In the early morning of yesterday, I received a text message. The content of the text message was: I conceive your husband’s child

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The letter from netizens said:

I am 32 years old and have been married to my husband for 7 years.In my cognition, my husband and I have been okay in these years.Unfortunately, I got up this morning, I had such a text message in my mobile phone: I was pregnant with your husband’s child.The time for sending a text message was yesterday at 2.43 am yesterday.Naturally, I had no mood to go to work, so I asked the unit for leave temporarily.Then start with the husband’s theory.In this case, my husband can only realize all his experiences and lover’s experiences: they know the dinner organized by friends; the other family is in the countryside, and currently work in our living cities.Young and beautiful, the key is to be particularly open.In this case, the husband took the initiative to provoke the other party and developed into a lover relationship with the other party.In the husband’s cognition, the other party is a girl with a casual private life (before the other party becomes a husband lover, he has a relationship with other married men). Therefore, the husband is in this, a few days ago, the girl told her husband that she was pregnant.Husband’s instinct response asked the other party to deal with the child, and the husband even doubted whether the child was a husband’s species.However, the girl was unwilling to deal with the child.As a result, the husband proposed to break up and no longer have any form of meeting with the other party.In this case, the woman may be a little hysterical, so she sent me a message.I wondered why the woman had my contact information.The husband’s explanation of this: Perhaps when the husband didn’t pay attention, he obtained my contact information from the husband’s mobile phone.

At this point, my husband confessed to me while confessed to me: 1) If you can forgive me, it will be better. If you insist on divorcing me, I am willing to clean upAfter leaving home, I am a faulty party; 2) Whether you want me or not, I will not be implicated with my lover anymore. At best, when she agrees to abortion, I give her some money.In fact, I also murmured whether I want to divorce, because I still love my husband and do not want to let our children grow in the divorce family of my parents.Want to ask, what kind of different reference do you have for this?

Emotional Analysis of Muzi Li:

Some girls in their twenties will always meet, sleeping in a dark every day, and there is no class, but there will be men who take the initiative to provoke them.These men who provoke them will not spend too much money on them, but it is still possible to maintain their rent and basic living expenses.In this case, these girls will feel that such a life is good.And feel that when he is crazy enough, find a honest man to get married and have children, and live a normal life.However, these girls ignored a problem: habit became nature.It means that this kind of delicious laziness and use of youth in exchange for living expenses will become a habit when they are a little older, so that they will dress up as much as possible through dressing.Although it is said that contemporary people often do not care about some things around them, but it does not mean that everyone will not judge the people around them in their hearts.If these women are going to marry one day, they are their own relatives and friends, and they will definitely give reminders: how unpredictable this woman was.So that these women will restrict their choices when they want to marry.

Your husband’s description of his lover is all true: the other party is a frivolous woman. Before dating your husband, he has done a primary three for other married men, and even doubt whether the child she is pregnant now has the child who is pregnant with your husband.blood relation.Do you think your husband has judged her like this. What will she exist in your husband’s heart?So that some women, because of their own frivolous, only give men as lover. As for wanting to turn right and dream, let’s dream.As your husband said, even if you insist on divorcing your husband, your husband will not consider marrying a young woman who is young, but a more frivolous woman.

Why did that girl take the initiative to send you a message and frank her pregnancy?Isn’t it hysteria in your husband’s unwillingness to care about her?Her original intention was to anger you and let you and your husband divorce.Because she feels that only after you divorce your husband, she will strive for the possibility of being with your husband by virtue of her child’s encouragement.If you do not divorce with your husband, then there will be no possibility that she will have a marriage with your husband.It’s just that she is a bit too much to look at herself: as everyone knows, even if you divorce with your husband, your husband will not have the idea of marrying her.On the contrary, because of her existence, your husband and your marriage disintegrate, making your husband increase his hatred for her.Therefore, if you want to remind those frivolous women, since you interpret your life into a frivolous, don’t expect men to give you respect.Now that he lives as a more casual woman in the eyes of others, why do you have to remember the beauty of Xiao San?

Next, let’s talk about the direction of your marriage: Your husband derailed itself, which has caused damage to you. Therefore, can you forgive you that your husband and you want to forgive you your husband needs to be treated differently.In the current situation, you also said that you actually love your husband and do not want to let your child grow up in a divorced family, and if you insist on divorce, your husband is willing to go out of the house.In this way, the most secure way in the current situation is to divorce your husband at home.In this case, you need to consider two things: Can you really forgive it? After all, some women are just to win in the battle with Primary Three.After winning, I suddenly had the idea of divorce.To this end, you need to control the initiative in your hands.If you want to forgive but it is difficult to forgive, you can let your husband get out at any time; you can also see your husband’s specific performance in the future life in the state of divorce. If your husband can guarantee marriage in the future lifeLoyalty, re -getting a marriage certificate is also a simpler thing.Therefore, I tend to do it: I will do the divorce procedures first, but live with your husband.As for what will happen in the future, it is a future.At least, you should have a sense of crisis, and it is also a punishment for his derailment.

Muzi Li Life feels:

In life, there are too many men who do not have the ability to divorce at all, but like to use derailment to challenge the bottom line of women.The point is that once a woman really chose to divorce during the post -derailment period, the man was dumbfounded.What I want to say is that in a relationship, derailment is the greatest to women.Even if it was finally forgive because of many of the marriage, the process of healing was a more torment.Therefore, remind men: If you do n’t have the idea of divorce, do n’t make harm to your husband and wife.

If it is not because the husband and wife are different, or the two people feel aggrieved together, but because the extramarital affairs are caused by divorce, then the divorce situation must be double losses.Divorce caused by the post -derailment period: one unwilling, the other regrets.The point is, after the divorce, can I really find the relative person to reorganize the marriage?Therefore, in marriage, everyone must maintain a high degree of self -control in a relatively comfortable state of marriage to ensure the integrity of marriage.

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