In order to sneak ligation for contraceptive husband, his wife was pregnant after 1 year. Netizens: Did you wear a green hat?

After giving birth to a child, how to contraception has become a matter of tangling couples.If you take medicine, you are not friendly to women.If you use the "little umbrella", you feel that it will affect the feeling.

Mr. Zhang also thought so. After having two children with his wife, he was not ready to ask again.I don’t want my wife to perform ligation surgery, because there are already hard -working having children.

After finishing the operation, I was a bit uncomfortable at first, but I felt that there was no problem.However, after one year, his wife became pregnant again.Hearing the news of his wife’s pregnancy, Mr. Zhang was dumbfounded.Because I have ligated, how can my wife be pregnant.

So he told his wife about his ligation, but his wife stated that he was his child.Mr. Zhang told his distress on the Internet, and netizens said: "

Actually, this is not the case.

Mr. Zhang was also very distressed, but he was unwilling to doubt his wife, so he went to the hospital for surgery for examination.The test results show that sperm occurs, and there is a possibility of pregnancy.

Later, the doctor informed that whether it was a male ligation surgery or a female ligation surgery, they could not achieve 100%contraception, but just minimized the possibility.

Men’s ligation is the safest and smallest and smallest way to harm so far.And the wound of surgery is relatively small. Except for the pain of the early hemp medicine, there is almost no other reaction.

And women, because the fallopian tubes are deep in the body, surgery will be troublesome.It is easy to cause infection in the later period.The resumption rate is also very small. Women are ligated. It is difficult to get pregnant again.If it is a breeding ring, many women’s birth rings grow into the meat, and they suffer when they are taken out.

Therefore, compared to women’s ligation, men’s ligation is more advantageous.

Many men do not want to do this small surgery, they just feel that they have done surgery, they will change their mothers, or affect their own abilities.It even said that it can have back pain, tired body, powerlessness, etc.

But it does not, because surgery does not affect the secretion ofrogens.Arogen is still secreted, sperm is still produced, but in a special way, they intercept them halfway.A few days will be absorbed or excreted by the body.

Moreover, the room for regret is relatively large. The probability of resumed surgery is about 85%, and it will completely return to normal within 3-6 months.There is no shame, but it will make people feel that it is a good man who hurts his wife, and even more men

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