In 11 years, Jiangsu female plants have become larger, and the doctor’s examination found that she was pregnant. The husband insisted on asking for a child.

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Do you believe a plant man can get pregnant and have children?

In most cases, this is an impossible thing.

However, such a miracle happened to a couple in Muyang County, Jiangsu Province.

At the end of 2010, a woman named Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant in the second month when she was hit by a car, and she was born smoothly.

So how did such a miracle happen to this poor couple?

Gao Dijin and Zhang Rongxiang have been married for many years, and their eldest daughter is 17 years old.

She is studying in high school, while her little daughter is only over one year old, and she is still in the stage of dental language.

When Gaodejin went out to work, Zhang Rongxiang wanted to take care of his younger daughter while cooking the family’s affairs.

She assumes the heavy responsibility of taking care of the family and handling all affairs and duties.

For Gaodejin, the biggest motivation to run around every day is to provide a better life for his wife and daughter.

When he returned home for a day, a bowl of hot soup was enough to make him forget the fatigue of the day.

Feel the warmth and happiness of home.

However, fate punished this ordinary and happy couple.

At the end of 2010, he was going to go to the boss to buy.

His wife Zhang Rongxiang decided to accompany him and took their daughter only two years old to help move the goods next to them.

The family planned to have a good year, and they sat on the tricycle and spoke at home, and laughed.

However, a terrible accident happened when they passed through a crossroads on Huzhou Road, Puyang County.

Suddenly, a white car drove quickly and hit the tricycle driven by Gaodejin.

The car of the car hit the body of the tricycle fiercely, making a huge collision.

Gaodejin didn’t have time to respond. He was hit and turned dizzy. In a chaotic, his consciousness gradually blurred.

The car owner is not obvious physical injury because the car is relatively safe.

He quickly called the emergency call 120 and approached the Gaodejin family to try to observe their injuries.

I saw Gaodejin and his wife lying in a pool of blood, unconscious.

The two -year -old daughter cried in the grass near the grass and was at a loss.

This scene surprised the pedestrians and vehicles passing by. Some people hurriedly called the police and some people tried their best to appease her daughter’s emotions.

A large group of people at the scene quickly gathered, and they were shocked by the tragic situation in front of them.

Subsequently, emergency vehicles and police rushed to the scene.The medical staff quickly sent the Gaodejin family to the nearest hospital.

After some emergency treatment, they were sent to the emergency room.

Doctors fully treat Gaodegin and his wife.

After detailed examination, Gaodekin was diagnosed with multiple rib fractures, the calf tibia fibula was also fractured, and there were gas and blood in the chest cavity.

Despite the serious injury, after a period of recuperation, the doctor believes that he can fully recover.

However, Zhang Rongxiang’s situation is very critical.

During the impact, she was thrown out of the car, and her head hit the ground fiercely, causing severe craniocele damage.

She was rushed to the operating room for rescue.

In the operating room, doctors went all out to do everything possible to save Zhang Rongxiang’s life.

However, the severity of the craniocerebral injury exceeded their expectations, and the operation was difficult and long.

Two days later, Gaodejin finally woke up from the coma.

Although he was worried about his injuries, he was more concerned about his wife.

He anxiously asked the surrounding medical staff: "Where is my daughter -in -law? How is my daughter -in -law?"

His voice was full of worry and anxiety.

The medical staff faced his inquiry, with a dignified expression on his face.

They told Gaodejin that Zhang Rongxiang’s situation was very dangerous. After emergency surgery, she was still in a coma.

Gaodekin heard the news, his heart was cut like a knife.

Gaodejin’s mother looked at the daughter -in -law who was not saved in the bed, and looked at the son with a steel plate nailed to her legs. She was full of sadness and pain.

This sudden disaster suddenly pushed the house into the bottom of the valley.

In a car accident, Zhang Rongxiang was seriously injured and hospitalized for three months, but she had never woke up.

The doctor told Gao Degin that if a person ca n’t wake up in a coma for three months, she will be defined as a vegetative in medicine.

This news made Gaodejin’s heart full of endless bitterness and worry.

However, at the moment of anxiety in Gaodejin, he suddenly discovered that his wife’s abdomen became bulging.

He touched Zhang Rongxiang’s stomach with trembling hand, and found that the swollen part was a bit hard.

There were countless conjectures in his heart, and he didn’t know what happened.

In order to figure out the situation, Gaodejin immediately contacted the chief physician.

The chief physician gently pressed Zhang Rongxiang’s abdomen.

Then I told Gao Dijin a shocking news: Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant!

Gaodejin was almost unable to speak, and he couldn’t believe his ears.

