In addition to the delay in the holiday, there are five signs, which is the body telling you "pregnant"

Pregnant and having children is a special and unforgettable experience of every mother. It is like a glorious and great project, which carries the kindness and care of motherly love.Among them, one of the most memorable is the moment of determining pregnancy.If in addition to the delay in the holiday, there are five signs, the body is telling you "pregnant"!

1. Feeling fatigue and drowsiness

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to the increase in hormone secretion, pregnant women would feel tired and tired. They always felt that they could not rest, and they felt like they could fall asleep at any time.I do n’t think of it in the morning, I always want to sleep again, or I get sleepy for a few hours. Although the pregnant women at work can barely support it to get off work, they feel extremely tired.

2. Nausea, vomiting

In the TV series, as long as you see the female lead’s disgusting and vomiting, let the doctor always say "harm", that is, the meaning of pregnancy.Some nausea and vomiting start in the 5th week after pregnancy. Generally, there will be obvious symptoms in the 6th week. It continues to disappear around the 12th week, but some pregnant women are accompanied by vomiting throughout the pregnancy.Pregnancy often occurs in the morning and evening.

During pregnancy, pregnant women may have loss of appetite and weakness, leading to a decline in weight. In order to alleviate this discomfort, they can use a diet method with less meals and more meals. At the same time, avoid aggravating the condition due to emotional tension.

3. Breast pain and areola deep

In the early stages of pregnancy, due to increased hormone secretion, melanocytes were produced, causing the areola to deepen, the nipples became larger, and breast tenderness.This discomfort is generally improved significantly after 3 months of pregnancy.

4. The number of urination times becomes more

After pregnancy, on the one hand, the uterus is increasingly expanded, and the bladder is oppressed, causing frequent urination.On the other hand, blood circulation accelerates, and more liquids need to be discharged into the bladder after renal treatment, which will inevitably lead to more urinating times.

When the fetus is growing in the second trimester, the fetus will put greater pressure on the bladder of the pregnant woman, and the frequent urination may be more serious.

5. Increase leucorrhea

In the early pregnancy, some pregnant women will find that vaginal secretions are much more increased than usual, which is one of the symptoms of early pregnancy, so don’t worry.Now, you all know the symptoms of early pregnancy.

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