If you suddenly urinate frequently, what is the reason?Be careful about these 6

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Frequent going to the toilet will not only make you feel distressed, but also shows signs of physical health problems.When you find that you frequently go to the toilet, you must pay attention to it. Do not think that frequent urination is not a big deal, and you can easily ignore it.When you have frequent urination, you need to judge whether the following 6 reasons are caused by the reason and properly dealt with.

1. You are pregnant

Peridity in pregnant women is very common. This is because in the early stages of pregnancy, changes in hormones will lead to increased urination times.This situation will be relieved as the uterus continues to increase.Frequent urination during pregnancy is generally normal, and it will not cause adverse effects on the mother and fetus.However, if pregnant women have urinary system infections during pregnancy, they must seek medical treatment in time, because this may affect the health of the fetus.

2. You feel anxious

When people feel nervous and anxious, there will be desire to go to the toilet, and the more anxiety, the more they want to go.Although this does not cause much harm to the body, it will affect life.At this time, you can relieve the symptoms of frequent urination by controlling your emotions.

3. You have prostate disease

Men have frequent urination than women. This is because of many male diseases, such as prostatitis and prostate cancer, can cause frequent urination.When there is a problem with the prostate, it will hinder the normal emissions of urine, which is the frequent urination, urgency, and endless urination. Patients will always feel that urine in the bladder needs to be discharged, so it will frequently run to the toilet.

4. You have urinary tract infection

Frequent urination may also be related to urinary tract infection. When you go to the toilet frequently and accompanied by symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain, ten or nine are caused by urinary tract infection.Urinary tract infection is not a small problem, you must seek medical treatment in time.

5. You have used diuretics

It can be seen from the name that diuretics can increase urine volume, which will cause users to go to the toilet frequently.Diuretics are generally used to help clear the excess effusion in the body. These effusion are usually discharged through urine, so frequent urination occurs.

6. You have diabetes

The endocrine expert of Peking Union Hospital pointed out that the typical symptoms of diabetic patients are frequent urination. Because when the blood sugar in the body is too high, the body will want to discharge these sugar through urine, so a large amount of urine will produce.While a large amount of urination, it will also lead to the lack of water in the body. The cycle mode of "thirst -drinking water -urination -thirst" occurs. If it is not treated in time, the blood sugar may not have serious complications for a long time.

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