I want to travel out during pregnancy to satisfy these 4 points. There is no problem when going out

Many mothers are imprisoned at home after pregnancy. They must not go out at home.In fact, for pregnant mothers with a good physical condition in the early pregnancy period, there is no problem with the absence of the opportunity to travel. We only need to make several preparations and attention!

1. Travel timing

Early pregnancy is the critical period of embryonic development. It is very easy to teratogenic due to virus infection and harmful environment, and the fetus is fragile. The fatigue and vigorousness of the pregnant mother can easily affect the health of the fetus.The mother’s belly reaches the most extreme, and it may face problems such as premature birth at any time.

Therefore, the best time for pregnant mothers to travel is 4-6 months of pregnancy. At this time, the fetus has been "stabilizing and stabilizing" a little stable, which is the best time for pregnant mothers to go out.

2. Scope of travel

Due to the particularity of the situation of pregnant mothers, the areas of travel must be carefully considered.It is best to travel short -distance domestic travel, which can reduce the discomfort of some car ride.Avoid long -distance travel (more than 4 hours of drive), too much fatigue for long -term cars may bring some adverse reactions to the fetus.

In addition, it is best to choose the plain scenic area that is slowly visiting, or the domestic capital cities. Do not choose to turn mountains, cold and hot, surfing water, long -distance trek, high -altitude bounce.

Third, precautions

1. Before traveling, let the doctor do a comprehensive physical examination of the pregnant mother to ensure that all her body is healthy and can travel;

2. Traveling with the materials of the pregnant mothers, medical records, medical insurance cards and other materials, to avoid sudden emergencies during travel.

3. During the travel process, there should be sufficient rest time to rest for pregnant mothers. Do not arrange the itinerary too tightly and anxious.

4. Someone must accompany the pregnant mother to travel, don’t let her travel alone.

5. It is best not to choose the seaside as a tourist place. The temperature on the seaside is too large, which is easy to get the pregnant mother to get cold and bring discomfort to the fetus.

4. Pregnant mothers who are not suitable for traveling

1. Pregnant mothers with signs of signs of signs of abortion and symptoms of red bleeding;

2. There are many pregnant mothers with a history of abortion or abnormal premature birth and placenta;

3. Pregnant mothers with diverse pregnancy and fetal development;

4. Pregnant mothers with pregnancy diseases, anemia, cardiovascular and other diseases;

In addition, the pregnant mother should not go out to travel after 28 weeks of pregnancy. This is the last 3 months of pregnancy. The fetus starts to enter the delivery period. The pregnant mother’s body is bulky and sensitive.Breaking water and other issues caused the fetus prematurely.This period is mainly recuperating at home, and it is better to exercise appropriately.

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