In 2011, the vegetative women’s belly bulged, and the examination found that she was pregnant. Her husband insisted on:

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In 2011, a bizarre incident occurred in Liyang, Jiangsu.A three -month -old vegetative woman’s abdomen suddenly emerged, and after the husband found out the situation, he thought his wife had something to do.

Then he hurriedly found the doctor to check the condition. At the beginning, the doctor said it was not good, and the possibility of tumor was not ruled out. After all, his wife was lying on, and any complications could happen.

Therefore, the hospital gave a comprehensive examination for his wife, and the final examination results showed that his wife was pregnant.

pregnant?How can his wife have been pregnant in a coma?Who is this child?

On March 7, 2011, a man in the hospital ward Gaodejin wiped his body with Zhang Rongxiang, a botanical wife, who was comatose for three months.With wiping, he found that his wife’s abdomen was obviously protruding, so he hurriedly asked the doctor to check the condition.

The doctor gently pressed Zhang Rongxiang’s lower abdomen and checked other parts of the body. No symptoms were found.Gaodejin, who was standing aside, asked the doctor worried: "Do my wife have a tumor?"

The doctor did not speak, and he couldn’t take it for a while, because he looked at the body and did not have an exact internal examination, and it was possible.The doctor said to Gao Degin: "If you want to figure out what the specific condition is, you must have a full -body examination before you can determine it." Arrange an examination as soon as possible.

Gaodejin cooperated with the doctor to check his wife Zhang Rongxiang.Early the next morning, the results of the inspection came out one after another.

The doctor said to Gaodejin with B -ultrasound: "Congratulations, your wife is pregnant, it is almost 4 months. The examination results show that the child is normal."

The wife is almost 4 months pregnant, and the family doesn’t know anything. What is the reason?

B -ultrasound

Everything has to start with a car accident three months ago.

One morning in December 2010, Gaodejin drove an electric tricycle that he used to deliver. He took his wife Zhang Rongxiang and the younger daughter to return to her mother’s house, and his wife and daughter sat in the back compartment.

Because I haven’t returned to her mother’s house for a long time, Zhang Rongxiang and her husband discussed to go to a nearby store to buy something.But at the intersection of the cross, a black car driving from east to west hit the Gaodekin couple driving from south to north.

Because there is no traffic light at this crossroad, the moment when it is about to hit, it is too late to brake. When Gaodekin reacted, the tricycles had been knocked out.Gaodejin was heavily pressed under the tricycle and fainted.

Car accident scene

When he woke up, he found that he was already lying on the hospital bed, and he was painful.His first reaction was his daughter and wife. Fortunately, the daughter stood at the eyes of the patient’s bed and looked at him. He looked around for a week and didn’t see his wife’s trace. He quickly shouted the doctor.

The doctor came over and told him that you should not worry first. You have three fractures, your bones have been picked up, and you have to rest for a while.However, your wife’s injury is more serious. After inspection, he is severely damaged and primary brain injury. It is still in the intensive care unit. It is likely that you can’t wake up and become a vegetative!

Gaodejin was paralyzed in bed, and murmured in his mouth: Why become a vegetative?

At the moment when the wife had a car accident, she subconsciously hugged her younger daughter in her arms, and was thrown out fiercely because she had no grasp.

A sudden car accident made this unhappy family worsen.Right now, there is no income in the bed, and there are two daughters at home waiting for dinner.

All this is constantly hovering in Gaodejin’s mind. What should he do?

Suddenly, he thought of a person, the driver of the car that collided with himself -Zhao Gang.

Speaking of it, Zhao Gang and Gaodejin are not far away, belonging to the same town.Zhao Gang’s family is doing business, and the economic conditions are much better than the Gaodejin family.

At the time of the car accident that day, Zhao Gang had almost no harm to his body because he had the protection of seat belts and airbags, but the car collided was fierce.


