If these symptoms occur, congratulations!The fertilized eggs are "bed"!You are going to be a mother

As the saying goes, "Every child is an angel with wings", and you choose your parents after thousands of choices.

The greatest wish of parents is the health of children, so preparing for pregnancy is the responsibility to the child, and it is also an essential thing.

During pregnancy, there are many things that need attention.For example: check before pregnancy, eat folic acid, quit smoking and alcohol, regular work and rest, and so on.

After pregnancy, the baby will make some reactions to let the mothers notice it.So, which symptoms show that you are going to be a mother?

Feel one: increased body temperature

During pregnancy, if women find that their body temperature has changed significantly, it is likely to be a signal of pregnancy.Because after women are pregnant, their body temperature usually increases by about 0.5 degrees Celsius, and the body temperature of normal people is maintained at 37 degrees Celsius. If they find that their body temperature rises slightly, it is likely that they are already pregnant.

After entering the high temperature area, the life of the luteal is 14 days, so it will always maintain a high temperature period of about 12 days. When it is found between the 6th day and 10 days after ovulation, the body temperature suddenly decreases, and the second is second.The temperature of the celestial body rises significantly again, and the sudden low temperature is to cool down in bed.

Feel two: I feel nauseous

Some people have begun to be happy a few weeks after conception.You may feel that you want to vomit or nausea. Although the harm is also called "morning vomiting", the symptoms of nausea are not limited to the morning.You may feel nauseous all day long.

Feeling three: breast tingling

If your breasts are tingling, soft and swollen, you may be pregnant. This symptom may appear a few days before conception.If you can’t recognize your breasts suddenly, you may be pregnant, don’t worry! After your body adapts to a large number of hormones, this pain will fade away, and your breasts will not feel uncomfortable anymore anymore.Essence

Feel four: Feeling tired

Maybe you were always energetic before, but you always feel tired after pregnancy.This is because a large amount of lutein is secreted, which will cause you to exhaust your tendons.Almost all pregnant women are suffering from this symptom. You can observe other symptoms to determine your doubts.

Feel five: frequent urination

There will be frequent urination after pregnancy.This is because after the fertilized eggs are in the uterine wall, the fluffy glandular hormone (HCG) began to secrete.If you get up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night, don’t worry.Just treat this situation as a kind of training, because in the future, your baby will cry in the middle of the night before you really realize it.

Feeling 6: Symptoms of bleeding or spasm

Eight days after ovulation and bed, you may have slight pink or brown stains, and spasm may also come with this situation.Originally during the physiological period, there may be some little bleeding, but this is not a real physiological period.This is the result of the fertilized eggs bed in the uterine endometrium.

Feel seven: The nipple color has changed

If you notice that your areola color becomes darker, or blue and pink lines on your breast, it should not be your imagination.These are the symptoms of pregnancy.

If you already have the above symptoms, it means that you have been pregnant successfully. If you are not sure, you can go to the hospital for six B -ultrasound or sex hormones. Both of these examination methods can be accurately detected.Are you pregnant?

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