looking. Thinking that year, Yaoyao turned his eyes, which was the most delicate and cute."

That year, that year.

At that time, Li Xu was still a young man, and he was romantic.

To this day, my princess of Nanming can most project his former glory.

Therefore, Li Xu and I have a good story of the Emperor for six years.

In the end, I won Li Xu and became the queen queen.

When Li Xu was dying, he said, "Yao Yao, I’m sorry."

He didn’t say why I’m sorry.

However, I understand that my deep palace career has not been broken, but I am a chess piece from beginning to end.

I also said with him, "I’m sorry."

Li Xu smiled and stood on his eyes.

I don’t know if I know me sorry for a lifetime.

In the same month, Xi’er ascended the throne, and the Queen of the Pioneer became the Queen of Xiaogong Ren. I became the queen queen.

De Fei became De Ta Fei.

At that time, the Queen Xiaogong Ren was originally promised to be a concubine. When Li Xu died, she let her reunite with Qing Lang Song Ziming.

When she expected that when she was eight years old, Song Ziming could not died.

Now De Taoyi has to stay in the deep palace with me.

I developed a new hobby of writing books, but De Tae is my only reader.

Because I wrote the story of Li Xu’s concubines.

My story is called "I have been drinking the soup for three years", and also called "the emperor is back, and there is still a woman with unknown life and death in her arms."

The story of the queen is called "Prince and Princess are very loving, but I am the concubine of the prince."

The story of De Tai Fei called "The night when I was Feng Fei, he kneeling overnight outside the palace."

The story of the emperor’s concubine is called "the prince is ascended to the throne, but the side concubine is sealed as the queen."

Although Lu Yingming hated, the time in the harem was short, but the story was really wonderful. I also remembered that her story was called "the male lead holds the female lead as a stand -in, but he found that he was also a substitute."

De Tai Fei was surprised and said, "I drip a turtle, and I haven’t found Yaoyao. You are still a talent in this area. I just can’t show it to others, otherwise I am afraid that Luoyang is expensive."

I waved my hand modestly and said, "There is any, but the small title is good, and the title of the book has not yet been ordered. I thought of a name, called" Empty Branch ", and the flowers were folded.No flowers and empty branches, what do you think? "

De Tai Fei said: "What a flower can be folded and must be folded, so we have no flowers and empty branches. We have been a flower that can only be chosen by the emperor for a lifetime. The title of the book is called this."Knowing", know how to know, know, there are really many secrets in the palace. "

I tangled for a long time and couldn’t choose.

But this is not important.

My story is over here.


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