In 2016, the pregnant woman was in a car accident in the 8 -month pregnancy.

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On February 23, 2016, a man rode an electric car with a pregnant woman with a big belly. The man rides slowly. He also asked the woman who was pregnant from time to time.? "

The pregnant woman smiled and patted the man, "How can I be so delicate, you are slow enough, it is better to walk as slow as me."

As soon as the pregnant woman’s words fell, they came to a truck. He was afraid that the truck would wipe his wife, so he gave up on the side of the road to make a broad position to the truck.

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Who knows that there is an accident under the carefulness of the man.

What happened?Is it safe to pregnant women and children?

The man named Zhou Xiwu. The pregnant woman sitting behind the car was his wife Gong Xue. They met in college. After a few years of falling in love like ordinary couples, they were sure that each other was the right person.

Gong Xue on the left, Zhou Xiwu on the right

Zhou Xiwu Gong Xue brought home. Because Zhou Xiwu was not very good, he did not even give Gong Xue even when he met for the first time. He just made a few decent dishes.

Gong Xue knew that Zhou Xiwu’s family was not concerned. Instead, she always praised Zhou Xiwu’s mother Hu Xiyang to cook.

Hu Xiyang is very satisfied with Gong Xue, and she has always told her son to treat her well.

After seeing the parents, Zhou Xiwu and Gong Xue got married not long after seeing the parents. Gong Xue did not want a penny.

After marriage, Hu Xiyang was very good to Gong Xue. She always felt that her family had grieved Gong Xue.

But Gong Xue said with a smile, "Nothing to owe me. On the contrary, I think becoming your family with you is the most correct choice. I am very happy."

On the left is Zhou Xiwu

Gong Xue and Zhou Xiwu were like paint after marriage, and they were like love, and soon had the crystallization of love.

When Gong Xue was 8 months pregnant, they went to the hospital for delivery and came to meet a truck on the way home.

I thought the two cars were just a normal meeting, but the accident happened.

Due to the hurry of the truck driver, he hurriedly on the road without observing whether the door was closed. When passing Zhou Xiwu’s couple, the car door of the truck was "hit" under various pressures.

At this time, when Gong Xue was discussing what names were taken with her husband, the door that was suddenly opened by "hit" just smashed Gong Xue’s head.Essence

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After Gong Xue was hit, her first reaction was to cover her belly with her hands, and she had to protect her child.

After Zhou Xiwu fell to the ground, he had no time to check his wound, and quickly climbed to his wife to check the state of his wife. He saw that a large hole was constantly bleeding on his wife’s head.I took out my phone and hit 120.

After he reported to 120, he immediately patted his wife’s face after he was located and his wife’s situation. "Xueer, wake up, wake up."

Gong Xue heard her husband’s shout. She opened her eyes weakly and said to him with the only trace of consciousness, "Keep the child, you must keep the child," Gong Xue passed out because of too much blood loss.

Fortunately, their location was not far from the hospital, and the ambulance quickly came. Zhou Xiwu accompanied his wife to the ambulance and went to Qidong County People’s Hospital.

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Facing the sudden scourge, can Gong Xue and the children have nothing to do with it?

As soon as the ambulance was arrived, as soon as the door was opened, the nurse in the car pushed the patients. The doctor who guarded the door at the door of Qidong County People’s Hospital immediately checked the patient.It’s more dangerous.


After seeing Gong Xue’s situation, doctors regretted saying, "The patient’s injury is too serious. Our hospital’s medical equipment and technology are limited. You quickly take the patient to the Second Hospital of Nanhua Affiliated to Hengyang City, where teachers and equipment are better than us.Maybe your wife still has hope. "

Zhou Xiwu quickly got on the ambulance with his wife, and they went straight to the Second Hospital of Nanhua Affiliated to Hengyang City.

The Second Hospital of Nanhua Affiliated to Hengyang City

After the doctor left in Zhou Xiwu’s ambulance, he quickly greeted the doctor in the second hospital to make them prepare in advance. After all, this was two lives.

Zhou Xiwu’s mother Hu Xiyang immediately came to the hospital after getting the news. She stood at the door and waited for the upcoming son and daughter -in -law.

The ambulance quickly arrived at the second hospital. They were quickly promoted to the emergency room when they got out of the car. After the doctor’s inspection, they gave them a notice of illness.

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The doctor’s examination found that Gong Xue’s smashed hole was too large, which caused her bloodthirsty and hypoxia to fall into severe coma, and her child was in a state of hypoxia because of her hypoxia.Rescue.

Doctors analyze that the probability of success to save children will be greater, because the child is 8 months old, and Gong Xue’s head is seriously injured.Nerves become plants.

Zhou Xiwu and his mother stood at the door of the surgery and waited. The nurse in the emergency room trot out, standing at the door of the operating room, and asked, "Who is the patient’s family?"

Zhou Xiwu and his mother hurriedly ran to the door of the operating room, "What are we, how are the patients?"

The nurse asked them seriously, "The patient and the child are very bad, do you keep adults or children?"

In the face of these dilemma, Zhou Xiwu squatted on the ground with pain. He did not know how to choose. The nurse saw this and said, "Hurry up and make a choice. The patient is more dangerous in one second."

What choices do they make?What is the result of the surgery?

After Hu Xiyang heard the nurse’s urging, she shed tears and said firmly, "Save adults! Please keep my daughter -in -law’s life!"

Seeing the true feelings of the dilemma, Hu Xiyang was willing to abandon his long -awaited grandson under these dilemma, and firmly chose to save his daughter -in -law.

Hu Xiyang

Although the patient signed the consent of Lord Bao, as long as the child still has a line, he hopes that the doctor will not give up.

