In 2017, a death penalty was dreamed of snow. After investigating the prison guard, he helped him find his family who had been disappeared for 30 years.

In the early morning of November 2017, Zheng Jiang, a prisoner of Longyan Prison in Fujian Province, woke up slowly. He has been doing the same dream these days.

Dream: There are heavy snow in the sky in the sky, and a man holds his hand around the river …

Zheng Jiang was puzzled. He "gave birth" in Fujian and grew up in Fujian, but when did Fujian be snowing.Zheng Jiang is determined that this is likely to be related to his true life.

Zheng Jiang told his dream of the prison leader, but he did not expect that he really found his biological parents.


Zheng Jiang hasn’t slept for three consecutive days. He will have a dream every night. The scene in the dream is strange and familiar, which makes Zheng Jiang feel very distressed because it is likely to be related to his life.

It turned out that Zheng Jiang had always suspected that he was not a "parent", but was raised.

Thinking of this, Zheng Jiang immediately wrote a letter to the prison leader. In the letter, he objectively described his real situation: because the dream made him upset and the psychological pressure was very great, so he had no intention of transformation. I hope thatThe prison can help him find out this matter.

Zheng Jiang entered Longyan Prison in 2006. It has been 11 years since it has been now. He has performed well in these years, has been rated as advanced many times, and has been subject to sentence. Therefore, he has a good impression on the prison leader.

Zheng Jiang has been renovating with peace of mind, and he has never made any trouble. He made this request for the first time, so the disciplinary policeman of the prison attaches great importance to it.

At that time, Zheng Jiang’s disciplinary policeman was called Chen Linbin. He was responsible for the political ideological work of the prisoner of the prisoner of Zheng Jiang in 2012.

After receiving Zheng Jiang’s letter, Chen Linbin decided to talk to him first, and let’s talk about the specific situation.

Chen Linbin is usually kind, so Zheng Jiang trusts him very much. During the conversation, Zheng Jiang did not retain his experience.

Since the beginning of the notes, Zheng Jiang has never left Fujian Province. He grew up in Nan’an, Quanzhou, Fujian.

Zheng Jiang is a left -behind child. His "parents" work in a foreign country. The only grandfather took care of him in the family. The old man loved his grandson very much.

So his childhood was the happiest time in his 30 years.Unfortunately, the good times did not last long. When Zheng Jiang died at the age of 8, he was fostered in his aunt’s house since he was 8 years old.

After all, Zheng Jiang is an outsider, and his aunt can not love him how much he loves him. At most, he just cares for him to eat and drink. Over time, Zheng Jiang becomes more lonely.

In addition to this personality factors, Zheng Jiang was often bullied by the bad teenagers around him because of his short figure. Sometimes they would abuse Zheng Jiang, saying that he was a child without a father and mother.

At this time, Zheng Jiang argued: "I have parents, they went to work outside."

But these arguments he made himself were doubting, because over the years he has heard some words, saying that he is "Abei".

The so -called "Abei" is the contempt of the foreigners from the north in the local statement. Many people around said that Zheng Jiang was raised, which made him doubt about his life.

Although the family insisted that it was nothing, so that he did not think about it to school, but Zheng Jiang really couldn’t stand the depressed environment of the school. No one in the class was willing to accept him.I chose to drop out of school.

There is no way out of such a small child even if they set foot on the society, because few people are risky to hire children’s workers, so Zheng Jiang, who is doing nothing, has to hang out on the street every day.

During this period, Zheng Jiang knew some of the nearby little hunter, and he was with them every day, and gradually became stained with a lot of bad habits.

They mixed in Internet cafes, billiard halls and other places all day long.Soon Zheng Jiang was caught into the young manager because of robbery.

More than two years later, Zheng Jiang was released.However, he had no skills, and he embarked on the crime again, and was arrested for the second time. This time he was sentenced to three years.

In this way, this cycle of crime, jail, and release, Zheng Jiang was completely numb to his life. He felt that he was rotten, so he did nothing more.

Not long after Zheng Jiang was released for the second time in 2005, he committed a major case.

When he strolled on the street, he inadvertently found his enemies.The other person’s surname Wu was also a mixed. He had contradictions with Zheng Jiang before. Once he found several people to block Zheng Jiang in the corner.