The wife is already a plant man, how can you get pregnant!

But the doctor repeatedly told him that the fact that his wife was pregnant and told her that her wife was pregnant from a car accident.

The fetus in his wife’s belly has been four months old.

Before the accident, he and his wife had been looking forward to a child.

But due to economic difficulties and their wives’ physical conditions, they had to temporarily give up this hope.

However, now the child is here, which makes Gaodejin’s joy and anxiety.

In the face of the current situation, can children be born smoothly?

At that time, Gaodejin even found a doctor and suggested to kill the child because his wife was a vegetative at this moment.

Before waking up safely, it is too dangerous to take risks.

However, he thought about it again and again, and felt that the fetal was harmful to his wife’s body, not to mention that his wife was not optimistic now.

So in the end, he was determined to tell the doctor to give birth to the child.

The doctor told Gaodejin all the problems that might occur at the time:

"During your wife’s coma, many drugs are used, and the child may be unhealthy. You have to prepare for this."

When Gao Degin heard these, he thought that this was his own child, and he chose to accept anyway.

He firmly decided to persist and believe that this child is their hope and future.

One day, his wife was on the day of pregnancy and childbirth.

When Zhang Rongxiang’s child was about to fall, Gaodejin rushed his wife to the hospital.

Childbirth is difficult for patients like her.

Gaodejin was so anxious that he paced out and forth outside the operating room, hoping to share pain for his wife.

After several hours of hard work, the operating room door finally opened.

A nurse told Gaodejin with a joyful expression: "It is a son, mother and child are safe!"

The news made Gaodejin relieved.

Gaodejin’s mother was already outside the bed. She took out a new set of small quilts and carefully wrapped the newborn.

Gaodejin’s mother looked at her daughter -in -law and grandson, and finally showed her sincere smile.

The arrival of the newborn brought new hope to the family, and the Gao family was full of laughter.

When it was time for the child, Gaodejin said with joy:

"This child is called Godci, he is a gift given to us by God!"

Xiaotianci was lying quietly in his father’s arms, as if understanding his father’s words, and also responded to his tiny voice and gesture.

Before Gao Tianci was two years old, he never really felt the existence of motherly love.

After a period of treatment, Zhang Rongxiang’s body gradually recovered, and Gaodejin applied to the doctor for discharge.

They left the hospital and returned to their newly -built resettlement houses.

Although this resettlement house is not large but warm and comfortable, they used to live in the garage.

But now they have a real home, which brings them new hope and happiness.

Gaodejin is determined to give his children a beautiful growth environment. He intends to work hard to provide better living conditions for the family.

Gaodejin sat in front of his wife’s bed as soon as he had freeness, and talked softly with her, hoping to evoke her memory.

He recalled every bit of the past and shared their memories and good times.

However, Zhang Rongxiang at this moment is still in a coma and cannot communicate effectively with the outside world.

But this unremitting efforts finally returned in a clear morning.

Just when Gao Tianci was two and a half years old, Gao Degin suddenly noticed that his wife’s eyelashes shake slightly a few times.

He picked up his son excitedly and urged him to shout "Mom".

In the call of relatives, Zhang Rongxiang finally woke up.

She looked at her healthy son and daughter, and looked at the warm new home.

Zhang Rongxiang miraculously said the first sentence after her injury: "Okay, it’s good to have a son"!

This short word conveys her inner joy and satisfaction.

This sentence not only made Gaodekin ecstatic, but also showed that Zhang Rongxiang’s consciousness was gradually recovering.

Gaodejin immediately rushed into the kitchen and was ready to prepare a rich meal for his wife to celebrate this miraculous moment.

Although Gaodejin was not familiar with the kitchen before, now he can cut the home -cooked tofu neatly and fry it into seductive golden brown.

Despite his family economic constraints, he still tried his best to improve his family’s life.

A small dish of fried tofu contains Gaodejin’s deep love for his wife and family.

Over time, Zhang Rongxiang’s body gradually recovered better and better.

She woke up, and every time she saw Gaodejin, her eyes were full of endless love and gratitude.

When they saw their children, this new life.

Zhang Rongxiang nodded firmly, expressing his willingness to work hard for the child.

Even if she is not like a normal person now, she has rehabilitated continuously.

She can say more and more, and occasionally sit up.

His son is now in school, and Zhang Rongxiang is constantly recovering. The family’s life is getting better and better!

The story of this family is moving, and it proves the power of love and the importance of the family.

Today, Tianci has been in elementary school, and his growth is closely related to the family’s persistence. They have spent many difficult days together.

I hope they can also support each other in future difficulties and find the hope and happiness of life!

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