I want to be a mother in dreaming!The 37 -year -old pregnant mother failed three test tubes for pregnancy, and finally pregnant with a baby pig

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On April 21, 2020, the medical staff of the reproductive center of the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institute (Hunan Provincial Research Medical Research Institute) was an extremely busy and pleasant day.

Ms. Wang, who repeatedly failed the test tube in the foreign hospital, finally succeeded in becoming a mother.

Visit the dear "Mother Yu" with a cute pig Baby back to the reproductive center.

Ms. Wang, born in 1983, is young and beautiful, but has a huge pain in her heart. She has been married for many years, and she has not been pregnant. However, B -ultrasound has not seen fetal heart sounds.

Since then, Ms. Wang searched for medicine everywhere. After twists and turns, injections, medicine, and treatment, she was diagnosed with "ovarian reserve function loss" by large hospitals, and "secondary infertility" and "thin uterine endometrium".

Every time I want to seek medical treatment, but every time I fail, I have been hit hard.

In 2016, Ms. Wang embarked on the road to the test tube. During the three test tube cycles in the foreign hospital, not each follicle development was poor. The embryo quality was too poor and could not be transplanted.Fighting Ms. Wang, her mood fell to the bottom.

Although she was affected by disappointment and pain, Ms. Wang, who had a strong mother’s dream, was reluctant to give up. She was still insisting on her "mother dream".

In 2018, Ms. Wang hoped to come to the Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Hunan Research Medical Research Institute) Reproductive Center for medical treatment.

During the first egg retrieval cycle in the hospital, two eggs were obtained, one fertilized, but the transplantation was removed due to poor quality of the embryo.

According to the special circumstances of Ms. Wang, the expert team of the reproductive center organized the analysis of difficult cases, checked a large number of documents, and changed the ovulation promotion plan based on years of pregnancy -promoting experience. Finally, in the second cycle, all the 6 follicles growing were obtained and fertilized.Meter, 3 excellent embryos, and frozen embryo transplantation solutions.

In order to grow Ms. Wang’s uterine endometrium, the uterine cavity was used to irritate the endometrium growth. After conditioning, find the opportunity to transplant two frozen embryos.

After 14 days of transplantation, blood drawing HCG verified pregnancy; after 35 days of transplantation, an ultrasound examination of an embryo in the palace pregnancy, developed well, showing a powerful heart tube beating.

For three months, ultrasound NT and non -invasive DNA passed smoothly, and the baby developed healthy.

After three months of tension in the early stage, Ms. Wang finally relaxed.

When taking the baby back to see Yu’s mother, Ms. Wang revealed her heart. When she recalled the years without a child, she thought about when she could have her own children all day.

Although the test tubes have a long hard work, fortunately, I encountered the reproductive center of Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Institute (Hunan Provincial Research Medical Research Institute), and gave her the strongest confidence every day.

In the days of contact with the reproductive center medical care, Dr. Yu Hong not only served her throughout the cycle, from the outpatient consultation to promoting design, from egg removal transplantation to preliminary tires, all doctors themselves.

This one -to -one, one -stop pregnancy not only gave her a true care, but also greatly increased her confidence, and believed in the reproductive center without hesitation.

Each baby is the angel of love. The Hunan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital (Hunan Provincial Institute of Reproductive Medicine) uses love, patience, carefulness, enthusiasm, hardcore technology, passing care, so that your pregnancy is not lonely.

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