In 2005, the Sichuan guy was full of "armor" after three months of wedding, his wife: Because of me?

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In 2005, Liao Ye, a Sichuan guy, drank wine with his friends, but the next day, many acne appeared on his face, but Liao Ye disappointed.

However, one month later, Liao Ye’s face was covered with "armor". Like the old man of 70, after seeing the wife, she was guilty. She doubted, would it be because of her?

Why did Liao Ye’s "armor" on the face?Can he cure it?

Liao Ye

In 2005, Liao Ye experienced the first happy event in life, that is, marrying a wife. Liao Ye and his girlfriend Wang Hui (a pseudonym) who had been in love for three years, and finally got married.

Liao Ye was very happy. He drank a few more cups on the wedding mat. Relatives and friends were also happy for him. He also took the opportunity to pour him several glasses of wine.

Liao Ye was dizzy, and the whole person was a little confused. After entering the new house, he still wanted Wang Hui to take care of him. Liao Ye fell asleep. When he woke up, he thought of yesterday.Wang Hui apologized.

Wang Hui knew that Liao Ye was not intentional, but he was too happy, so he was drunk, so he didn’t blame him. Wang Hui poured a bowl of hot water for Liao Ye. Liao Ye watched such a gentle wife and laughed happily.Essence

With his wife, Liao Ye is even more energetic. Every day, go to the company to work, and he is spiritual. Liao Ye wants to work hard and earn a lot of money to let his wife Wang Hui live a good life.

Liao Ye

In the third month of Liao Ye’s wedding, his friend asked him to go out for dinner and drink together, but Liao Ye was married for half a year. He wanted to accompany his wife.

Liao Ye’s words declined his friends. He didn’t want to go out for dinner now, but Liao Ye was missing, and his friends felt unhappy, so they tried to persuade Liao Ye to drink together.

Wang Hui saw Liao Ye frowned and looked embarrassed, and said, "Go, drink some wine with good brothers, remember not to drink too much, don’t come back too late."

Seeing that Wang Hui agreed, Liao Ye also went out to dinner with his friends. As soon as Liao Ye arrived, his friends began to interest him, saying that he would not have a brother if he had a wife.

Liao Ye joked with each other. They all knew that this was just a joke. The friend gave Liao Ye a glass of wine, and Liao Ye drank a glass of breath.

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Seeing that Liao Zi was in a good mood, his friend poured him a few more cups. Several people were together, and he had already drank several bottles of wine without knowing it.

When Liao Ye thought of Wang Hui’s words, he couldn’t drink too much. He had enough drinking, but his friend still poured him alcohol regardless of him.

Liao Ye said softly to his friends. He couldn’t drink it anymore. It would not be easy to explain to it again. His friends felt that he was rare once, and of course he drank more wine.

Liao Ye said that he couldn’t have a friend. He could only drink one cup after another. Liao Ye drank the most. After drinking, he was going to faint.

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When I saw Liao Ye drinking, I might really have no way to go home, so I won’t let him drink it. Liao Ye lying on the table and relieved himself, trying to make himself sober.

It was getting late and late, and I won’t get up tomorrow. My friend is afraid that Liao Ye will go back and be unexpected, so he will return him home.

When a friend sent Liao Ye home, Wang Hui was waiting for Liao Ye to come back at home. Seeing that Liao Ye was drunk, she couldn’t help blame Liao Ye.

Liao Ye was drunk. He couldn’t hear what Wang Hui was talking about, but he laughed. Wang Hui helped Liao Ye into the bedroom and wiped him with a towel.

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When Liao Ye woke up, the family had already made meals. Liao Ye yawned to eat. When he sat on the stool, Liao mother pointed at Liao Ye and said in surprise: "Liao Ye, you are this this is thisWhat’s wrong? Why do you have so many acne on your face? "

Acne?Liao Ye touched his face. He touched a few acne, but these acne were not painful or itchy. It didn’t have much impact except for not good -looking.

Liao Ye was disapproved. He felt that these acne was likely to be because he became angry these days or did not rest well, so he grew acne. It was not a big deal.

Liao Ye had no acne. After dinner, he went to work. When he returned home from get off work, Wang Hui saw that Liao Ye’s face was a little red, and the acne did not disappear.

Wang Hui was afraid that Liao Ye was allergic, so he wanted him to take a look. Liao Ye shot in the mirror and found that his face was really red. Perhaps it was really allergic. He planned to buy an ointment to apply it.

Liao Ye’s mother

Liao Ye bought an ointment and applied it on his face. He hoped that the role of these ointments would be better. However, after a week, the acne on Liao Ye’s face not only disappeared, but became more.

After Wang Hui saw it, he was a little panicked. Why is this pills useless? Liao Ye was just drunk. Why did it become like this after waking up.