Afterwards, the traffic police also surveyed the scene of the car accident. Because there was no red street light in the incident, both parties in the accident had a responsibility.

Gaodekin was also forced to be under the current economic pressure. He seized the point of "both parties have the responsibility" and brought Zhao Gang to court and asked him to compensate for some medical expenses.

Zhao Gang is also a kind person. On the car accident, he saw that he had no obstacles. He called 120 in time and sent the Gaodekin couple to the hospital.Moreover, during the hospitalization of the Gaodekin, he also visited the hospital several times.

Because of living in the same town, he also knows the economic situation of Gaodejin.Therefore, when Gaodekin filed a lawsuit, he did not take off his responsibility. After all, he was also a wrong party. He actively cooperated with the court’s work and compensated Gaode Gold 50,000 yuan.


Gao Jinjin is also very grateful. After all, with these 50,000 yuan, his wife Zhang Rongxiang was saved.

Gao Degin who got the money paid the hospitalization fee and paid a good daughter. At this time, the wife was also out of danger. From the intensive care unit to the general ward, it is difficult to say when it wakes up.Come, you have to look at the recovery situation in the future.

Gaodejin’s injuries have been recovered almost. He plans to find a job to maintain family expenses and his wife’s long -term medical expenses in the future.

The time passed quickly, and when I dazzled, three months have passed, and my wife is still in a coma. Because it can only be supported by some energy drugs and liquid food in the long run, the wife looks very thin. When taking care of his wife every day, heInadvertently found his wife’s lower abdomen. After inspection, it was learned that his wife had been pregnant for more than 3 months.This is the beginning.

The husband was surprised. I found the doctor to ask if I misdiagnosed it?After all, during this time, I did not have the same room with my wife. How could I get pregnant?

The doctor asked, "Then you have to ask yourself, when is your last room?"

Gaodekin recalled, "probably one month before the accident!"

Then this is right. It turned out that his wife Zhang Rongxiang had already pregnant before a car accident, but at that time it was the early pregnancy, and the symptoms were not obvious. Zhang Rongxiang himself did not find it.

Generally, the hospital is advised to do it by the child.Because in the past three months, Zhang Rongxiang has been using medicine. Many drugs have been disabled by pregnant women and have done a lot of instrument examinations. This will definitely affect children. What if it is deformed?But Gaodejin resolutely opposed, he said, "In case the child is healthy, he is also a life after all."

Zhang Rongxiang in the coma

The doctor also advised him that Zhang Rongxiang had been in a coma. She did not draw enough nutrition, so thin, and when the fetus was in the post pregnancy, she had to take a larger amount of nutrition from her mother.

The mother’s body is fragile, and the fetus is difficult to survive. Even if they can survive, from the perspective of Zhang Rongxiang’s current physical condition, childbirth will be dangerous!This adult can’t keep it. What do you want to do?

But regardless of the doctor’s suggestion, Gaodejin insisted on giving birth to the child and was going to take his wife home to take care of it.He said, "What if his wife is pregnant this time!" It turned out that Gaodejin had always wanted to ask a son again.

In this way, he brought his wife Zhang Rongxiang back home. After returning home, Gaodejin and his eldest daughter took turns to take care of Zhang Rongxiang, feed her streamlined as much as possible, and inject nutrition.He knew that his wife had a bad physical condition, so he regularly took his wife Zhang Rongxiang to the hospital for a production inspection. Fortunately, everything was normal for each birth check.


On July 22, 2011, the eldest daughter who took care of Zhang Rongxiang at home felt that her mother was very abnormal, so she quickly called Gao Dejin to her father.Immediately sent his wife to the hospital. At this time, the amniotic fluid had broken. The original wife was going to be born.

Because of the special circumstances of Zhang Rongxiang, the hospital plans to have a cesarean section to avoid danger.

After more than an hour of anxiety, his wife Yang Qiuxiang Ping’an gave birth to the next 5 pound and 6 two boys, and Gaodejin’s hanging heart finally fell into practice.He was holding his child and was very excited.

