If the spleen is not good, there will be these performances, grasp the good time to keep the spleen in Changxia

The health of the human body is closely related to the quality of the spleen and stomach. Traditional Chinese medicine refers to the spleen and stomach as "the source of qi and blood biochemistry" and "the basis of the day after tomorrow."This means that many nutrients needed for daily life activities of the human body depend on the absorption and transportation of the day and spleen and stomach.If the spleen and stomach are damaged, human health will be damaged.

Is the spleen good, look at the calf

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that spleen main muscles.

Whether the spleen’s righteousness is sufficient, there are often intuitive reflection on the calf.The spleen and stomach are healthy, the muscles are full, strong, and strong and powerful; the spleen is lost, but the muscles are thin, or even waste.

In daily life, some patients become thinner, some become thicker, some lower limbs are weak, some lower limbs are cold, some lower limbs are stiff, and some people have hot skin. These phenomena may imply the health warning of spleen and stomach discomfort.

01 The calf becomes thinner and the muscles shrink

The transportation dysfunction of the spleen and stomach will cause skinny muscle.

02 The calf becomes thicker and the muscles are soft

The spleen is mainly transported to water and wet, and the spleen deficiency and water shall not be transported.Quality of Life.

03 The calf is soft, sour and weak

The spleen main limbs muscles, the spleen and stomach is the source of qi and blood biochemical, the spleen deficiency and qi and blood biochemistry, which causes qi and blood deficiency, cannot support the lower limb muscles, and finally the calf is soft and sour.

04 Calm is cold and uncomfortable

This situation indicates that spleen and yang deficiency, spleen and yang deficiency cannot warm the muscles of the limbs, so the calf temperature is low, and in severe cases, there will be a manifestation of cold.To further develop women, there will be increased leucorrhea, and male impotence and premature ejaculation.

05 calf stiff and painful

This situation is also related to the deficiency of temper. The five elements of traditional Chinese medicine talk about the spleen, soil water, spleen deficiency and kidney water, and spleen and kidney water deficiency.There will be stiffness and pain in calf.It will cause rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

How to raise the spleen?

Metal hunger and full: Many health scholars advocate that diets should be appropriate, three meals a day, seven or eight full.

Food should be slowly fine: Regardless of the snacks of porridge, it is advisable to chew slowly, and it will hurt the spleen and stomach.

Diet sometimes: diet is regular and regular, so that the body can keep the body’s nutrition in time.

Do not eat after anger: When eating, you should be calm, and all excessive and negative emotions should try your best to eliminate it to benefit the digestion of the stomach.

I would like to achieve diversification of food. The staple foods are fine and thick, and omnivorous foods are not biased.

Light as the top: eat less fat and sweet taste, often have less meat, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

Diet should be clean: dirty rice, discouraged meat, stinky fish, food is hurting people, you should pay attention to diet hygiene.

Do not survive Ganxian: Too much sugar can harm the spleen and sputum and damage your teeth.Too much salt can cause cardiovascular disease, especially prone to hypertension.

Eat for temperature and eat: The temperature of the food should be moderate. Over -scalding will cause damage to the digestive tract.

Tooth swallowing Jinjin: Thirty -six times after eating the teeth, Tianjin is full, but the food is easy to disappear.The human body’s saliva can help digestion. After the food enters the mouth, it is first mixed with saliva to form deri.The starch in the saliva decomposes the starch in the food into maltose, and then decomposes it into glucose to make the food initially digested.

Moving abdomen: After each meal, massage about 36 times with the abdomen centered on the belly button as the center of the palm, which can help digestion and eliminate bloating effects.

Foods with "yellow" color often: Because yellow food corresponds to the spleen in the five elements, soybeans, pumpkin, potato, corn, banana, etc. in summer can promote the health of the spleen and stomach.

Raise your arm with one single arm, which can adjust the spleen and stomach

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the key to nourishing the spleen and stomach is to conform to the law of changes in each organs.

The stomach qi is the main fall and the temper is rising. It is said that food is rotten through the stomach. It needs to enter the small intestine to digest and absorb the next step.Through the orderly transportation of the spleen and stomach, the whole body can get enough nourishment.

The action of one -lifting arms recorded in the Eight Duan Jinzhong is exactly useful to adjust the spleen and stomach.


1. Stand well, bend your legs and knees slightly, your palms are upward, holding in front of the lower abdomen.

2. Turn your left hand, raise your hand, and press your right hand to press the side of the right.

3. Stretly stretch your legs up and down, stand straight and stretch the entire body.

4. Keep 2 seconds at a time, return to the original state with both hands, in front of the lower abdomen, and relax the whole body.

5. After a set is completed, replace it with the right hand and repeat 30 times.

Note: When the arm is lifted, it should be slowly inhaled, and the lower abdomen is slightly harvested, and the arm should be slowly exhaled when the arm falls, and the lower abdomen is slightly loose.

Grasp the opportunity of Changxia to raise the spleen

The spleen corresponds to Changxia, and we must grasp the good time to keep the spleen in Changxia.The spleen is the long summer, the temper is stronger than the Changxia, and the physiological functional activity of the spleen is interacting with the changes in the yin and yang of Changxia.

In the long summer, the yang is still strong, the rain is more, the humid and humid is steaming, and the humidity is full.The spleen and stomach is the dirt of wet soil, the main transportation, and the same qi. Changxia can more common spleen and stomach diseases, such as abdominal distension, loss of appetite, diarrhea, etc. Therefore, Changxia is an important period of spleen and stomach health care and maintenance.

For people with weak spleen and stomach and dampness in the body, they can strengthen their spleen and stomach function by cultivating the yang of Changxia during the cultivation of Changxia at the time of Sanfu Tian.

Sanfu posting is the principle of "winter disease and summer treatment" to stimulate our whole body qi and regulate the visceral qi and blood, so as to achieve the purpose of preventing diseases and health care.Essence

At present, the vast majority of people have problems with the spleen and stomach, weak spleen and stomach, internal moisture resistance, and it is difficult to absorb the Chinese medicines that eat them, so taking medicine may not be weakened or weakened.For people with spleen and stomach problems, people with dampness and cold and dampness are absorbed by skin and acupuncture points. The effect may be better than taking medicine.

So what acupuncture can people with weak spleen and stomachs stick?

1. Shenzheng Point -warm the spleen yang, drive cold and dehumidify

The Shenxian is also our navel eye. To solve the problem of moisture and sputum fundamentally, it is necessary to strengthen the spleen. You can moxibustion and apply the Shenxian acupoints, especially the pain on the waist and abdomen.People, the effect is very good.

2. Fenglong Acupoint -Special Effect Acupuncture of Huathe and Spleen Spleen

"Poor sputum should look for Fenglong", which emphasizes the role of Fenglong acupoint to eliminate dampness and phlegm.When we have a cough, sputum, or a bad throat, we feel that there is sputum, we can rub the cave more.For people with high blood lipids, they can also press and apply the Fenglong acupoint.

Some people will spit out when they rub the abundance of Fenglong, and it is easy to spit out the sputum. This is a good response, don’t be too nervous.

3. Three Miles of Zusan -Strong spleen and stomach, tonifying Zhongyi Qi

Zusanli is a supplement and large acupoint to regulate our body. The ancients said that it was better than eating old hens.Regarding the weak spleen and stomach, spleen and stomach discord, and the sinking of qi, they all have a good effect, and they are still commonly used for beauty points.

Chang Xia is the main time. At this time, it is when it is strong spleen and stomach. This year, we can use the power of Sanfu to raise our spleen and stomach together.

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Source: Jingshi Health Home

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