In 2019, the 67 -year -old aunt insisted on giving birth by accident, saying that it would not be troublesome, what happened now

"Doctor, you’re wrong, I’m 67 years old, how could it be pregnant?"

In 2019, Aunt Tian, 67, Zaozhuang City, went to the hospital for examination because of his uncomfortable stomach. He did not expect that the results of the inspection showed that she was pregnant!

This made Aunt Tian very ridiculous. I have been in my 60s for many years. How can I get pregnant?

The doctor was shocked to see this result, and he even wondered if he made mistakes himself.

After all, an old lady 67 -year -old, menstruation for more than ten years, and ovarian function has degraded. It is impossible to get pregnant again.

However, in fact, even if she couldn’t believe it, Aunt Tian was indeed pregnant.

When you are pregnant and have children, Timing Gaozheng, this is a good thing, but when this good thing is placed on a 67 -year -old "super -old" mother, the problem can be big.

Everyone expressed strong opposition to this.

For Aunt Tian’s body, the doctor suggested that they endure pregnancy and abandon the child.

Aunt Tian’s children’s own children are big. How can she accept her mother’s younger brother and sister who is younger than her child.They resolutely opposed their mother to give birth to the child, and even said, "If you dare to give birth, we immediately cut off the relationship!"

Even the 17 -year -old granddaughter with a big hand in one hand, because of this incident, gambling said that if the grandma gave birth to the child, she would run away from home!

From this point of view, whether it is for his own body, for the harmony of the family, or considering the future of the child, how can Auntian not give birth to this child.

However, what is unexpected is that Aunt Tian and his wife ignore everyone’s opposition and insist on giving birth to the child.

They said: "Since the child is here, it is the fate given by heaven. After we give up, we will raise it ourselves and will never bother the children."

"Isn’t the old lady in the 607 ward of the ward? Isn’t it a family member of the companion? How do I look like a pregnant woman?"

"What is it like? People are a pregnant woman, and they are about to give birth."

"Ah? Is the old lady looking at at least sixty or seventy, can I have children at such an old age?"

"Who said no, weird."

In 2019, a special mother in Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital aroused the curiosity and discussion of everyone.

At the beginning, everyone thought she was here to accompany her daughter -in -law or daughter, but as the day passed, watching the old lady’s belly is getting bigger and increasingly inconvenient, everyone discovered that everyone discovered that, everyone discovered that, then everyone found out that, everyone found out that, everyone found out that, everyone found out that, everyone found out that, everyone found out that, everyone found out that, then everyone found out that, everyone found out that, then everyone found out that, everyone discovered that, everyone discovered that, then everyone found out.She turned out to be a pregnant woman herself!

This surprised everyone, because this old lady looked at at least sixty or seventy years old, and she didn’t seem to be pregnant.

After this amazing news spread, some people were curious to go to the 607 ward every day to see the strangeness, and even some young couples who were troubled by fertility problems came over to the old lady and their wife.A "secret recipe" of pregnant and having children.

During that time, every time the security personnel in the inpatient department changed shifts, they would tell my colleagues that they must be optimistic about the 607 ward. Do not let outsiders go in.

This old lady who caused heated discussions and curiosity was the aunt Tian we said at the beginning.

Being able to get pregnant with the degradation of ovarian function for more than ten years at the age of 67. Such a medical miracle seems to really have any ancestral secrets.

But in fact, Aunt Tian was pregnant, and there was any secret recipe. It was simply an accident.

Aunt Tian’s body has always been not very good. In 2015 and 2018, she had two major illnesses.

In 2015, Aunt Tian suddenly felt dizzy, and her chest couldn’t breathe. She became pale in a few minutes, scaring her husband to hurry to send her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Fortunately, because of the timely sending medical treatment, Aunt Tian did not have any big deal.After the doctor’s examination, the doctor told her that the emergency was caused by qi stagnation and blood stasis.

After that, Aunt Tian drank Chinese medicine every day, and the whole person brought a bitter Chinese medicine flavor.

Fortunately, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning is very good. Aunt Tian not only has the symptoms of qi stagnation and blood stasis, but the whole person becomes rosy and full of qi.

The experience of healing this time gave Aunt Tian a good body.

The good times didn’t last long. In 2018, Aunt Tian suddenly suffered from a cavity cerebral infarction.

Cerebral infarction is not a small illness that can be joked, and a accidental or even mournfulness may even cause hemiplegia.The doctor prescribed some drugs that softened blood vessels and told her to eat it on time.

Aunt Tian was very obedient and had never been taken to take medicine.But what made her unexpected was that she had not taken the medicine for a long time, and she had been on vacation for many years.

