Illegal identification of fetal gender undercurrent

Source: "Looking" News Weekly

The online shopping black and white B -ultrasound machine is to identify the gender of the fetus for pregnant women, and extend 5 fingers to indicate the boy, collect 500 yuan red envelope; extend 2 fingers to indicate the girl, collect the cost of 200 yuan;With thousands of yuan per order, the "blood test" has now formed a hot black industry with transactions … illegal fetal gender appraisal methods are renovated, giving birth to a large number of black clinics illegal labor, seriously trampled on life and harming the body and mind of pregnant women.A woman interviewed by an illegal output surgery in a black clinic in a 7th month of pregnancy told the reporter of the news weekly news weekly reporter: The experience of induction of labor was "painless, dead and life."

Experts point out that frequent illegal testing of fetal gender and illegal output of labor in many places has exposed the problem of "cross -bound intervention" in the gender selection of fetus in my country. The social problems brought by it may be very serious. Form the governance pattern of "one game of chess".

Illegal identification of fetal gender "black market"

The Longhui County Court of Shaoyang City, Hunan Province recently tried a case of illegal identification of fetal gender cases.

The reporter from the "Observation" News Weekly saw from the judgment obtained from the Longhui County Court that since 2013, the defendant Li Moumou has not obtained the "Physician Qualification Certificate" and did not apply for the "Medical Institutional Practice License".Clinic, illegally engaged in diagnosis and treatment activities.Li Moumou bought a black and white B -ultrasound machine to check the patients and pregnant women who came to the doctor, including the sex of the fetus.Each fee is 300 ~ 500 yuan.In December 2016 and December 2017, Li Moumou had been punished by the county health planning bureau for the launch of illegal medical practice for clinics.

"Looking" news Weekly reporters interviewed in many places that people engaged in illegal identification of the sex of the fetus "black camp students" are far more than Li Moumou.A county -level hospital doctor in the central province revealed that finding familiar doctors to see the sex of the fetus in B -ultrasound is common. For example, if the fetus is a boy, the doctor will extend 5 fingers and collect 500 yuan red envelope; if the fetus is a girl, the doctor will extend 2Get your fingers, collect 200 yuan, and "unswervingly announce each other to form a tacit understanding."

According to relevant policies, ultrasonic diagnostic instruments that can be used for fetal gender identification, their sales and use should be restricted in various places.However, the reporter of "Looking" News Weekly found on many shopping websites such as that the price ranging from 5,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan is sold.

Among them, the phenomenon of "beast machine people" is more prominent.An online shop owner revealed: "Our store not only does a retail of portable B -ultrasound instruments, but also wholesale. These B -ultrasound machine labels for animal pregnancy examinations, but some private clinics are bought for fetal gender identification.The information does not require any procedures. Pay it directly to me and get the goods within a week. "

"Send Blood Examination" means renovation

According to the reporter of "Looking" News Weekly, with the update of technical means and the development of social software, illegal identification of fetal gender cases show new features: more and more criminals are concerned about pregnant women, induced pregnant women who need itSend it to Hong Kong for examination to identify the gender of the fetus.

The aforementioned judgment on the case of the Longhui County Court also showed that after the early black and white B -ultrasound was confiscated and financially punished, Li Moumou still did not think about repentance and continued to engage in illegal diagnosis and treatment activities.In addition to using the newly purchased laptop B-ultrasound to help pregnant women learn from the sex of the fetus, Li Moumou also opened a new project: he contacted a WeChat friend named "A remote reproduction-Deng", and the other party called the early pregnancy to drawThe blood was sent to Hong Kong to identify the gender of the fetus. After discussing with the other party, Li Moumou sent a case for the blood sample to pay the "A remote reproduction-Deng" 2800 yuan, while Li Moumou charged the detected 3500 ~ 4,200 yuan.As of March 2018, Li Moumou had performed fetal gender identification for multiple pregnant women through blood drawing tests.

The reporter of the "Observation" News Weekly sorted out cases in various places found that in recent years, Shenzhen, Xiamen, and Wenzhou have cracked many blood tests to identify fetal gender cases. The suspects of criminal suspects collected blood samples of pregnant women and transferred to Hong Kong or overseas for gender identification.

Taking the illegal medical case of "blood test" in the Pingyang County Court of Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province as an example, Hong Kong people Li secretly "sending blood tests" for more than 300 pregnant women to send the sample to the medical institution in Hong Kong for fetalGender identification, profit from it.The court was sentenced to 2 months of detention and fined RMB 5,000.

Doctor of the Institute of Genetics and Development Biology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Wang Junyi, the founder of One gene, told the news weekly magazine that some medical institutions in Hong Kong were determined whether the fetus was a boy by the presence of Y-chromosome genes in the blood specimen of pregnant women.Essence"If you really master technology and operate according to the specifications, the accuracy is relatively high, but it will definitely not reach 100 %."

A lady who once went to Hong Kong to identify the gender of the fetus told the news weekly magazine: "Not all pregnant women want to have a boy, and I have a male fetus." She explained that after the two -child policy was liberalized,She wanted to have a second child. Because the first child was a son, the second child wanted to have a girl. After pregnancy again, she made an appointment for a Hong Kong clinic in advance. Later, the inspection report showed that the boy was pregnant and had a miscarriage.

