I was pregnant unexpectedly during the diet pills, and Ms. Aimei entangled the baby’s "retention and flow"

lose weight,

It is one of the topics of contemporary people.

Whether it is obese, beautiful people,

Even the "girly girls" with less than a hundred pounds shouted to lose weight.

However, for many children of childbearing age,

There is a lot of hidden dangers to take weight loss weight loss.

It is a pity that to take weight loss pills for a long time to lose weight for a long time. It is a pity that it is unfortunate after the accident. It is worried that it will affect the health of the fetus.Guo Yan, the supervisor of Wuhan First Hospital’s pregnancy and breastfeeding professional, warmly reminded that women who are preparing for pregnancy should not take weight loss pills as much as possible, and start pregnancy after stopping the medicine.

Ms. Wei, 34, went into the drug consultation clinic of Wuhan First Hospital after checking her pregnancy last week.It turned out that because of her entertainment and wanted to maintain a good figure, she had purchased a weight loss pill from overseas for more than a year, and took one or two capsules before entertainment.Although this pregnancy is an accident, she especially wants to give birth to the two treasures. After all, she is 34 years old.You can take weight loss pills for more than a year, and you are afraid of affecting the health of the fetus, and your heart is tangled.

Guo Yan, the supervisor of the medicine in charge of pregnancy and breastfeeding, asked Ms. Wei’s condition carefully. The main component of this diet pill was Olis.Discovering was discovered before stopping the medicine.The 6 weeks after the period of the menstrual period are the sensitive period of drug teratogenic. Fortunately, Olis played a role in changing the digestion of small intestinal fat. The whole body was very small. The previous classification system was a pregnancy level B.At present, the data is limited, large doses of administration, and animal experiments are not obviously deformed. Among people with unexpected pregnancy but sensitive medication time, small sample amount data prompts have not increased birth defects.There will be a certain risk of accidental medication, but the current data is good. It is recommended to decide whether to continue pregnancy according to family conditions. Bleeding or aura abortion occurred in the early pregnancy. Do not protect the fetus.In addition, taking Olin for a long time, the intake of fat -soluble vitamins has been reduced. It is necessary to pay attention to supplement vitamins, and to replenish folic acid in time to continue pregnancy.

Ms. Wei was still not assured, and found Xie Haiying, deputy chief physician of the Department of Endocrinology, Wuhan First Hospital for consultation.Xie Haiying introduced that the diet pills she took are a kind of auxiliary diet drugs that have been approved in my country. They have strict indications and are not suitable for women, lactating women and other people who are preparing to get pregnant.The safety and effectiveness of this drug for more than 4 years have not been determined. If you are pregnant during the medication, it is discontinued immediately. After evaluation of the obstetrician, no obvious abnormalities can be seen, and you can continue your pregnancy.

With less than 100 % impact, Ms. Wei is still struggling with the baby’s "retention and flow".Guo Yan regretted that unexpected pregnancy after taking diet pills is not uncommon in pregnancy and medication. From the perspective of eugenics, women who are planning to prepare for pregnancy should not take diet pills.Different diet pills have different risks. After taking unexpected pregnancy, whether the accidental pregnancy is left or flow. It must be comprehensively considering the advantages and disadvantages of medication data, the type of medication, the time of conception, and the flow data of the early pregnancy.

(Original title: Ms. Aimei was "tangled" after accidental pregnancy consulting pharmacist during the period of accidental pregnancy.)

Source: Jingchu.com (Reporter Huang Tao Correspondent Xi Lingling)

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