In person, I personally fulfill her wish for Baoma during the third pregnancy.

Take a bracelet for pregnant women.

It is confirmed again that you are sure that you are the person you want to take. You can see that you ca n’t come out, and then you can only put the size of my fingers, complete the fan’s wishes, and take a bracelet for the pregnant woman.This younger sister received a jadeite bracelet here. Now she is pregnant. She is afraid that she can’t take it after puffiness. She wants Siyi to take her.The fans want me to see it, I will help you take it.She had arrived at the door of her house, and came to the door to take her bracelet. The toolman was already in place, let’s go.

Brother Sheng, Brother Wang, Sheng, the sister -in -law I saw that we had seen it once in Yunnan before, right?Yes, 2 years ago, yes right, yes.Unexpectedly, you look at Xiaobao, so cute.Xiaobao is better than a ghost.When they had two Xiaobao, they said that they should not be a third Xiaobao. I did not expect that God had cared for and had the third little treasure.This time I will give birth to the third Xiaobao, do you want to take a bracelet?

Yes, just want to take it quickly.This is really difficult to take. It is relatively tight now. I remember that the sister -in -law was so soft at that time. She could be less than 52, or a bracelet of 51. Do you know how small this bracelet is?My hand is so big, her bracelet is only one small, about 52, yes, very small.

At that time, I found a lot in the warehouse, and then found a circle of mouth. It was more suitable for sister -in -law. At that time, the sister -in -law was really thinner than now.As soon as the size of the finger, please ask you.But you have your body now, I am a little worried, right, will this take it?Xunzi, you are now a few months and have been 8 months old, so now you have to take it quickly.Then let me try first, and try my thoughts.

If you ca n’t take it, take a look, because the month is relatively big now, call me?Xiaobao?Do you want a mother to take a bracelet?this?Do you want?Mom takes a bracelet, but the mother’s stomach can hurt and still take it slowly.Don’t shake her head and shake her head, because she is afraid of her mother’s pain.It is confirmed again that you are sure to take it.

It is really like you said because of your body. It is a bit swollen.

You used to wear 5152 without any problems, but now it is tightly stuck at the top 5455.It’s really a good time to take it now.Then we start.

Sister Wang is warm water. If you’re okay, I can just pinch you slightly.Do you sit so well?

Ok, Ok.

Has the mother’s hand be smaller?Then I will work hard, I dare not watch.

Don’t be afraid, just be right right away, you are afraid that your mother will be very painful.We watched the mother this can be removed. The baby couldn’t cry beside him. You see the mother’s distress, you hurt my mother, or if you can’t get it, even if you can’t get it?Because Brother Sheng also told me that if I couldn’t get it, I would directly smash it, otherwise I am afraid that you can accept it now.I will make this strength greatly.

Then try again. Would you like to go out of Sheng Brother?Just knock on her, and then collect it later.You are still determined by you to make your sister -in -law, I listen to you.

Try it again, but if you want to try it again, you still don’t want to be right.What about the bracelet given to you by Sheng?You can bear it this time, and it will be a little bit a little bit. After the first bone festival, it will hurt a little, and it will be much better when the second bone festival.Just like our children are almost fast now, and finally got it. Doesn’t it hurt?Well, it’s okay, the baby comes out, come out, you see Xiaobao crying and helping his mother blow his hands.

Mom is so painful, you see how small this bracelet is, I can’t even let these fingers be put, just a small bracelet.Although it is quite tired to take the bracelet, you have a baby here, there are 2 babies next to it.There is also a husband who loves you, give you one dedication to you.It’s really envious of others, blessing is great!

Thank you Sister Siyi, thanks for your mother’s bracelet for your mother.Sister Siyi, you can pick up this bracelet, can I still wear this bracelet?It may be swollen after giving birth, but the wound bracelet is not necessarily suitable for you to wear. At that time, if you really need to wear this bracelet, you come to me, no problem I will let you wear it.Okay, thank you, please rest early, then I’ll go first.Thank you Si Yi.Thank you Si Yi.

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