This scared Aunt Tian, and thought that taking medicine and taking the problem was coming, and quickly asked his wife to take himself to the hospital to find a doctor.

But the doctor told her not to worry too much, this is just a normal drug reaction.

When I heard the doctor say this, Aunt Tian and their husbands took my heart.

After that, Aunt Tian was like returning to the old age.Until a period of time, I didn’t know why, and suddenly stopped.

After experiencing a false alarm of the holiday, Aunt Tian didn’t care about the suspension of the regular leave. She didn’t even ask a doctor to ask. She just thought that she had taken the medicine for a long time, and the adverse reactions were naturally gone.

Four months after the calmness passed, Aunt Tian’s belly suddenly had a problem.

She couldn’t eat anything, always nausea and vomiting, but the weight was reduced, but she didn’t know what was going on.

This scared Aunt Tian and his wife, and they quickly went to the hospital for a examination.

When sitting in the hospital corridor and waiting for the results of the examination, the heart of Aunt Tian and his wife was very messy and had been thinking about it.

Gastrointestinal disease?Tumor?Stomach cancer?

Lightly, minor illnesses, old couples guess all over again.However, who knows that the result is not within the scope of the husband and wife.

The doctor who got the results of the inspection could not help but look at Aunt Tian and his wife for a long time with a surprise gaze. He saw that the old couples were drumming in their hearts.It’s been four months. "


Aunt Tian and her wife suspected that she was getting older to the back of the ear. Otherwise, how could the doctor say that she was pregnant?

You know, she is 67 years old!Girls are 30 years old and are called elderly women. Who has seen a 67 -year -old mother!

However, the doctor told her certainly that they did not hear it wrong, and the hospital was not wrong. She was indeed pregnant.

This result made the old couple’s heart mixed in their hearts, and they were mixed.

Children who come by accident, give up, give up?This severe problem was in front of the old couple.

The hospital organized a seminar to discuss the pregnancy of Aunt Tian. Everyone agreed that even if they deliberately used the best drug to condition the body, they could not do it after more than ten years of menstruation.In the case of accident, Aunt Tian was able to conceive a child at the age of 67, which has to be said to be a rare medical miracle.

The arrival of this child is a miracle, an accident, a surprise, and a trouble.

Aunt Tian’s body has always been not healthy. She not only had a major illness of life several times, but also had hypertension and diabetes.Coupled with the 67 -year -old age, it is conceivable how much risks to adhere to the pregnancy and childbirth will be imagined.

Liu Chengwen, chief physician of Zaozhuang Maternal and Child Health Hospital, comprehensively made a "pregnancy risk screening evaluation" for Aunt Tian. The results show that if Aunt Tian insists on giving birth to this child, then she will face "the highest red in redrisk".

Moreover, this is not only a severe test for Aunt Tian, but also the same for the children in her belly.

Even if there is a doctor who is more experienced, he dare not pat the breast to ensure the safety and health of the mother and child.

Therefore, after careful consideration and analysis of the hospital, it was believed that Aunt Tian was best to give up the child and stop pregnancy.

However, Aunt Tian and his wife, Mr. Huang, decided to give birth to the child.

Mr. Huang said: "Children can come is the fate given by heaven. He is a small life. We don’t want to give up easily."

Aunt Tian also said: "I am a doctor who retired from the Maternal and Child Health Hospital. I have seen countless children who have been abandoned and induced for labor for many years. This is my turn.How difficult is it, I must give birth to the child! "

The couple made up their minds to give birth to the children, but their children expressed fierce opposition.

Aunt Tian and his wife, Mr. Huang, had a son and a daughter before. Both children were already middle -aged people in their 40s. Even their children were almost adult.

When I heard that my mother was pregnant, my son and daughter were stunned. Once the mother even gave birth to the child, the brothers and sisters blown up.

The daughter said angrily: "Mom, how old are you, at this time, do you have a child to suffer? When the child is born, you run around all day. You and my dad are almost 70 years old.Can you bring it? "

My son can’t understand the choice of your parents. "I don’t understand. You have children and daughters. The granddaughter is almost adult. At this time, why do you want this child? Are you afraid to make people laugh?"

Both sons and daughters think that parents make this decision is very irresponsible. The old couple are so older. At that time, the child was born. Didn’t they be raised by their siblings and their brothers and sisters?

Aunt Tian and Mr. Huang knew their children’s concerns and dissatisfaction, but they thought they could be responsible for this child.

Aunt Tian said: "Since I can raise their brothers and sisters, now I can still raise this child to grow up, and I will never bother their brothers and sisters."

