Illustrated | Crab in the time: Did you eat crab today?

Crab is a delicious and fun aquatic creature. Crab has a huge family in the aquatic animal world. There are about 4,500 species in the world and nearly 800 species in China.With so many crabs, the author chose to take an interesting look first.

According to the growth environment of crabs, it can be divided into sea crabs, river crabs, lake crabs, and creek crabs. According to use, there are common edible crabs, watching crabs, and many undeveloped crabs. Their footprints are all over the world.Self -reliance and self -destruction are part of this colorful world.

Most crabs live in the sea, and the tropical shallow sea crabs are the most, such as frog crab family, steamed buns, jade crab family, barracuda family, fan crab family. They mainly live in the coastal area;In the vast tide belt.Some are relatively rare, such as wandering crabs and bow leg crabs, they can be attached to wood or other floating objects.There are also many crabs living together with other animals.What is more interesting is that many crabs, such as bean crabs, often sneak into the coat cavity of some software animals, or the CCP of the polymorphic pipeline.The saddest is the family of Shanxin Crab. They live in the pocket formed by reef corals. The female crab adults are imprisoned in the bag for life after mating.

In addition to these seawater crabs, some crabs live in semi -salt water, that is, places where the sea intersects with the river, such as blue crabs, and some crabs grow and reproduce completely in fresh water. They may grow in lakes, rivers, orMountains in streams.

Let’s introduce some of the crabs we can eat.

Sea water crabs.The representative of the sea crabs is barracuda crab. The meaning of Chinese named Barracuda crabs is that they look like buns with ancient woven fabrics, and the other is that they shuttle in the water, as fast as a shuttle, and English is called Swimming Crab.Essence

There are many types of barracuda crabs. The most common is the longitudinal barracuda. Their most obvious feature is that the body has a white moisture pattern.

Far sea barracuda (male), author provided by the author

Far sea barracuda (female), the picture comes from "Chinese Marine Biological Atlas"

Fiber -handed crab, the author provides

Three warts, crab, provided by the author

Emblier sword crab, author provided by the author

In the barracuda family, there are some called barracuda crabs, but they are called 蟳, they live in offshore.

Samurai, the picture comes from "East China Economic Shrimp Crab"

Phasein 中国, the picture comes from "Chinese Marine Biological Atlas"

The alternative of the clutch family is sawing the crab (scientific name: Scylla Serrata), because it looks a little fat, unlike a shuttle.The blue crab is in the shallow sea and the bottom of the river mouth at the sediment of the sea of freshwater.Therefore, the green crab is delicious, rich in nutrition, and has the effects of nourishing and strengthening the body.Especially the female crabs that will be pregnant will produce red or yellow creams in their bodies. This is called "cream crab" in southern China, which is known as "seas ginseng".There are many areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, and Taiwan.

Sawya blue crab, author provided by the author

Of course, there are more than so many types of edible sea crabs. These are only common varieties in the market.At present, aquatic science and technology personnel have broken the difficulty of artificial breeding of most sea -water crabs, providing insurance for us to enjoy delicious sea crabs daily.

Freshwater crab.Freshwater crabs include crabs in rivers, rivers, lakes, and streams.There is a representative of freshwater crabs called ERIOCHEIR SIANSIS H. Milne-Edwards, which is very large, used for feeding and anti-enemy, and the inner and outer edge of the palm is dense. ThereforeEssenceIt is also known as river crabs, hair crabs, clear water crabs, and hairy crabs. It has almost its figures in rivers, river, lakes, and streams. In recent years, the paddy fields of Chinese aquariums in my country are one of the main varieties. There are many places. The rice has also formed some crab rice brand products due to an ecological model combined with crab species.Hairy crab is a long -standing food in my country.

Chinese velvet crab, author provided by the author

Freshwater CRAB is mainly distributed in tropical regions and extended to subtropical and temperate edge regions.Most stream crabs are located under the water grass and sediment under the mountains and stones on the mountains and stones.Or a humid place to camp for a semi -terrestrial life.The crabs are not like velvet crab, but the color is more beautiful,

Interestingly, crabs, such as playing Peking Opera in the sea, are all ugly.For example, the domineering emperor crab is named after its huge body, and the maximum weight can reach 10 kg.Emperor crab grows slowly and has a life span of up to 30 years.Most crabs are moved horizontally, and emperor crabs can not only move horizontally, but also move vertically.

Emperor Crab, the author provides

The gentle concubine crab is also called tiger crabs, which makes people understand whether it is gentle or fierce, maybe because of its full face, it is a bit named after the concubine.

Concubine crab, author provided by the author

The little Guan Gong crab looks like Guan Gong Facebook in Chinese classical drama.Guan Gong Crab is a group of Guan Gong Crab Marine, but the poor Guan Gong crab is named, but because it is too small, although it is edible, it is mainly used as poultry feed.Essence

Guan Gong Crab, the picture comes from "East China Economy Shrimp Crab"

There is also a glamorous monk crab.Short -finger monks are also called soldiers, sea pearls or sea monks.Are their crab shells too like monks to shave their glasses?As a crab general who defended the Dragon Palace, the monk crab looks too small, with an average weight of only 2 grams.However, the little monk crab will also be lonely. Unlike other crabs walking, they can go forward.

Monk crab, picture from "Chinese Marine Biological Grade"

Some crab names are too consistent with their form.Such as bread crabs, like bread just out of the pan; the red crabs on Christmas Island have the face of Zhang Santa, with complete facial features, and wearing Santa’s red robe.There are many pictographic crabs. For example, it looks like pine leaf crabs like pine leaves, the snowman crab wearing goose feathers is called snowman crab, a small bean is called bean crab, and so on.

Bread crab, author provided by the author

Chinese bean crab, picture from "Chinese Marine Biological Grade"

Author: Liu Yadan (National Chief Scientific Communication Expert, Assistant Secretary -General of the Chinese Fisheries Society, Assistant to Secretary -General of the China Rural Professional and Technical Association)

Audit expert: On behalf of the National Day (Secretary -General of the China Algae Industry Association)

Edit: Wu Yitong

School pair: Jiang Ruiyi (internship)

Source: Science China

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