This time I found that there was only one person Wu, so Zheng Jiang and his two friends decided to seize the opportunity to retaliate against him.

I thought that Wu Mou’s power would be soft and soft, but he did not expect that he was particularly tough. He threatened that if he was in trouble, he could ask someone to take revenge.

The two sides were fighting in one word, and then fighting, Zheng Jiang lost his mind in the chaos, and took a spring knife from his pocket into the opponent’s lower abdomen.

Looking at the other party in a pool of blood, Zheng Jiang gradually calmed down, and then he realized that he had committed a big deal.

However, everything was too late. It didn’t take long for the victim to die because of the invalidation of the rescue after being sent to the hospital. This time Zheng Jiang faced the two or three years of sentences.

Fortunately, Zheng Jiang was quite rational. He did not choose to escape after the killing. Instead, he surrendered and scored a large treatment. Because of this, the court gave him a chance when he was sentenced to execution.Essence

Although Zheng Jiang temporarily saved his life, he still had to pay a heavy price because his youth is destined to spend in prison.Because of this, Zheng Jiang has been serving his sentence to today.

In recent years, Zheng Jiang has been performing well, so he has been cut off. It has been reduced from death to 20 years in prison. The prison also believes that he can be transformed.But anyway, his request still makes the prison very embarrassed.

I have never seen a relative who has come to visit Zheng Jiang over the years. Not only that, but not even the letter from the family.He is like a person abandoned by society.

If it is the requirements of other aspects, the prison may be satisfied as much as possible, but it is not so easy to find relatives. After all, there is no clue at all. Where can I find it?Moreover, there was no precedent before.

In fact, Zheng Jiang also murmured in his heart. He knew that the request he had mentioned was a bit too much, but he was too eager to get the family warmth.

Since childhood, although Zheng Jiang has parents in name, because they work in other places all year round, he has never seen his parents at all. Moreover, he also knows that the words he heard these years are not groundless, and he also feels that he and his parents are long.It doesn’t look like.

On the other hand, if they are really born by their parents, why are they not close to themselves?When I was a kid, I almost ignored themselves. Later, they sat in jail, and they simply disappeared.Zheng Jiang believes that he must be raised.

In recent years, he has more and more wanted to find his own biological parents. He wanted to wait until he was released from prison, but his sentence was still nine years. He couldn’t wait, so he made some excessive requirements with the prison discipline.

After learning about Zheng Jiang’s situation, the disciplinary policeman Chen Linbin also expressed his understanding of him very well. Out of his heart, Chen Linbin was willing to help him. He was impressed by this active young man.But after all, this is not the program. This is what he cannot do. Therefore, Chen Linbin said that he would report the matter to the leader and would definitely help him fight.

After Chen Linbin reported Zheng Jiang’s situation to Chen Qingrong, the director of the prison, Chen Qingrong was also hesitant.

There were many prisoners who served in prison before, but they were generally issues of educating the elderly or children’s education. It was never encountered by helping prisoners to find relatives.

And prison is not a social welfare department, and its main responsibility is to punish those who are illegal.

However, after discussion, the prison leaders believed that although the prison’s responsibility was punished prisoners, there was also the responsibility of transforming prisoners.

Although Zheng Jiang embarked on the road of crime is his subjective act, the objective environment does have a certain impact.

If you want Zheng Jiang to turn back later, you can get a foothold in society after being released from prison, and never repeat the crime road, it is necessary to help him unlock this knot.If you can complete this, Zheng Jiang, who performs well, may be able to re -integrate into society afterwards.

In the end, the prison decided to transfer manpower and try to help Zheng Jiang realize his wish.

After receiving the news, Chen Linbin was also very happy, and he notified Zheng Jiang as soon as possible that his excessive request was passed, which made him overjoyed.At the same time, Zheng Jiang was also deeply grateful to the prison. He immediately stated that he must actively transform it and never live up to the grace of prison leaders.

When he asked Zheng Jiang’s related clues in prison, he was very distressed. Because he was too young when he was abducted and was completely unaware of it, it was difficult to provide any clues.So he had to talk about the recent dream and said that it might be his hometown.

What can a dream represent?If you think of this as a clue, it is obviously a drama, and this dream is so vague.

