If the husband has three characteristics, his wife is easy to "get" gynecological disease, but men don’t take it for granted.

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"Obstetrics and Gynecology" refers to gynecology and obstetrics. As the birth rate decreases, the number of people in obstetrics has declined, but the number of gynecologists is only a lot!

According to the statistics of the "Report on the Health of Women in my country", the incidence of gynecological diseases in women in our country is more than 87.5%!

Mother Jing had listened to an obstetrician and gynecologist before that in fact, the probability of women who did not get gynecological diseases at all in their lives was almost 0, but some gynecological diseases could be cured, and some gynecological diseases may be difficult to cure, andWill repeat.

For example, women’s vaginitis has various molds, or bacterial, or even trichomonas, and is caused by different properties.

There are also cervicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometritis, attachmentitis, and endometrial polyps, cysts and even cancer, so women’s gynecological diseases are still diverse!

And after having a boyfriend and marriage, most girls will have a higher incidence of gynecological diseases!

1st: The foreskin is too long

If the man himself has too long foreskin, he will not have much discomfort himself.

This is actually like the dirt on our belly button. Because there is skin protection on the navel, these dirt did not say that they entered our body through the belly button.

And the long foreskin of men can cause a lot of dirt in the foreskin, various bacteria, and microorganisms are often in this place.

But when a man is married, these foreskin will stretch when you are excited. The bacteria inside, and the microorganisms will take the opportunity to enter the woman’s body, and the men with too long foreskin are often women!

Because men themselves can easily clean the key parts, but women’s privacy parts are not easy to clean. These bacterial viruses better breed in the dark and humid place inside, which can easily cause vaginitis and even cervicitis.

Second: Husband is more sloppy

Mother Jing was from Guangxi. When I went to a party, I heard several girls discussing: Find a boyfriend, do not look for the north.

I said: Is it not good to boys in the north?It is considerate and generous, and they are relatively tall.

Those female friends laughed. Indeed, most boys in the north were more handsome than boys in Guangxi, but these are superficial, and dating is fine, but you can’t stand it together.

In winter, he can not take a bath for a week, but our southerners take a bath every day, that is, northerners are more embarrassed.

Even a girl said that she had been in love with a northern boy before. It was unbearable for three years, because this boy was too embarrassed, which caused her gynecological disease to repeatedly break up.

No. 3: Huaxin’s husband

A friend said at the construction site and said that the man at the construction site must not be found, because the man at the construction site may fly everywhere, and it is impossible to follow his wife every day, so these men often find a woman in one place to find a womanfriend.

If a man has multiple partners, it is easy to spread various sexual diseases, causing women to get gynecological diseases.

First point: Pay attention to hygiene yourself

I saw a girl on the Internet before, very lazy, very sloppy, and the underwear could not be changed for a week.

But in fact, women’s underwear needs to be replaced every day, or even twice a day, and the underwear should be eliminated in time, such as eliminating a batch in one or two months.

Not only should you pay attention to hygiene by yourself, but also pay attention to your partner’s hygiene. If your partner does not pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to be infected with gynecological diseases.

Second point: clean up

Cleaning is not just about talking about her boyfriend, but more importantly, if you don’t want to get pregnant for the time being, you must take protective measures.

Because women do not want to get pregnant, and if they are pregnant, their negative effects on their bodies are also very great.

Third point: regular inspection

Some gynecological diseases are silent, such as uterine fibroids or cysts, which must be checked by B -ultrasound.

Therefore, it is necessary to check it regularly after marriage. Many places have free uterine cancer and breast cancer screening after 35 years old. These are recommended to do it.

The body is your own, so protecting your health is also your own responsibility.

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