Improper treatment of otitis media can easily cause cerebral abscess to otitis media treatment methods

Otitisic is also called "ear bottoms", which causes disease and makes people ear pain. Sometimes there are pus flowing out of the ears.Although it is not a major illness, it brings endless pain.The treatment of otitis media is naturally a question we should pay attention to.Recently, there are reports that an old man has caused brain abscess due to improper treatment of otitis media.How is this going?

Case review:

The peasant Wang, who lives in the golden altar, is a bit uncomfortable recently.He was dizzy, sometimes there was a slight headache on the left.He thought he had caught a cold, and took some anti -inflammatory drugs, and he couldn’t improve.I had to go to the town’s health center and hung up for 3 days, it was still uncomfortable.A few days later, he had a fever, couldn’t open his eyes, and couldn’t eat.His anxious family sent him to a large hospital for examination.Blood routine testing white blood cells has increased significantly, and other items are normal.After inquiring about his condition and history in detail, the doctor found a useful clue.It turned out that when Wang La was young, he suffered from otitis media on the left.There is always pus in his ears, and his hearing is poor.His left ear almost became "furnishings", but in recent years, he has not flowed again.Then perform a temporal bone CT examination.The test results confirmed that due to the age and poor resistance, Wang Laobo not only had a lesion in the left ear cavity and mastoid in the left ear, but the active bacteria even ran to the brain along the bone seam between the middle ear and the skull bottomIntersection

Optitis or brain abscess treatment is improper.

Since the advent of antibiotics and clinical application, patients with chronic purulent otitis media, especially patients with intracranial complications, have decreased significantly.However, at the grassroots level of the countryside, there are still many acute purulent otitis media transformed into chronic otitis media and tractitis due to improper cerebellar abscesses are basically derived from ear disease. Any earlier brain abscess has a history of otitis media for many years.Therefore, people who have obtained otitis media should never think that they can take it lightly after treatment.

What are the treatment methods of otitis media?


Mainly local medication: hybrid solution of antibiotic water solution or antibiotics and steroid hormones.Although drug treatment can temporarily relieve the condition, it is not a cure after all.At present, there are no special effects of otitis media on the market.

Tympanic repair

Drumming is a traditional method for treating otitis media with bone ulcers and cholelist tumors.Generally, the mastoid, drums, and drum chambers are connected to the outer ear canal to form a cavity covering the epithelial to remove the lesions of the mastoid, the drum, the drum, and the eustachian tube.The disadvantage is that although some otitis media can be cured, it cannot achieve the purpose of clearing the lesion, and there is a possibility of recurrence.

Treatment of traditional Chinese medicine -the best way to do otitis media: It can directly act on the affected area, painless and risk.

Efficacy: anti -inflammatory, dampness, elimination of testimony, relieving ears, ears, ear pain and other symptoms; clearing heat and diarrhea, internal relief of liver stagnation heat, weak kidney qi, regulating qi and opening tips; eliminating inflammation, restoring hearing, and preventing recurrence.

How to use: clean the ear canal with aseptic cotton swab; roll into a fine tube or take an appropriate amount of medicine powder with a fine plastic tube, and blow into the depth of the ear canal.

Warm reminder: Pay attention to your ear health at all times.If dizziness, headache on one side, or even nausea and vomiting, you need to go to the doctor quickly to avoid worsening the condition.

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