If you do n’t eat at noon, three stages, persist, the victory is you#过 过, thinning, becoming good -looking

If you do n’t eat at noon, you persist in the three stages, and you are victorious.

If you are 120 pounds to 180 pounds, you want to lose weight faster, this is this video. As long as you read it seriously and then implement it seriously, I have a total of three stages of shampooing my hair.Be sure to persist.

· The first stage is that you do n’t have to buy anything. You eat normally, eat home often, you just need to remove your dinner.Then the key point came and added a meal at about 3 o’clock.The meal for meals is very, very important, drinking a glass of vegetable juice plus some protein.Because we are eaten outside in the morning and noon, the oil outside will be heavier, so it is said that it will be cleaned up with a glass of vegetable juice in the afternoon, which will greatly help us.It will not be particularly hungry at night. Only eating two meals will fall very quickly, but it is very easy to get stuck, so be sure to add meals.Sometimes you have a mouthful, and eating one or two spicy strips will not have a particularly great impact.

At this stage, for a period of time, big weight babies can drop about 20 to 30 pounds.If you still want to lose weight at this process, then enter the second stage, start to eat the diet a little bit, and stir -fry the food as less as less oil and salt.For more than a month, you can probably have a less 10-20 catties.When we reach this weight, your figure is very perfect.

If you still see it anymore at this time, for example, if you have a small belly, and the meat on your arms is a bit loose, then you can practice with those fitness bloggers.At this time, you can easily have some lines, which will easily have some lines, which will be very, very beautiful.You can eat only seven -point full meal according to what I mentioned earlier.

You will definitely go through a platform period during this period. If you encounter the platform period, then you only drink brush sugar on this day, which can probably break through the bottleneck period of your platform period.If you don’t break through, you can still drink another day.As long as this platform period breaks through, your speed of dropping the scale will be very fast, and you will drop to about 5 pounds.At this time you are a bamboo pole, chopsticks, legs, and a very thin figure.

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