This child is a miracle that can be born safely, and it is also surprising to their home.Gaodejin immediately named the child.

Zhang Rongxiang’s body after giving birth was a lot weak. After raising it for a while, he went home.

Zhang Rongxiang successfully gave birth to a son

Zhang Rongxiang in the coma didn’t know that she became a mother again. From time to time, Gaodejin also gave his son to Zhang Rongxiang and told her, "We have a son, you wake up and see!" But Zhang Rongxiang still responded without response.

On the one hand, it is his wife, and the medical expenses are constantly constantly; on the other hand, the son who has just been born and is waiting to be fed; plus a family of five to eat and drink Lazar, Gaodejin feels more stressful.

Before, although the days were tight, they could be made up, but now they have added a son. He has to take care of his son and make money at work.

After too long, Gaodejin felt that he couldn’t support him anymore. He thought about Zhao Gang, the previous perpetrator, and thought about whether he could get some money.So he once again brought Zhao Gang to court on the grounds of a car accident.

Zhao Gang, who received the court’s subpoena, was unknown, so he thought it hadn’t been compensated. Why did he sue again?

Zhao Gang

Zhao Gang inquired around. It turned out that Gao Dejin sued him for his reason: his wife was unconscious, her son was not taken care of, and his family expenditure was large.

It is a fact that the family conditions are not good, but it is not easy for anyone. Zhao Gang is not going smoothly in the business field. Don’t be born if you can’t raise your children!Zhao Gang was also very angry.

Zhao Gang is good at heart, good conditions, but no matter how good it is, Gao Dejin’s claims again and again.He intends to deal with this time, and solve this trouble at one time.

Therefore, in court, Zhao Gang explained his actual situation and ideas to the judge, and hoped that the court would give a fair decision.

In March 2012, the local court made a final sentence. The defendant Zhao Gang compensated the plaintiff Gaodejin’s 530,000 yuan in compensation fee at one time. After that, Gaodejin would no longer sue Zhao Gang or ask for compensation.

In this way, the accident was broken.

Court sentence

In May 2013, Zhang Rongxiang, who was unconscious for two years and six months, finally woke up.But I just have consciousness, can make some simple dialogues, cannot get out of bed, and people need to take care of people to eat and drink.

At this time, her son "Little God" was almost 3 years old.Suddenly, the mother who woke up saw a little boy around her, and she was a little confused.Under the explanation of her husband Gaodejin in 151, I learned that the boy was actually his son and was born when he was unconscious. It turned out that there were so many things in the past two years!Zhang Rongxiang’s nose could not help but sore, and shed tears.

Xiaotianci also likes to stick to her mother very much. She often kneels on her mother’s pillow with fruits, biscuits, milk, etc., feeding her mother to eat, and helping her mother to wipe her mouth.Sometimes when he encountered the food that his mother couldn’t bite, he put it in his mouth and chewed it to feed his mother to eat.Mom’s face is always filled with a happy smile.

Zhang Rongxiang and son

This picture is really moving, it really reflects the allusions of "crow feed".

Gao Dejin was also very pleased. Watching his son’s intimate move with his mother, he felt that he had worked hard for the past three years.

Now that the Gaodejin family is five, the eldest daughter works outside work to help her father reduce the burden. The younger daughter can help take care of her mother and brother. Mother Zhang Rongxiang’s physical condition is getting better and better, and the family’s life is getting smoother.

Gaodejin family five

In fact, there is always an inexplicable connection between family relationships, especially between mothers and children.In this bizarre incident, rather than Zhang Qiuxiang’s lucky survival, miraculous wake -up, it is better to say that her son Xiaotianci has been leaving her mother forward. Xiaotianci can be described as the motivation and hope of her mother to wake up.As we often say: "Everything in the world, in the underworld, it is settled."

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