The investigation team saw any useful information from Zheng Jiang, so I decided to visit it first.

The prison sent two prison guards to visit Zheng Jiang’s home and asked what happened that year.

Unfortunately, Zheng Jiang’s parents were not at home and are likely to be still outside.And his aunt’s family seemed to be reluctant to mention it, insisting that he had nothing to do with Zheng Jiang’s parents, and they didn’t know this at all.

Then the police visited the surrounding neighbors and finally got some useful information.

Living on Zhengjiang’s house is an old man in his 70s. He was very enthusiastic about the police officer and talked about the previous things.

He said: "I always feel that they are not right. At first, I didn’t hear that his daughter -in -law was pregnant. It didn’t take long to say that there was a child. Not only that, they were particularly mysterious and could not even do the full moon wine."

In addition, Zheng Jiang’s parents worked in Zhejiang Province, but at that time, they heard that they went to Guizhou, which was suspicious.

Through the above information, it is basically determined that Zheng Jiang’s suspicion is indeed true. He was raised, and his home should be in Guizhou.

But Guizhou is so big. Where can I find it? This is undoubtedly the sea of the sea.At this time, Zheng Jiang’s dream made the prison on the prison.

Guizhou is located in the southwestern part of China. It is said that it is rarely snowing. Compared with the snow, it should be the two places in Zunyi and Bijie City, northwest of Guizhou, because these two cities are relatively high and relatively cold.

This information is very important, and the prison decides follows this clue.

Soon Longyan Prison contacted the local judicial department of Zunyi City and Bijie City. As a result, the other party specially cooperated and published an article entitled "Zheng Jiang Xun’s relatives" on his public account.

This article has attracted widespread attention locally. Many citizens expressed their sympathy for him after hearing Zheng Jiang’s encounter. Although he had made serious mistakes, since he has been actively transformed, he should give him a re -people.Chance.

Therefore, many netizens took the initiative to repost this article, and major online platforms have also reported, which has greatly helped Zheng Jiang’s relatives.

On the fourth day after the article was published, Zheng Jiang’s relatives really saw this article!They immediately contacted Longyan Prison according to the phone left in the article.

The phone call was a middle -aged woman. She said that she was named Zhang Mingying. It felt a bit like Zheng Jiang’s photos as herself, and his brother was really abducted at that time, so she wanted to confirm it.

According to Zhang Mingying’s description, the situation is indeed very close. Her family lives in a small mountain village in Bijie, West, and has a small river in front of the house. Sometimes it will snow in winter, which is similar to Zheng Jiang’s dreams.

There are three children in the Zhang family. The two above are sisters. After the birth of the younger son, the parents became the heart of the parents. However, when he was less than three years old, his father took him to the collection. As a result, he was abducted by the trafficker.gone.

After losing his child, Zhang Mingying’s father was distraught. He couldn’t forgive his negligence. For so many years, he had never given up his hope for looking for his son.

Later, one time the old man listened to the people in the town that the local abducted children were sold to Fujian, because the traffickers here had channels for buyers in Fujian. As a result, he remembered it.

Later, Zhang Mingying’s father also went to Fujian to find it, but because the clues were too small and the conditions at home were not good, he could not stay in the field for a long time.

Later, after his daughter grew up, he suggested that they go to Fujian to work. If you have energy, you can try to find the whereabouts of his brother.

Zhang Mingying obeyed her father’s suggestion. In recent years, she settled in Jinjiang, Fujian. She would also take time to inquire about the missing younger brother after work. Unfortunately, there has been no clue, and her father also left the world with regret at this time.

A few days ago, she saw an article reposted by her family, and she thought that Zheng Jiang must be her brother.

Longyan prison heard that this was very important afterwards, and immediately arranged Zhang Mingying and Zheng Jiang to do DNA identification.After a long waiting of a week, the result came out. The two of them were indeed the sister and brother of a mother.

At that time, Zheng Jiang was 30 years old. He pursued his family who had been pursuing so many years and finally found it. He fulfilled his dreams, and the prison was also preparing to help him arrange a relatives once.

However, when police officer Chen Linbin told Zheng Jiang, his performance was a little abnormal and seemed a little worried.Is he unhappy after finding his family?

