If the secretions during pregnancy should be careful, it may be the fetal demand signal of the fetus

Early pregnancy is a very important stage for pregnant mothers. Especially for pregnant mothers who have been pregnant for a long time for a long time, it is also a process that needs to pay more attention.Xiao Fan had been pregnant for two years, and he finally became pregnant, so Xiao Fan attached great importance to this stage in the early pregnancy. He also bought a lot of reference books about pregnancy care on the Internet. At the same time, he also paid attention to many authoritative parenting accounts.Xiaofan believes that this is also a responsibility to himself and the baby baby, but not long ago, when Xiao Fan went to the toilet, he found that there were some brown secretions on his underwear, and at the same time, he felt a faint pain in his lower abdomen.Go through the book to query. The book says that this is normal. As long as you pay more attention to rest, Xiao Fan did not take it to heart, but at night, Xiao Fan found that his symptoms not only worsen a lot, but also sweated.I accompanied myself to the hospital overnight. After examination, I was diagnosed with a threatened abortion.In fact, does this brown secretion that appears during pregnancy really cause pregnant mothers to have a miscarriage?So what causes these brown secretions?

1. Breakfine abortion: threatened abortion is usually manifested as before 28 weeks of pregnancy, that is, the early pregnancy we mentioned, there will be a small amount of bleeding in the vagina, and the color of this secretion is mostly dark brown. At the same time, it is pulled over time.Long, there will also be symptoms of abdominal pain, so at this time, pregnant mothers must hurry up to go to the hospital for examination. Do not delay. If the embryo is found to be normal, then the pregnancy can be continued after the treatment of tires.Be careful in this regard.

2. Trichomonas inflammation infection: Trichomonas infections are mentioned. I believe that pregnant mothers who have had gynecological inflammation before are no stranger. This inflammation is generally caused by poor personal hygiene habits or carried by sexual partners.On the other hand, the pregnant father should be actively cooperated with his treatment.

3. Endometriosis: Generally, pregnant mothers will not come to menstruation after pregnancy, but due to the differences in each human constitution, some pregnant mothers have low levels of estrogen in the early pregnancy due to the lower level of estrogen secreted by the ovaries than normal progesterone levels.This will cause some endometrium to fall off, so some pregnant mothers will have a small amount of menstruation after pregnancy. For brown secretions caused by this phenomenon, pregnant mothers need to be too worried.

What should I do if I find brown secretions during pregnancy?

1. When pregnant mothers discover brown discharge, if they are accompanied by severe abdominal pain, they must go to the hospital in time. Generally, if this brown discharge occurs in the early pregnancy, it is a signal of a threatened abortion.If this brown discharge is found in the third trimester, there may be problems with the placenta, so the changes in pregnant mothers must not slack off their physical changes.

2. If the pregnant mother is a brown secretion caused by gynecological inflammation or the endometrium falling off, be sure to pay attention to rest in bed, try not to get up on the bed, do not do heavy housework.It must be adjusted on time. Generally, this situation can be relieved after two days of rest.

In fact, if brown discharge occurs during pregnancy, it is recommended to go to the hospital for related examinations. Do not lose small loss due to your own negligence.Pregnant mothers must pay more attention to these subtle changes in their daily life and regularly conduct a birth checkup. Finally, I wish every pregnant mother who can give birth to a little angel safely and smoothly.

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