In 2008, women in Shaanxi had no uterus but were pregnant. The doctor found that the child was in the abdominal cavity

In 2008, the Shaanxi woman Zhao Fengqin and her husband Xue Shijia had been married for ten years but had no children around them. The couple used all kinds of methods. Finally, they finally conceived their children after ten years of marriage.The couple are overjoyed.

But what I never expected was that when Zhao Fengqin had a birth checkup for 5 months, he found that the fetus was missing in the belly. After several examinations, the doctor said that Zhao Fengqin was a twin uterus, but until the production, the doctor found that Zhao Fengqin had no uterus.

How did Zhao Fengqin pregnant without a uterus?How do the fetus in the abdomen hear the fetal heart?

In 1998, the 28 -year -old Xue Shijia and the 27 -year -old Zhao Fengqin met under the introduction of the villagers. They didn’t know how long they had a good opinion of each other. In this way, the two met and married each other in this year.

After marriage, the sweet life makes them full of hope for the future. The two especially hope that there will be a new life in the family, but Zhao Fengqin is not pregnant for three years.There is no movement.

This caused Zhao Fengqin to panic directly. After taking her husband Xue Shijia to the hospital in the town, Zhao Fengqin found that she could not have children. After hearing this news, Zhao Fengqin felt that the sky was going to collapse.I do n’t know how long it will be arranged by people in the same village.

Hospital examination

After the results of the inspection came out, his wife Zhao Fengqin could not face his husband. Although the husband didn’t say anything, Zhao Fengqin knew that he wanted a child who belonged to himself very much.

Later, Xue Shijia said to his wife Zhao Fengqin: "I have never done bad things in my life. Why should I be treated so unfairly."

After hearing her husband’s words, Zhao Fengqin cried and said to my husband, "I am sorry for you in this life, but we still have to live in the future. After we are old, we need to be elderly. If we ca n’t, let’ s adopt a child."

Adopted child

When Xue Shijia heard his wife’s proposal, he suddenly had this idea. After the two discussed, the couple decided to adopt a child to make up for the regrets of no children.

It didn’t take long for the couple to bring the adopted children back to the house and named Panpan. The significance of the husband and wife naming is to let the daughter bring hope and hope to the family.

The days also passed slowly, and the life of the family also stepped into the right track. When she was four years old, Xue Shijia had an unexpected accident. Xue Shijia, who was preparing to work on this day, sent Pan Pan to kindergarten as usual.Essence

Kindergarten entrance

But when Xue Shijia was about to leave, the kindergarten door suddenly drove a tricycle. Xue Shijia rushed up and stopped the tricycle without hesitation. Then the kindergarten teacher quickly checked the children to ensure that they were not injured.

But Xue Shijia, who came forward, was not so optimistic. The moment he fell, he fainted directly. The passing pedestrians quickly dialed the emergency phone call. It didn’t take long for Xue Shijia to be taken to the hospital.

When Zhao Fengqin rushed to the hospital, her husband Xue Shijia was already in the operating room. Although the doctor told her that Xue Shijia was not seriously injured, Zhao Fengqin still wanted to shed tears.Essence

Operating room

It didn’t take long for the doctor to tell Zhao Fengqin and said, "There is not much problem with the patient, but just breaks the legs, just go home and calm down."

When Zhao Fengqin heard that her husband was okay, his tight mood relaxed directly. After the husband was pushed to the ward, his wife Zhao Fengqin stayed with her husband every day, hoping that he could get better earlier.

But I live in the hospital every day. Soon the Zhao Fengqin family could not afford such a high medical expenses. I could only find the doctor to explain the situation. I hope that the doctor can let her husband discharge early.

Xue Shijia’s ward

After the doctor learned about the situation, he could only tell Zhao Fengqin helplessly: "After returning home, you must take a good recuperation and regularly come to the hospital for examination."