Mr. Huang also said, "My wife and I have more than 10,000 pensions per month, and it is more than enough to raise this child."

Mr. Huang knew that his son and daughter were worried that the two of them died early, and it was a big trouble to skim the children in the world.

However, he believes that he will be able to live a long life and raise the child with an adult.

Mr. Huang said that he had been exercising since he was young, and his body was great.And he also has a long -lived gene. His father lived to 96 years old, his mother lived to 87 years old, and his grandmother lived to 96 years old.Even his eldest sister is almost 90 years old, and his body is still very good.

Based on these considerations, although the daughter said angrily, "If you dare to give birth, we immediately cut off the relationship."

Because of this, the son and daughter almost cut off the relationship with the old couple. During the preparation of the hospital in the hospital, Aunt Tian had never been to the two children.

Aunt Tian and his wife decided to give birth to children, and the hospital respected their choices.

In order to allow Aunt Tian to be able to produce smoothly, the hospital specially established a 24 -hour expert group for them to observe her situation at any time and strive for a problem to make the best and effective measures.

Under the careful care of the hospital, Aunt Tian’s belly became bigger day by day, and the child grew smoothly and raised his hands and feet. From time to time, he kicked his mother’s belly to say hello to the world.

In October 2019, Aunt Tian’s stomach was launched and was pushed into the operating room for cesarean section, and she gave birth to a little girl.

This miracle’s arrival child is very sensible. If he does not let his mother suffer much, he will come out smoothly. He declares his arrival to the world with a loud cry.

Holding this 6 -pound little guy, Aunt Tian and the couple were happy.They named the children, which means the gift given by heaven.

The birth of God seems to bring this family’s vitality. Mr. Huang is full of energy every day to serve Aunt Tian to confine, feeding diaper to Tianci, and can take the time to cook home for the granddaughter.Essence

People are busy, but they are very beautiful and happy.

The eldest daughter who was so angry with her parents, seeing the photos of the children sent by her parents, the heart was soft.Later, he became a pet girl madness, and bought clothes and shoes for younger sisters.

Since being found to be pregnant, the story of Aunt Tian has been reported by many media, which has aroused the attention and discussion of many people.

Not all of these sounds are friendly, and many people have questioned that Aunt Tian’s husband and wife are selfish and talk about them.

However, what happened to Aunt Tian and Mr. Huang’s husband and wife in this life, and they have not experienced it. They have been depressed and sad, but in the end everything has been seen.Growing up healthy land, then the suffering we have suffered before, the questioning and criticism of the question we have suffered. "

Today, it has been almost three years since the birth of Tianci, and Xiaotianci is more than two years old. At the beginning, she did not seem to have appeared.

Aunt Tian and Mr. Huang’s pension more than 10,000 per month provided Xiaotianci with a good material life.

In order to leave more money for her daughter, and to prevent her from becoming a burden on her brother and sister, Mr. Huang, who is a retired lawyer, also opened a law firm with a friend, and worked hard to earn a lot of growth funds for Xiaotian.

Before the child was born, everyone was worried that the old couple could not bring a strong child.But in fact, the couple have brought their children very well in the past three years.

Considering that his wife’s body is not so good, Mr. Huang is not willing to make her too tired, so Xiaotianci is almost a big hand.

When the child was young, Mr. Huang worked hard to feed her, changing diapers, washing, and sleeping.

After the child was a bit older, he hugged her to teach the lesson again, told her story, gave her hair, and cut her nails.

Now, Xiaotianci’s favorite is Dad. He stinky and asking for dad, and he also called Dad when he saw Xiao Butterfly.

Every day, Mr. Huang will carry the baby bottle and toys with a little heavenly gift, and takes her to play with other children in the community square.

In order to prevent him from making himself too much with other children’s parents, Aunt Tian dyed her hair and brighten her hair. She often put down her face and took the scriptures with other young mothers to learn the latest parenting methods.

At present, the Mr. Huang family often updates the daily growth of small heavenly gifts online.

At the beginning, the children who had to break the relationship with Aunt Tian have already gone down to understand the choice of their parents. In the videos, they often showed them with little gifts to play.

And the little heavenly, the child who accidentally came to the world is now just like the simplest wishes of her parents, and grew safely and healthily.

Every child is a gift from heaven.

When this child accidentally came to the belly of Aunt Tian, many people thought of trouble, burden, and suffering.

But the first to the first thing to think of this is a life that thinks of life, which is a life that should not be abandoned at will.

It is really better to choose a child when you are still young, but when the little angel comes at an unsuitable time, should she be given up?

Life is so valuable, can cherish the life of accidents, and fight hard to support the children in the dusk.

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