I was 4 months pregnant and I was going to marry Fengzi. My parents asked to add my name to the wedding room. Is it too much?

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"Love can’t be knotted! Three -foot frog is not easy to find, and there are many girls with two feet!" The prospective mother -in -law left this sentence and pulled my husband to leave."Blame you!" My mother glared at me with anger, but looked at my slightly bulging belly, sighed, sitting under the sofa, sighing …

My name is Che Li, 23 years old and graduated from college last year.My hometown is in a small county. Because of the only daughter of the family, my father and mother have been regarded as the pearl of the palm of the palm since I was a teenager. Everything requires me to satisfy me. I dare not go west to the east.

At the age of 18, I graduated from high school and admitted to a university in the provincial capital.During college, I fell in love with Lin Kun, my classmate.The boyfriend Lin Kun’s family lived in the provincial capital. His father was already ill. His mother was a state -owned trade union cadre. The family was pretty good. Not only did there is an old house raised by a unit, he also bought a three -bedroom commercial house in the past few years.

In July last year, graduated from college, my father and mother asked me to return to my hometown, saying that I had been in contact with me to work well, and I could get employment when I went back.However, I was reluctant to leave my boyfriend, and I decided to stay in the provincial capital and watch my love.My parents couldn’t help me, so I had to agree.

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My boyfriend and I were looking for a house, ready to rent a house outside with his mother, but I was still known by the old man.The old man opened very well, saying that you don’t have to pay the rent, let me stay in my boyfriend’s house, and live a good life together. I also said that the commercial house at home is waiting for us to be a wedding room when we get married.Although I was embarrassed to live in my boyfriend’s house before getting married, I agreed.

I am very happy. I can get along with my beloved people and get along well with the prospective mother -in -law. The old man is very considerate to me.Later, after many jobs, I found a job in a company, and I was content with my boyfriend every day. I was very satisfied.

This year’s Spring Festival, I took my boyfriend back to my hometown to accompany my parents to celebrate the New Year. My parents were very happy to see my boyfriend.During this time, because I always felt dizzy and didn’t see better, sometimes I was sterling. My mother took me to the hospital for examination, but I found that I was pregnant.Mom immediately proposed that women’s first tires are important and cannot go to people. It is recommended that we get married as soon as possible.The boyfriend was also very happy. He agreed, and told his mother to tell his mother and prepare for the wedding as soon as possible.

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After the Spring Festival, my boyfriend and I returned to the provincial capital. Her mother was also very happy after learning that I was pregnant. I agreed that my mother’s opinions were agreed to let us get married and ended their marriage as soon as possible.In this way, her boyfriend and his mother immediately contacted the decoration company to decorate the commercial house in his house and want to get married for us.

I did n’t expect to dream. Just when I was careful to raise a baby, I looked forward to being a bride and a mother, my parents and his mother turned their face, and everything was out of control.

In March of this year, my parents suddenly rushed to the provincial capital to meet me. To my prospective mother -in -law, my parents were responsible for my wedding room renovation.I add my name.When my mother -in -law heard it, I resolutely did not agree, saying that the house was her, and it was not my husband. I could be a wedding room, but it would not work to add my name to the property right certificate.The two sides are unhappy.

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But my parents still worried, I felt that I was married like this, and there was no guarantee after marriage. They couldn’t rest assured me.They came to the provincial capital and asked the prospective mother -in -law to add my name to the property right certificate on the house.I was rejected by my prospective mother -in -law, and my parents then suggested that the commercial house of my husband’s house does not give us a wedding room. Let me be handled by my mother -in -law. Our wedding room will be purchased by both parties.Stalling, my husband and my name are on the property certificate.

But my mother -in -law still did not agree, saying that the house prices are high now, and her house is difficult to sell. Besides, there is no need to toss.In this way, my parents and my prospective mother -in -law did not give up each other.

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But the children in my stomach can’t wait. When I see my stomach has been bulging, my parents still hope that I can get married as soon as possible.During the "5. One" holiday, they came to my prospective mother -in -law again. In order to negotiate fairly, they did not go to my husband’s house, but lived in a hotel, and asked me to come.

As a result, there was a dispute between the two sides. My mother threatened to say that she would break up without my name. I did n’t expect that my prospective mother -in -law would not be outdone.There are many girls with two feet! ", Then pulled my husband angrily and left …

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Alas, I really don’t know what to do?I know that my father and mother must not be at ease, because I am their baby, and I am afraid that I will be bullied after marriage.I really don’t understand. Since the prospective mother -in -law treats me as a daughter -in -law, she is a family.Is it too much?

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