Wang Hui was a little panicked. On the day Liao Ye was drunk, only she took care of Liao Ye, rubbed his face, and gave him a small bowl of soup. This would be because Wang Hui was not taken care of.What about it?

Wang Hui told Liao Ye: "Liao Ye, go to the hospital to see, I’m afraid you will become like this, it’s all because of me." However, Liao Ye still disagreed, although he had a few acne,Acne, but these acne are not painful and itchy. He checked it before. If it was allergic, he would feel itchy, but he didn’t feel itching.

Therefore, Liao Ye thought that these acne would disappear soon. There is no need to go to the hospital to waste more money.

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Liao Ye still smeared the ointment. He looked in the mirror every day and wanted to see if the acne was disappeared, but unfortunately, Liao Ye’s acne did not disappear.

A few days later, the acne on Liao Ye’s face was a few more long. Not only that, these acne, which were a bit hard, but it was not painful and itchy.

On Liao Ye’s body, these symptoms also appeared, and the skin became harder. Now, Liao Ye panicked. Isn’t he just a few acne, how can he be so serious.

Liao Ye was in a hurry. He also applied allergic ointments on the body. He wanted to see the effect, but after a few days, the situation did not improve.

The skin on Liao Ye’s face began to become harder, which made him even difficult to eat. Even the mouth needed a lot of force to open it.

Liao Ye

When swallowing, Liao Ye must also swallow the food hard. These strange symptoms made Liao Ye worry that he couldn’t add it. He thought that it would be too tired recently, so he would become like this.

Liao Ye asked the company for leave. He had to take a good rest at home for a few days. If the situation improved, he continued to work. In the past few days, Liao Ye had a lot of relaxation.

As soon as he felt better, Liao Ye felt that these strange illnesses were not problems. He would definitely get better. Only by thinking about it can he recover faster.

Liao Ye thought in a good direction, but the facts were unsatisfactory. His symptoms did not become better because of a positive attitude, but even more serious.

Liao Ye

One month later, after Liao Ye woke up, he saw Wang Hui pointed at his trembling. Liao Ye felt strange that why his wife looked at him with such eyes.

Liao Ye came to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror. When he saw it clearly, he was scared and screamed. How could he become like this!Like a 70 -year -old old man.

Liao Ye panicked. He came to the living room. Liao Mu happened to be in the living room. When she saw Liao Ye’s face, she screamed scared and fell on the sofa.

Liao Ye pointed at his face and asked his mother: "Mom, how do I be like this? My face is so long? How can I go out to see people?"

Mother Liao also saw this situation for the first time. She didn’t know what to do. She could only persuade Liao Ye to go to the hospital. Liao Ye came to the hospital and told her doctor about her situation.

Liao Ye

The doctor frowned and looked at Liao Ye, Liao Ye’s face full of "armor". The doctor also saw this for the first time. The doctor first performed a check for Liao Ye, but he couldn’t check what.

Liao Ye’s heart beyond his heart. He couldn’t be at ease. If he couldn’t cure his illness, he might not be able to go out in the future, and he had to be criticized when he went out.

The doctor arranged several inspections for Liao Ye, but he still couldn’t judge what he was suffering from the disease. Liao ambitious was ashamed. Is it really not possible to save it?

Doctors advised Liao Ye to change a hospital for examination. Liao Zi understood that if it wasn’t for his illness, the doctor would not say such words. After leaving the hospital, Liao Ye returned home.

Liao Zi was in a low mood. He was lying on the bed, not talking to his family, and not going out to eat. Wang Hui was worried about him and entered the bedroom to persuade him.

Liao Ye and mother

But Liao Ye didn’t want to talk to others. He just wanted to calm down, but Wang Hui also had good news to tell him that she was pregnant.

When Liao Ye learned of this good news, he was happy. He finally had children, but he became like this. For the sake of children, Liao Ye would work hard to make himself strong.

After Liao Ye’s face became like this, he didn’t go to work anymore. He was not ready to see people in this case. However, Liao Ye had been lying at home for a month. In this month, he thought about itMany, he can’t stay at home all the time. He still has to make money, otherwise how can he raise a family and children?

Liao Ye cheered himself, drumming up the courage to come out of his house. On the road, he could see others’ strange eyes. He pretended not to care, but he was uncomfortable.

After Liao Ye came to the company, his colleagues were startled by his face. None of them recognized Liao Ye. They thought he was coming to find someone, so he asked who he was. Liao Ye smiled bitterly and told his colleagues.

Liao Ye

This time, my colleagues were even more shocked. Liao Ye was not allowed to leave for a month. After returning, he changed. The colleague was not afraid of Liao Ye’s face and did not dare to approach him.

Even Liao Ye’s boss was frightened because of Liao Ye’s face. Everyone felt that Liao Ye was too scary and became like this for a month. Maybe it was some strange disease.What should we do if everyone is infected.