According to her, many pregnant women now go to Hong Kong for blood testing for fetal gender testing, and the market is very hot."Some people propagate privately that they do not need to hurt the fetus, and they can learn the gender of the fetus in the early pregnancy. They do not have to take the B -ultrasound when they are 5 months pregnant. The cost is roughly more than 3,000 yuan."

The reporter of the "Looking" News Weekly found that due to the rich profits in the sexual identification of the fetus, many intermediaries familiar with the Hong Kong medical institutions came into being. They went to the Mainland and Hong Kong to collect blood samples to pregnant women, and then contacted Hong Kong’s medical institutions for appraisal.

A pregnant woman who had sent blood samples to Hong Kong through the intermediary told the news weekly reporter of "Looking": "I contact the intermediary company, and the intermediary came directly to the door to draw blood.The query report is enough. The fee is 5,000 yuan. The specific detection content is chromosomal gene detection. "

"Looking" News Weekly reporters search keywords such as "Hong Kong blood test" and "identifying fetal gender" on the Internet and WeChat, and can find thousands of web pages and WeChat public account articles.

The pain of "black induction"

Behind illegal identification of the renovation of the gender method of fetal is the old concept of the emphasis on men and women.

According to the reporter of "Looking" News Weekly, some rural areas and urban -rural junctions still have some families with heavy concepts of men and women. In order to ensure that married women are pregnant with boys, they will try to find gender identification for their abdomen.If the pregnant woman is not a boy, choose to induce the child.

A grass -roots Health and Family Planning Bureau Director told the reporter of "Watching" News Weekly that pregnant women must use the hospital’s disease certificate, family planning department certificate, etc. If they want to induce labor, they can perform induction of labor in regular medical institutions.Driven by interests, illegal induction of labor for some pregnant women will be performed.

A woman who was forced to induce labor at 7 months of pregnancy told the reporter that her first child was a girl, and her father -in -law and husband hoped that the second child could have a boy. When she was 5 months pregnant, she was by her family.Take a clinic to take the B -ultrasound to learn from the sex of the fetus. At that time, the person who followed the B -ultrasound called "I can’t see it clearly, and I will come again when I am pregnant."

At 7 months of pregnancy, the lady was led by her family to the clinic to take a B -ultrasound by her family. This time, the person who took the B -ultrasound told her that she was a female fetus and charged her 200 yuan.

Later, she underwent the induction of labor in a black clinic with an acquaintance: "At that time, the needle was taken to let the fetus slowly lose vitality in the stomach. Slowly, I felt that the stomach was getting more and more painful, and the child’s movement became bigger and bigger.I was struggling with a punches and kicks. I thought she was complaining about my useless mother, and then I was beaten to custody needles. After pain for a day and one night, she gave birth to her. I didn’t dare to see her … "

At that time, the lady who felt "painful and died" cried and told the news weekly magazine of "Looking": "I am grieving, complaining that I marry a family like this, we still have the thoughts of so many male and female, I complain about me.I have no ability to resist fate, no job, no money, and I can’t leave my eldest daughter. "

Endlessness after gender choice

He Lin, an academician and genetic biologist of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, told reporters that pregnant women identify the gender of the fetus through the blood test of the genetic testing technology.

Experts from all parties pointed out that after the "cross -border intervention" of birth, it may cause infinite sexual sex ratio, which may cause a series of malignant chain reactions such as marriage, employment, public security, pension, and social morality.


However, according to the reporter of the "Looking" News Weekly, from some local relevant departments, in recent years, relevant departments have carried out joint law enforcement operations that rectify the "two Africa".However, the behavior of "two Africa" is becoming more and more concealed, and the full service of a gang to form an industrial chain is formed. It is difficult to find that clues, investigations and evidence collection, and handling punishment are increasing.

Experts such as Li Ainqin, vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Hospital Association, believe that "two non -" is an important reason for the long -term high -level operation of the birth of the population of my country.Some pregnant women go to Hong Kong to identify fetal gender or send blood samples to Hong Kong for testing. They are suspected of illegal fetal gender identification. However, because pregnant women are generally connected with local clinics or intermediaries, they are concealed.In addition, the medical institutions and intermediaries involved in Hong Kong are difficult to crack down, because identifying the sex of the fetus in the Mainland is illegal, but it is legal in Hong Kong (rarely induced the fetus due to the conceptual problems such as "heavy men and women").

Yuan Xiaolu, a lawyer of the Golden State Law Firm in Hunan, believes that the current "two non -" activities show obvious liquidity, and some are cross -border crimes.In response to the new characteristics of this crime, regional cooperation must also be increased in China. Wei Jian, Public Security, Drug Administration and other departments must form a joint force to form a rigorous governance pattern of "one game of chess" for the "two non -" behaviors.

Experts believe that more and more pregnant women should go to Hong Kong to identify fetal gender.They proposed that while cracking down on illegal agencies in accordance with the law, they need to clarify the "two non -" conviction standards, improve the legal deterrence, and conduct electronic information management of the ultrasound diagnostic equipment such as B -ultrasound to facilitate the source of accountability.(Reporter Shuai Cai Cai Su Xiaozhou Chen Wenguang)

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