In addition to two bars, there are 7 symptoms to indicate that you are pregnant

We often see such a bridge in the TV series: After having a relationship with the male lead, the female lead was measured in the toilet in a few days.

After all, the TV series is a TV series, but when will the real life be considered "winning"?

October bacteria will answer you!

After the same room, if the sperm and egg are successfully combined, they will become fertilized eggs.The fertilized eggs will slowly move towards the uterine cavity in about 30 hours after fertilization.While moving, there will also be filaments and split into mulberry embryos.On the fourth day after fertilization, it has been split into bubbles.

Under normal circumstances, the 6th to 7th day after the fertilization, the bubbles will go to the uterus in bed, and after the bed is completed, it means that the embryo can begin to develop.

Because I didn’t feel it after winning the bid, most people wanted to confirm whether they were pregnant, and they would go online to search for the symptoms of pregnancy to compare themselves.However, there is an October fungus on the Internet. Today, October Fungus will tell you how to observe whether you are pregnant.

1. Delay of menstruation

Menstruation is actually the most obvious signal of pregnancy.If you have had the same room recently, and menstruation has been delayed for more than 10 days, you must pay attention.

2. Early pregnancy reaction

As we all know, always feel nauseous, it is likely to be pregnant.Most women start pregnancy in about one month after pregnancy. Of course, some lucky are not vomiting.For this kind of classmates, in October fungus can only say …

3. Increase urination

About 6 weeks after pregnancy, the amount of blood and other liquid in the body increased, so that more liquids need to be excreted.The method of excretion of liquid is to enter the bladder into urine after the kidney treatment.

4. Breast change

In the influence of progesterone, many women will have breast changes in about 5 weeks after pregnancy, such as increased nipples, deep areolas, and some of them have tingling, expansion and itching, and even a small amount of milk can be squeezed out.

5. Increased body temperature

Under normal circumstances, women’s body temperature will rise relatively after ovulation, but if the body temperature is higher than usual than usual, and there is no reduction, it should be pregnant.

6. Feeling tired

After pregnancy, the level of hormone in the body has changed, and some pregnancy hormones can make expectant mothers feel tired, weak, and lethargy.

7, sensitive to odor

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the body will increase rapidly, so expectant mothers will suddenly become very sensitive to the smell, and those things they usually like may smell uncomfortable.

Although you want to know if you are pregnant, you can observe your symptoms to judge first, but this accuracy is not easy to grasp, so in order to clarify whether you are pregnant, you still have to judge by checking.

The easiest test is the early pregnancy test strip. Usually, one bar shows that it is not in the middle, and the two bars are in the middle.However, early pregnancy test strips are to detect human endocrone with chorionic gonadotropin after pregnancy. When the number of hormones reaches a certain level, it can be detected, that is, the weak positive can be measured after about 3 days delayed menstruation.

About 10 days after fertilization, you can go to the hospital for blood examination, and determine whether you are pregnant through the level of puffed gonad hormone levels in the body.

If the menstrual rules can go to the hospital for a B -ultrasound when the menstruation is discontinued for about 40 days.Generally, you can see the gestational sac at 6 weeks of pregnancy.About 7 weeks of pregnancy, you can see the fetal buds, and even the fetal heart beating.

October fungus said: If there are severe abdominal pain or abnormal bleeding after the same room, we must pay attention to it. This may be a manifestation of abortion or abnormal pregnancy!

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