Liao Ye didn’t want to be fired. He explained to everyone, and he didn’t know why it became like this, but the company did not listen to Liao Ye’s explanation and fired him.

After Liao Ye was dismissed, he returned home muddy, and finally took the courage to take the first step, and he returned like this. After his family learned that Liao Ye was fired, he did not blame him.It’s not easy to feel.

Liao Ye

After Liao Ye was dismissed, he lay at home again. Every day, he cleaned and cleaned up housework. Looking at TV, Liao Ye also wanted to find friends to complain, but his friends were scared away by him.It disappeared.

Liao Ye was lying at home for almost half a year, and he couldn’t lie down. Liao Ye asked people everywhere, and he needed to work anymore, and he could do any job.

Relatives introduced a security work to Liao Ye. After listening to it, Liao Ye immediately went to apply for it. As soon as the appliances saw the appearance of Liao Ye, they refused on the spot.

Liao Ye was stunned, why didn’t he hire him?Candidates explained: "Your face is too scary, you will scare others like this, you should find other jobs again."

Liao Zi is very bitter. It seems that with such a face, there will be no units willing to hire him. Liao Ye was hit. He returned home, and even the villagers pointed at him.

Liao Ye

Liao Yeman was the "armor" face that made him unable to stand it himself, and Wang Hui was afraid of his face and often avoided him. Liao Ye knew.

There are more words in the village. Some people say that Liao Ye has become like this. Perhaps it is because of the loss of mind and being retributed. Other people say that Liao Ye is a ugly monster that can scare people to death.

Liao Ye listened to these words, and his heart was even more painful and desperate. Even he wanted to say hello to others, and others would be frightened and fled.

Liao Ye became more decadent, and he didn’t even want to tell his family that he was bored in the bedroom all day, like walking around.

Liao Yexin wanted to hurry up and die. When he died, he would not hear these words, and he would not live with this face all the time.

Liao Ye

But his family accompanied Liao Ye all day and told him some encouragement, and comforted him. If he died, what would the family do.

Liao Ye only felt painful. It seemed to be a difficult choice. However, Liao Ye had an idea in the mind that he had to divorce Wang Hui and not delay her.

Liao Ye told Wang Hui the idea of divorce. Wang Hui shed tears after hearing. She had feelings for Liao Ye, but she was very complicated now. She could not accept Liao Ye into this look.

Wang Hui didn’t rush to give an answer. She had to think about it. Wang Hui was insomnia. She thought, should she divorce Liao Ye? If she leaves, she seems to be unpopular.Wild becomes like this.

Liao Ye had been to the hospital, but he couldn’t cure it, and he couldn’t even find the cause. His disease should be difficult to cure. If he lived with Liao Ye, it would only be more painful that day.

Liao Ye

Wang Hui thought about it. She was going to divorce Liao Ye. Wang Hui told Liao Ye that Liao Ye was silent after hearing it. However, he finally went through the divorce procedure with Wang Hui. The child was also sentenced to Wang HuiEssence

After the divorce, Liao Ye was even more depressed. He often sat by the river alone. Mother Liao was afraid that he couldn’t think of it, and he secretly followed him every time.

Mother Liao was daring every day, and she was very painful. She held her son’s hand and cried and said, "Don’t give up. If you die, what do you do? We will continue to see the doctor.","

Liao Ye shed tears. He promised to continue to see a doctor. He came to a hospital in Chengdu. The doctor did a examination for him. After examination, he confirmed that Liao Ye was suffering from pimples.

Of course, this disease has nothing to do with Liao Ye drinking. This disease is rare. It is caused by the local deposition of skin adhesive and invades the plaques.


And this kind of disease can be widely distributed on the body. The face, limbs, and back can cause damage. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for this disease.

After learning that there was no treatment, Liao Ye’s heart sank into the valley again. Is he really going to have such a lifetime?Liao Ye returned home and had been resting at home.

Until 2015, Liao Ye came to a hospital in Chengdu. He had already thought about it. He had to use himself as a mouse. The doctor could use him to study and find a way to treat pimples.

The doctor was very moved to Liao Ye’s dedication. They would also try their best to treat Liao Ye to help him alleviate this symptom.

Doctor, Liao Ye

Liao Ye was unfortunately suffering from strange diseases. He lost his wife and work for this reason. He was also disliked and criticized. However, Liao Ye had a fearless spirit and was willing to treat himself as a little white mouse to let medical staff study him.

This spirit of Liao Ye moved the medical staff very much. They also made a promise to Liao Ye, and they would try their best to help him to relieve the condition and make his condition better.

He is caught in a swamp, but he can still think of more people who are in a swamp. Liao Ye is really a very good man. I wish his life in the future can be more smooth.

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