It turned out that Zheng Jiang was concerned about his own identity. The family was struggling to find himself for many years. Now he finally found it, but found that he became a criminal. Isn’t this disappointing them?Will they not recognize themselves because of this?Zheng Jiang felt tangled.

However, Chen Linbin’s reply dispelled his concerns. He said that Zheng Jiang’s mother and sister were looking forward to seeing him, and he did not dislike his identity at all. Zheng Jiang was relieved.

Acknowledging his relatives was arranged in the lobby of the prison, and he could no longer help seeing his relatives who thought about it.I saw their family crying and crying, and the disciplinary staff of the surrounding prisons were deeply moved.

Zheng Jiang choked "Mom", and his mother was also old tears. She held Zheng Jiang’s back and said, "Ah, I finally found you, I’m sorry for you. Don’t think much, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, you must think, it must beGo here to transform well. "

The old lady was mixed in her heart, and she hated someone who had a trafficker because he took his son.At the same time, she also hated the buyer, that is, Zheng Jiang’s adoptive parents, because they did not educate him after buying Zheng Jiang, causing him to become criminals.

But it is a good thing to find a son.At first, Zheng Jiang fell to this point because no one disciplined it, and now he finally returned to his family. Even if he still has a few years of sentence, this is hopeful after all.Reform yourself.

However, Zheng Jiang’s only regret was that he could never see his biological father again. The old man had died of illness a few months ago.

In order to make up for this regret, the family members deliberately brought their father’s statue this time, which also helped the elderly to fulfill their wishes.

Looking at the face of his father, Zheng Jiang’s tears couldn’t stop. He was sad in his heart, and after so many months, he missed the opportunity to meet his father.He thought about the man holding his hand in his dream, but unfortunately he could no longer see him in this life.

Zheng Jiang placed his father’s statue on the chair in front of him, and then leaned down and kneeled. He poured a few heads and choked: "Dad, I don’t learn well, I am sorry, I must transform it well, wait for me to go out of prison.Go and give you incense in front of the grave. "

It was Zheng Jiang’s birthday in a few days. The prison was ready to arrange for his relatives on his birthday, but Zheng Jiang’s family could not wait, so he came in advance.

That night, Zheng Jiang’s family bought a birthday cake. They wanted to have a special birthday to Zheng Jiang. The mother said excitedly: "Son, a few days will be your birthday. We will help you celebrate your birthday in advance."

Zheng Jiang was very surprised by this. He has never had his birthday in the past 30 years, and no one would think of helping him celebrate his birthday. On the other hand, the adoptive parents did not care about it after buying him.He just filled up for a day, and he didn’t know what day he was really born.

Watching his family was so enthusiastic, Zheng Jiang was very moved. He cherished a birthday in this life. Under the guidance of his sister, he closed his eyes, promised, and then destroyed the candle.

The surrounding prison guards sent him a blessing of his birthday with his family. Zheng Jiang bowed deeply at the police officer. How could he find his family if he was so laborious and laborious.

The birthday cake is very sweet. This is not only a taste, but also contains the love of his family and the police officer. Zheng Jiang’s heart feels sweeter.

It was time to end the ceremony, and both Zheng Jiang or his family felt reluctant.My mother held Zheng Jiang’s hand and said with a long -term voice: "Child, rest assured, let’s wait for you. After you go out, I will let you learn some craftsmanship to support yourself, so you will not repeat the same mistakes."

Zheng Jiang nodded deeply. He used to be a lifetime, so it was a day to mix a day, and it doesn’t matter about the crime.

But since today, he has found his family who has been separated for many years, and he has also carried out care. He will take responsibility for his future and will also take responsibility for his family.

Seeing Zheng Jiang’s statement, the prison director Chen Qingrong was very pleased.

He felt that the prison helped Zheng Jiang find his loved ones the right decision. Although it consumed a certain manpower, after all, he saved a person and allowed him to return to the right track without taking the crime again. This incident can change hisLifetime, so these efforts are worth it.

Zheng Jiang found his family because of a dream. Although it sounded a little fantasy, it existed.

We should thank the serious and responsible discipline police officers. If it wasn’t for their efforts, Zheng Jiang would be difficult for Zheng Jiang to fulfill his dreams.

It is precisely these serious and responsible police officers that people who go astray can return to the right track, and the real harmonious society will be just around the corner.

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