If you have an elevator, you ca n’t sit. The woman is forced to climb the stairs for 8 months of pregnancy. Property: This is an exclusive elevator

Ms. Qian, Ms. Qian, Golf Garden, Jiangning District, Nanjing, reported that she was pregnant for more than 8 months and was inconvenient to move.The garage in the community has an elevator, and the elevator can operate normally, but she cannot sit. She can only climb the stairs every day. What is going on?

The reporter at the scene saw that although they could enter the elevator from the underground garage, there was no access card card, and Ms. Qian could not press the button on the first floor.If you think of the first floor, you can only climb the stairs.

The reporter experienced it. From the underground garage to climb a total of 52 steps to reach the first floor, an adult is a little panting. It is indeed a not easy for a pregnant woman.

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On this day, Ms. Qian, who was eight months pregnant, returned home from get off work normally, parked the car in the underground garage, and was planning to take the underground elevator in Bazong to go upstairs, but found that the elevator could not be used.

When I was in doubt, I saw that the elevator was locked on, and the buttons on the first floor could not be moved, so I could only pull my body to climb up the stairs.

From the underground garage to the ground, it is equivalent to the distance between the three -story building. There are more than 50 steps of steps. Normal people need to panic when climbing the stairs, not to mention Ms. Qian who has been pregnant for eight months.

Because of the eight months of pregnancy, Ms. Qian stopped for a while. I thought that the situation was only locked when the elevator had a failure today. As a result, I went home to find that the elevator was locked on the next day.not available.

Why do the elevators that can be used every day suddenly get on the access control lock?

Ms. Qian can only seek help from the property.

As a result, as soon as the property was called, the property claimed that the elevator could only supply the eight buildings of the elevator in the future. The users of other buildings could not be used again, and they could only go to the stairs.

Ms. Qian was very puzzled. Why did everyone use the elevator that everyone could use before suddenly became an exclusive elevator for eight owners?

The elevator was locked and could only climb the stairs. Ms. Qian called the property phone and wanted to ask questions that the elevator could not use.

Originally, Ms. Qian thought that the elevator was locked because of a failure, but she discovered the original committee after careful communication with the property.

It turned out that the elevator was locked in response to the requirements of eight owners.

There is only one of the elevators leaving the ground in the basement parking lot, but that elevator is not a public elevator, but a special elevator dedicated to eight owners.

Due to the long -term use of multiple people, the eight owners responded to the property. They believed that the exclusive elevators could only use the eight owners instead of everyone.

Therefore, the property locked the only elevator for the owners with eight doors.

When I heard this, Ms. Qian was angry and said, "The elevator from the basement is just one. This elevator has always been used by everyone.used?"

Ms. Qian does not understand, because in the supporting facilities in the community, although there are multiple underground parking lots entrance, the elevator mouth on the first floor is only this one. How can you say that this elevator was exclusively enjoyed by eight owners?Intersection

The property returned: "We put the elevator at the door, because many residents of the eight buildings have great opinions on the public use of the elevator. They feel that the elevator is their own access control."

Everyone in the community in the community has paid the property fee, and as an elevator reached the ground on the underground parking garage, it should also be the common part of the owner of the community. Why did the eight owners say that this is their exclusive elevator?

Everyone is not satisfied with this statement, asking the owners of the eight buildings to give a statement.

It turned out that the elevator’s annual maintenance costs and repair management costs were only provided by eight owners. Although residents of other buildings were using the elevator, they did not pay any fees for this.

For use together, the costs need to be produced alone, so the owners of the eight buildings are also a bit unbalanced. Therefore, the reported property request to lock the elevator and not allow other owners to use it.

One of the owners of the eight buildings said angrily: "Who pays for the cost of repairing the elevator? It is the owner of our eight buildings, and the public maintenance funds are used once or once, and it costs nearly 38. last year."

After hearing this, Ms. Qian also expressed understanding, but after all, she was pregnant for eight months, and she was a special case. Why can’t she take care of it?

Ms. Qian’s request of the eight owners immediately refused.

It also explains: "In special circumstances, it is not only Ms. Ms. Ms., there is a owner who lives in 6 buildings, and she is pregnant, but others have not said anything. There are also disabled people and elderly people in the community.What is the significance of this access control? "

But the reporter at the scene also found a problem.

That is, in the same community, there are also several other buildings that use a elevator, and there are no access controls, which are used in the same elevator together.

Ask the property, why do you carry out such diversified management?

However, the property party said that there were no specific answers.

Ms. Qian said that although the elevator was built downstairs in the eight buildings, it did not indicate that the elevator was an exclusive elevator of eight buildings, and it has always been used together.

Moreover, other units are also combined with elevators together, and there is never the saying access control, and the property fees they pay are the same.

Why does the property lock the elevator directly in order to meet the requirements of some owners, which harms the rights and interests of our other owners.The property manager at the management site responded: "They don’t know who this elevator belongs to."

To this end, Ms. Qian asked a lawyer for consultation.

Consulting lawyer answered: "The property of the property lock the elevator has indeed harmed the interests of the relevant owners, but other owners other than eight buildings should also bear the corresponding maintenance costs. The two parties should make negotiation on the use and maintenance of the elevator."

Although the lawyer provided suggestions, the property did not immediately revoke the management of the elevator access control. Instead, he claimed that he had to wait for the company to report to the company to make a decision.

In the end, the property party said that the use and cost of elevators between the owners will be negotiated.

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