If you eat sweet potatoes, you are afraid of the fetus too large. What should I do if I do n’t eat it?

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Introduction: By the time of pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have constipation. In a few days, there are no stools. The whole person is very uncomfortable.Many pregnant mothers are uncomfortable. In order to be able to smoothly pull the ram, it can be said that they have tried to do all kinds of ways and live in anxiety of bowel movements every day.

In the problem of solving constipation during pregnancy, eating sweet potatoes has become the laxative magic weapon for many pregnant mothers, and even some pregnant mothers must be solved by eating sweet potatoes.However, although eating sweet potatoes solves the problem of constipation, they are afraid that eating too much fetus will be too big.

Constipation during pregnancy is indeed a uncomfortable thing, but eating too much sweet potatoes during pregnancy does have a negative impact on the growth and development of the fetus.The reason why sweet potatoes have a wonderful effect on constipation is that the dietary fiber content in sweet potatoes is high. After eating, it will help promote intestinal peristalsis. In addition, it can absorb a large amount of moisture and soften.Essence

However, in addition to the rich dietary fiber in sweet potatoes, its starch content and sugar are also a point that we cannot ignore, and this is also the key to easily babies.There will be a lot of starch and sugar absorbed by sweet potatoes. This will cause the weight of the fetus in the middle and late stages of the middle and late pregnancy to grow too quickly, thereby increasing the risk of huge children.

Moreover, sweet potatoes are not only the effect of moisturizing the intestines. Eating too much will also have a reaction for pregnant mothers, because sweet potatoes also contain a special enzyme, which will produce a lot of gases after entering the stomach.And these gas volume gathers in the stomach and intestines can cause the problem of flatulence and fart in pregnant mothers, affecting the health of the stomach.

So, do we have any effective ways to relieve constipation during pregnancy?Here, the editor will give you a few tricks for the pregnant mothers who have troubled you:

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables

Vegetables, fruits, and miscellaneous grains contain a lot of dietary fiber. The effect of moisturizing the intestines has the same effect as eating sweet potatoes, but it is not easy to gain weight than eating sweet potatoes.For example, lettuce, bananas, and oats have a very good effect. The usual diet of pregnant mothers can pay more attention to improving the intake of dietary fiber food and promoting the digestive ability of the intestine.

2. Drink plenty of boiled water

Many pregnant mothers drink water per day in fact, and the lack of water in the body will also increase constipation. Therefore, you can drink more water at all times, just simply boiled water.EssenceDuring pregnancy, it is best to maintain the amount of water of about 1,500 to 2000 ml, and a small amount of drinking, which has a good improvement effect on constipation.

3. Do more exercise

The problem of constipation during pregnancy is mainly to reduce intestinal peristalsis and cause obstacles to defecation. Therefore, if we want to improve constipation, we must increase the peristalsis of the intestinal tract.The exercise can promote intestinal peristalsis through the external force of the body. The most taboo during pregnancy is to sit for a long time, which will affect the normal exercise of the body and increase the adverse problems during pregnancy.

4. Develop the habit of defecation

The problem of bowel movements is actually related to daily habits. Pregnant mothers can go to the toilet at a time every day. For example, after getting breakfast in the morning, developing a fixed time can form a reflection stimulus to the brain.In this way, as long as we go to the toilet at this time, the brain will give the corresponding signal of the intestine, and the bowel movement will be relatively smooth.

5. Supplement probiotics

In response to the problem of constipation during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can also help promote the digestion of the gastrointestinal and intestines by supplementing some probiotics in their daily diet, and improving the digestive environment of the intestinal tract, which is more conducive to daily bowel movements.Therefore, you can eat some yogurt products to supplement probiotics every day. You can also take some probiotic products to supplement and balance the intestinal colonies.

Important tips: Sweet potato can help relieve the problem of constipation during pregnancy, but the content of high starch and sugar can also cause the fetus to be too large.If you want to ease the problem of constipation during pregnancy, pregnant mothers can try to eat more foods such as high dietary fiber such as fruits and fruits, daily intake of sufficient moisture, more exercise to promote digestion, develop fixed bowel habits daily, and can also supplement preparation.

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