If you accidentally getting pregnant, you are not without. In fact, you should pay attention to the toilet every day to see if there are white

Ms. Zhang and colleagues prepared for pregnancy. As a result, one month later, they successfully recruited, and Ms. Zhang had no movement at all.In fact, this is the case. Some women are pregnant as soon as they touch, and some women are not major problems, but they are particularly not easy to conceive children. Is it really impossible?Ms. Zhang, who was doubtful, went to colleagues after getting the scriptures, and lamented that colleagues prepared more to make herself be ashamed. It turned out that colleagues would check their underwear when going to the toilet every day. From the secretions on the underwear, the pregnancy was available.After mastering the pregnancy time, I have a lot of help for my success.

I did n’t take measures to get married in November last year, and I did n’t move. I was really anxious; the landlord had not prepared for the child for a few months, and I planned to find that pregnancy was not easy.I thought I could conceive in the case of inaction. I didn’t know before I had to use the ovulation test strip to test the ovulation period. I heard my friends say that I need to use the ovulation test strip to test the homework.I bought the ovulation test strip in May. It was measured in May and June. Qiangyang had done homework, but the husband has been very busy in those two months.None of the winning prizes were not available in July, because I went out to play with my husband for 1 week. The holiday was almost a week, and I was anxious every day. I waited for the lottery.I was postponed for several days before the holiday last month, because I was too nervous, I thought I was pregnant, and I was happy later, and the sad tears fell.

Pregnancy is always full of joy. However, the early pregnancy reaction always worrys that expectant parents should be worried that eliminating or reducing early pregnancy reactions should maintain a good mood. Pay attention to reasonable matching. It is mainly based on a light taste. Pay attention to eat less meals every day.Eat more fruits.Early pregnancy refers to this period of time within 12 weeks of pregnancy.The first three months of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal nerve tube development. Therefore, expectant mothers should try to avoid various adverse factors, such as tobacco and alcohol environment, harmful chemicals, newly renovated houses, environment where air is not circulated, etc.Improve your own immunity, avoid virus infections, and do not take drugs privately.In addition, in order to ensure the health of the fetus, the first room should be avoided in the first three months of pregnancy.

What should be noted in early pregnancy

When I found that I was pregnant, I believe that I and the people around me are looking forward to the arrival of new life.But it is also because of a new life that needs to be born, and it is full of carefulness during pregnancy.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is still in an unstable period. What should I pay attention to at this time?On time, after pregnancy, you must go to the birth check -up on time after pregnancy.Many novice mothers think that they are pregnant and they basically have not felt.Therefore, the care of the fetus is relatively small.In fact, this is the high incidence of miscarriage, so it is necessary to pay attention to the development of the child at all times.It also needs to check the child’s health in a timely manner.

Some women do not know that they are susceptible to pregnancy, so they accidentally hit them. After pregnancy, they fall into a constant tangling. When they give birth to the child, the economic situation at home cannot afford it, or the growth of children for other reasons will be difficult to grow.; If you do n’t want this child, the woman will not be able to bear it, no matter what is their own child, they will not give up the child.So for women with pregnancy, they often face dilemma choices.No matter what you are, you must cherish your body, because fate and destiny are wonderful things, and many things will naturally be much better than far -fetched!

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