If you are pregnant with a ring, you must remember these two key points!

The breeding ring was originally used to avoid pregnancy.However, some Baoma, who was inadvertently inserted into the willow, and she was pregnant with her ring.The advice of a baby who is pregnant and a parenting expert is that if the embryo develops normally, the parent of this child can be required.However, there are still differences in the pregnancy pregnancy and ordinary pregnancy. The following two key points of pregnant mothers must remember:

Key points 1. The possibility of excretion of ectopic pregnancy

Bringing the ring, the navigation ring guards the uterus of female friends. The combination of essence eggs is actually very low.Therefore, many female friends with ring pregnant are ectopic pregnancy.The risk of ectopic pregnancy is shuddered.If it is not discovered in time, it may cause severe bleeding and even cause pregnant women for life infertility, which will bring a devastating blow to a family.Therefore, as long as it is pregnant with a ring, the first thing the pregnant mother needs to do is to eliminate the possibility of ectopic pregnancy.Excluding ectopic pregnancy, Xiaobian will not teach you what kind of soil method.Anyway, Xiaobian advice: As long as you are pregnant with a ring, you will always go to the hospital for treatment.

Key points 2. Before childbirth, you must inform the doctor that you are pregnant with a ring.

If you bring your ring pregnancy and exclude the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, you have reached the step of giving birth.First, congratulations, you are really a lucky one, and your child has great good luck to come to the world.But next, you must remember: You should tell the doctor before childbirth, you are pregnant with a ring!IntersectionIntersectionAlthough the information is developed now, in general, the whole process of pregnant women from pregnancy to childbirth will be recorded in detail, but busy doctors face many pregnant women. In order to avoid the doctor’s forgotten, please inform the doctor before childbirth.In this way, doctors will carefully check whether your birthplaces have been excreted in the body and the integrity of the ring after childbirth.

The in -palace is also called a contraceptive ring. It is a contraceptive device placed in the uterine cavity. It is usually made of stainless steel, plastic, silicone rubber and other materials.Coupled with progesterone or copper, the contraceptive effect can be improved. It is called a drug -saving device that is currently respected.

"Shang Ring" is the most commonly forced to choose long -term contraception measures for women in childcare. It is often more than ten years when a ring has been placed in the body.

The mechanism of human pregnancy is that women’s ovaries are excreted from eggs, the eggs are fertilized in the belly of the fallopian tube pot, and then an embryo (mulberry embryo) develops in the fallopian tube, and then the embryo is expelled in the uterus to grow in bed.And contraception is to block any step in it.

The principle of contraceptives in the in -palace birthplace (birthpraction ring) is: when there is embryo to bed in the uterus, the continuous action of the uterine wall is constantly scraped, causing the uterus to inflammation, making the embryo cannot be normally in the uterus normallyBed conceive, thereby causing abortion to achieve the purpose of contraception.The essence of the in -palace for birth device (birthpage) is a long -term and mild curettage, which is the first choice for Chinese women’s marriage after marriage.

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