Doctors think of children who have already been formed. They are a bit unbearable. After analyzing the interest relationship carefully, they decided to check it again. Compared with the results, they analyzed that if the baby quickly took out the baby, then there was a great hope to preserve two two.people.

Deputy Director Liu

In order to increase the probability of successful surgery, they unanimously decided that Deputy Director Liu was the main doctor.

The surgery officially started. After the doctor had anesthesia for the patient, he scored a knife on Gong Xue’s belly and successfully cut her uterus.

Surprisingly, Gong Xue’s uterine amniotic fluid was not completely broken. The child was not injured due to the protection of amniotic fluid. The doctor quickly took the child out and then sutured the uterus.

After the doctor took out the child, Dr. Liu found that the child’s abnormality was abnormal, and the child did not cry. Dr. Liu anxiously put the child on the table to make a heart recovery for him. Dr. Liu kept pressing and finally the child responded.With the sound of "wow", everyone continued to treat Gong Xue under the child’s cry.

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Zhou Xiwu and Hu Xiyang at the door heard the children’s crying sounds. They stood up from the ground excitedly. They looked at the windows of the operating room, and the child lived, and the adult should be fine.

The nurse came out of the operating room. "The pregnant woman gave birth to a boy, six pounds and seven, and very healthy." After speaking, she planned to go to the thermal insulation room to put the child there so that she could observe the child’s situation at any time.

Newborn baby

Hu Xiyang did not look at the grandson for the first time, but asked the nurse, "What about adults, when will the adult come out?"

The nurse looked at Hu Xiyang so concerned about her daughter -in -law, and was very moved. She said comfortably, "Our doctor is treating the patients with full treatment, and the family members need to continue to wait."

After the doctor rescued the child, Gong Xue began to rescue Gong Xue. Because Gong Xue hurt his head, it would have irreversible consequences. Therefore, each doctor was conscientious and they dare not relax because every second is every second.It is running against the god of death.

emergency room

Hu Xiyang, who was standing in the corridor, kept walking, and his mouth was broken in his mouth, praying that God to bless his daughter -in -law to be safe.

Zhou Xiwu looked at the door of the operating room intently, for fear of missing something. Finally, under his expectations, the lights in the operating room door were destroyed, and the operation was over. He quickly walked to the door and waited for the doctor to come out.

The doctors came out after five hours, they brought good news, the operation was successful, Gong Xue’s life was temporarily kept, and followed by in the intensive care unit.

The doctor then regretted saying that although the life is to keep it, it is unknown whether you can wake up.Essence

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When Hu Xiyang heard the doctor’s words, she cried leaning against the wall. She could not accept the daughter -in -law who was well had a good daughter -in -law yesterday. She was lying in the intensive care unit today.

Zhou Xiwu watched his wife who was pushed to the intensive care unit. He tried to adjust his mentality. He said that he would like to thank the doctor that as long as my wife is still alive, he has hope to wake up. If he really can’t wake up, I would like to take care of her.

Gong Xue’s parents were inconvenient to come to the hospital to take care of her because of disability, so the burden of taking care of the child and Gong Xue was pressed on Zhou Xiwu.

Hu Xiyang

Gong Xue lives in the intensive care unit every day. The money flows out like flowing water. The driver of the small truck pays the money soon. Zhou Xiwu took out all the savings and paid the medical expenses.

After the child was born without breastfeeding, he lived in the insulation box, and the nurse took him well.

Hu Xiyang said during the coma of Gong Xue, saying that if she really couldn’t wake up in the future, I would like to take care of her for a lifetime.

Hu Xiyang is not just about saying that she really did this.

She felt that her son was not careful enough, so she took care of Gong Xue himself. Gong Xue wiped her lips every half an hour because she didn’t drink water, and she wiped her lips for Gong Xue every half an hour.Body.

Zhou Xiwu woke up early for his wife. He kept her hand in front of Gong Xue’s hospital bed every day, and counted the past of the two of them in the past. He talked about the beautiful days of the two people.To her thoughts, wake her up.

Perhaps heaven was moved by the true feelings of their family. Gong Xue opened his eyes 15 days after the operation and woke up.

Hu Xiyang saw that her daughter -in -law finally woke up. She hugged Gong Xue to leave a happy tears. "You finally woke up, and Mom thought that if you really became a vegetative, take care of you for a lifetime."

Gong Xue patted behind her mother -in -law and comforted, "Mom, I’m not okay, I heard you talk to me in a coma. I have such a happy family.Also take you to live a good life together and give you the end of the elderly. "

Hu Xiyang

Zhou Xiwu was very happy to see his wife wake up. He quickly asked the doctor to check the body of Gong Xue. After the doctor checked, he found that Gong Xue’s body was normal, so he told them, "Congratulations, the patient can be discharged from the hospital for a while."

After hearing the doctor’s words, Zhou Xiwu also hugged his wife and cried excitedly. "It’s great, you are really okay."

There is a saying that it is often used to describe the husband and wife.

The doctors watched the scene where their family was happy, and couldn’t help but sigh, this is a miracle created!

Hu Xiyang

After Gong Xue was raised in the hospital for three months, her body was basically recovered, and the doctor approved her to go home to adjust.

Today, Gong Xue is healthy and can live normally. Her relationship with her mother -in -law is as close to her mother and daughter. Her husband Zhou Xiwu also loves her. Their life is happy and envious of others.

Gong Xue

Love is great, you can create a lot of miracles!

At the same time, the road is also merciless. Be sure to pay attention to safety when driving. Remember, "There are tens of millions of roads, the first one is safe, the driving is irregular, and the loved ones tears."

I sincerely hope that everyone can be safe and healthy!

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