In this way, his wife Zhao Fengqin returned to the house with her husband. The day was more difficult to spend the day, and the only one who could go out to make money also fell down.There is no way, Zhao Fengqin can only go out to work to maintain the daily expenses of the family.

Although the days are relatively poor and they are very happy, the peaceful life will eventually be broken by accident.

On the day of March 27, 2008, Zhao Fengqin ate at home as usual, but suddenly abdominal pain was unbearable, accompanied by a particularly disgusting feeling. At first, Zhao Fengqin only thought that he had a bad appetite as usual.Too serious.

But then the pain became more and more serious. Her husband Xue Shijia could only take his wife to the hospital in the town for examination. After the doctor checked, he told Xue Shijia: "Your wife is pregnant, congratulations."

But this surprise did not make Xue Shijia happy. Although he always wanted a child who belonged to himself, this result shocked him.

Quickly asked the doctor: "Isn’t my wife who can’t have birth? How can I get pregnant suddenly now?"

The doctor then explained Xue Shijia: "The chance of pregnancy is small, not unable to get pregnant."


After hearing the news, Xue Shijia cried happily.After his wife was checked, Xue Shijia told Zhao Fengqin about this surprise that the couple were full of joy.

This difficult life made the couple even more loved. Xue Shijia was afraid of what was wrong with this late little life, so he took over all the housework at home, let his wife raise a child with peace of mind at home, and go out to make money.

go out for work

Although Zhao Fengqin, 37, is also the first time to get pregnant. Without any experience, he is at home with peace of mind every day.

But when she was pregnant to the fifth month, Zhao Fengqin was used as usual, and she took Panpan to go to school every day, but one day, Zhao Fengqin’s stomach was extremely painful. She quickly called her husband.

After receiving a call from his wife, Xue Shijia ran to the house and took Zhao Fengqin to the township hospital for examination.After arriving at the hospital, the doctor asked Zhao Fengqin: "Have this happened before?"

Township hospital

Zhao Fengqin said: "This happened, and I have never come to the hospital for examination before, so I don’t know what the fetus is now."

The doctor heard Zhao Fengqin said that she had never come to the hospital for examination and was shocked, so she hurriedly went to the hospital to check her regularly to her.

Later, the doctor began to check Zhao Fengqin’s body, but the bizarre things happened again, but the fetus in Zhao Fengqin’s belly suddenly disappeared. The doctor checked Zhao Fengqin again and found that he could only feel the fetal heart of the fetus, but he could not see the fetus.Essence

Doctor examination

The doctor then told Xue Shijia: "Zhao Fengqin is indeed pregnant, but when we do B -ultrasound for him, we can’t see the child."

Xue Shijia was scared directly and said to the doctor: "My child is not in the uterus, where will the child go?"

After the doctor checked the fetus, he also panicked his hands and feet. Then the chief doctor immediately picked up the B -ultrasound detector to start checking Zhao Fengqin, but facing the fetal heartbeat, he could not see the fetus.

B -ultrasound

Later, the doctor made a bold guess and suspected that Zhao Fengqin was a twin uterus, because she was not pregnant for so many years, but she was pregnant suddenly, but she could not find a fetus now.The doctor’s guess also confirmed why he could only hear the fetal heart before, but he could not see the fetus.

When Xue Shijia heard the doctor’s explanation, she finally rest assured, but then the doctor told him: "In this case, you must go to the large hospital for a comprehensive examination, otherwise the children and adults will be dangerous."

"Because Zhao Fengqin’s body is too special, children’s amniotic fluid is particularly small, and there is a problem of hidden dangers in the uterus."

After hearing the doctor’s words, the husband and wife were also in trouble. After the husband had an accident in the past few years, he had been unable to work hard. He has always been running outside.

But after Zhao Fengqin was pregnant, Xue Shijia made money outside the family, and one person made money and one family. It really couldn’t get so much money before going to the big hospital to check the body.

Without economic support, they can only drag again and again, but they did not expect that this drag almost broke the life of the mother and son.

