If there are 4 reactions before menstruation, it can suggest that your fertility is good?

Menstruation is very important for women. It can not only reflect the health of women, but also reflect whether women’s fertility ability is good, so women hope that their menstrual rules are hoped. HoweverSome problems will affect the laws of menstruation, thereby affecting women’s health and fertility.Then, 4 reactions before menstruation can help you see that your fertility power is good.

First, the age of girls

The so-called early tide is actually the first menstrual period for girls. Generally, normal is between 12-14. There are also a few girls that will usher in the first menstruation as early as 12 or later than 18.According to research, the age of girls’ initial tide and fertility has a great relationship. If the age of the initial tide is too early and menstrual disorders occur, it may be suffering from polycyps.However, if the initial tide is too late, it may be an ovarian dysfunction or the uterine development of the uterus, which will affect pregnancy.

Second, women’s menstrual cycle length

The menstrual cycle is actually the first time between menstruation and the first menstruation next month, and this is the menstrual cycle we often say. The normal range is 21-35 days, with an average of 28 days. Once the women’s menstrual cycle is over,Long or too short will affect the reduction of fertility. If it is less than 214 days, it is usually accompanied by insufficient luteal function. If it is greater than 35 days, it may be caused by the slow development of eggs.

Third, how much bleeding for women

The amount of bleeding here refers to the amount of bleeding during the menstrual period. Generally, the menstrual bleeding volume of women is 30-50ml. The less than 20ml is less menstruation and greater than 80ml.Once the menstrual volume is too small, it may be caused by anemia, malnutrition, too tired or stress, and too much menstruation may be the fault of endocrine disorders and need to be conditioned in time.

Fourth, women’s dysmenorrhea degree

Dysmenorrhea usually occurs in the menstrual period. Everyone’s pain is different. Some people die in pain, but some people don’t feel much.There are usually two types of dysmenorrhea, one is primary, and the other is secondary. The primary nature is not a big deal for women, and secondary dysmenorrhea will affect the reproductive system.Gynecological diseases such as symptoms and pelvic inflammatory disease, so it will affect conception.

If you want to make your fertility burst, you must look at your menstruation. Once abnormal conditions are found, you should seek medical treatment immediately. The sooner you regulate fertility, you will get better and better.

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