If you are preparing for pregnancy, you have these feelings, maybe you are pregnant

Summer is here, and some girls may be giving birth to babies.

But because I do n’t know, many without experience, I will be in a state of ignorance, I do n’t know if I am pregnant.

We all know that the fertilized egg bed represents the beginning of pregnancy.

And when fertilized eggs, the body has a certain feeling. I wonder if you feel it?

1. Rise body temperature

After the fertilized eggs are successful, your body temperature will rise.

Like our normal body temperature between 36 ° C and 37 ° C.

If you find that your body temperature rises by about 1 ° C, it has lasted for several days.

It may be that fertilized eggs have been successful in bed.

2. Bleeding or spasm

After the fertilized eggs are in bed, you may have slight pink or brown stains, and spasm may also be accompanied.

This is the fertilized eggs in the uterus, and the capillaries on the uterine wall have ruptured.

However, each girl’s constitution is different, you may not bleed, and may also perform particularly mild, so you need to look at it in combination with other symptoms.

This situation is usually found around 7 days after pregnancy, you can pay attention!

3. Breast swelling

In a few days after conception, you may feel the swelling of the breast, become softer, and sometimes feel tingling.However, this feeling will only last for a period of time, and then gradually disappear.

4. It feels very tired

This feeling is very similar to you when you have menstruation. You will feel tired, weak, and want to sleep.

This is because after the fertilized eggs are in bed, a large amount of progesterone is secreted, making you always exhausted.If the girl who prepares pregnant, if this feels like this, it is not menstruation, it may be that the fertilized eggs are already bed.

5. Frequent urination

You may frequently run the toilet, and sometimes you have to get up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet.

This is because after the fertilized eggs are bed in the uterus, the body starts to secrete villous gonades. This hormone can stimulate the uterus and make you have frequent urination.

You can determine whether the fertilized eggs are successful based on this signal.

6. Diet preference changes

You may want to eat some foods you didn’t like to eat before.There may be changes in the taste, love foods with heavy flavors, or always want to drink some kind of drink, or particularly annoying the taste of a certain food, which may happen.

If your body has these feelings, you can use the test strip to test it first, or go to the hospital for examination!Don’t think that you are sick, you can’t be careless during pregnancy!

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