It turned out that when Zhao Fengqin was 8 months pregnant, the stomach started to pain because the fetal amniotic fluid was rare, but both the couple thought that they would have to give birth. Xue Shijia had to spend money to rent a car with his wife to a large hospital in the county.

But before I arrived at the hospital, the accident happened. Xue Shijia’s car had a car accident, and his wife Zhao Fengqin was sitting in the back row. Although people were okay, because of the inertia of the car, he touched his stomach.

Xue Shijia saw his wife covering his belly and pale face. Regardless of his injuries, he sent his wife to the hospital. After going to the hospital, when the doctor checked Zhao Fengqin, he said that he could not check the child’s fetal heart.I almost fainted after hearing this news.


Xue Shijia thought, but because of his own intentions, couldn’t he even see this world because of his own intentions?

Later, her husband Xue Shijia was still unwilling, and then chartered the car again. She took her wife to the large hospital in Xi’an for examination. On the road, Xue Shijia had been worried about her child, but in the end, the wife also became unconscious, which caused Xue Shijia to collapse directly.

When he was in a way, Xue Shijia had to call Xi’an Hospital for help. After the ambulance came, Zhao Fengqin had been unconscious for half an hour. After seeing this, the doctor directly rescued Zhao Fengqin to the hospital.


After arriving at the hospital, Zhao Fengqin was pushed to the operating room. Her husband was anxiously waiting at the door of the delivery room, and he said in his mouth "Mother and son must be safe."

In the operating room, the doctor’s situation of Zhao Fengqin is also very tricky. An elderly mother is pregnant. Moreover, the B -ultrasound cannot see the position of the child at all. This makes the doctor difficult.Discuss what this operation should be done.

Later, during the examination, the doctor discovered that Zhao Fengqin had a series of diseases such as acute and abdominal disease, which was a fatal danger to the upcoming pregnant women.

Zhao Fengqin

When all the doctors learned, they knew that the operation he was about to face would be a super dangerous operation.

But after the doctor officially took on the operating table, after cutting Zhao Fengqin’s belly, everyone was shocked. Zhao Fengqin had no uterus. Generally speaking, all pregnant women should be pregnant in her mother’s uterus, but Zhao Fengqin’s child should be there againWhere can I survive?

Later, the doctor saw that the fetus turned out to be on Zhao Fengqin’s abdominal cavity, and like a normal child, there was a fetal jacket wrapped in the fetus. The doctor was shocked after seeing it. After all, the doctor had only seen it in textbooks.

Xue Shijia, who was anxiously waiting outside the delivery room, thought that after seeing the doctor out of the operating room, he thought that the child was born, but he did not expect that it was the notice of the danger of his wife and the child.

After the doctor then explained to Xue Shijia, after Zhao Fengqin’s condition, he trembled and signed the notice of his wife and children’s illness.

In the operating room, the doctor was ready to start surgery. However, three hours have passed. The child was born smoothly. No one expected that the little fat man with more than six pounds was born from his mother’s abdominal cavity.

Xue Shijia’s son

What I never expected was that the child’s life signs of Zhao Fengqin suddenly declined after the child was born. After production, it caused major bleeding. Zhao Fengqin’s blood volume was only 4,000 ml, but the amount of bleeding during the operation reached 2500 ml.

After the doctor’s full rescue and blood transfusion, Zhao Fengqin was out of danger. The mother and child were safe. After hearing the news outside the delivery room, Xue Shijia cried, thanking the doctor at Xi’an Hospital.

Xue Shijia’s family of four

Today, Xue Shijia, who is mother and daughter, still thinks about the dangerous scene of his wife who has a child, and silently thinking that he must be good at his wife and children in the future.

Mother’s love is the most selfless and greatest. Mother can make children’s life in order to allow their children to be dangerous, but all expectant mothers also have to go to the hospital for a medical examination during pregnancy.To avoid the occurrence of ectopic pregnancy, I also hope that all mothers can take good luck.

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