In the early pregnancy, can the child be born healthily without knowing it?

In the early pregnancy, can the child be born healthily without knowing it?I have a cold during pregnancy. Do you buy some commonly used medicine for yourself?Or blindly refuse to take medicine?Understanding the impact of drugs on embryos and understanding the safety of drug safety during pregnancy is the key to solving problems.

"Doctor, I am pregnant, but I don’t know. Before I was pregnant, I just took a cold medicine, can this child want it?"

"I have hyperthyroidism, now I am pregnant, do I need to stop the medicine?"

These problems are often asked by obstetricians and gynecologists, and they are also the most concerned on pregnant mothers.

Refers to the effect of drugs on the embryo within 2 weeks from the beginning of fertilization, or the child’s abortion is directly caused by the child, or there is no impact on the child.Fertilization usually occurs in the middle of menstruation. If the menstruation is 28 days once, then the full or no effect is about the time point within one month of menstruation.If you take medicine without knowing pregnancy, you don’t have to be too nervous. If the child continues to grow and develop, there is no problem if there is no natural elimination.

Here are a patient case:

"A pregnant mother was irregularly menstrual. When she was discontinued 40 days, she was pregnant. At about 35 days, she took the fuzen fixed tablet to treat the urinary system infection and asked if I could want this child.First use ultrasonic examination to determine the gestational week. If the actual gestational week is less than 4 weeks (we calculate the gestational week from the last menstrual period), the embryo will be fine;On the week, we need to query the category of pregnancy -oriented pregnancy. According to domestic information, no FDA pregnancy classification is found in the domestic information.The English name Nitrofurantoin retrieved in Google. The found result was PregnancyCat. It was not for the embryo for 2 weeks. The use of Class B drugs was safe throughout the pregnancy. "

After 2 weeks of fertilization, whether drugs have an impact on children, we need to understand the category of drug pregnancy during the pregnancy of the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA).To explain whether a drug affects embryos, it is necessary to see its results in animal tests and human research.FDA divides all drugs into class A, B, C, D, X, and decreases step by step.

Almost any drug can be retrieved to its FDA category. Knowing its classification, we know how big the impact of this drug on embryo.

In the same way, there are some patients with complications before pregnancy, such as hyperthyroidism, do you need to continue medication during pregnancy?Let’s check the propymioline (commonly known as the propylene), which is a Class D drug, which is a potential risk for the fetus, but if the hyperthyroidism is not controlled, the impact of hyperthyroidism on the mother and the child will exceed the effect of the drug on the child on the child.At this time, it is necessary to consider continuing medication during pregnancy to control hyperthyroidism. Unless hyperthyroidism has been controlled, the internal medicine doctors suggest that the drug can be stopped to observe.Of course, the situation of pregnancy is more complicated. Some patients’ condition will increase during pregnancy, and some will be relieved. Therefore, patients with complications during pregnancy often require multi -department joint management and decision -making medication.These principles are also applicable to common diseases such as colds.

Traditional Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine does not have strictly designed clinical trial results. Therefore, the impact on the embryo cannot be evaluated with the classification standards of the FDA, which is a lack of item.You need to check the drug manual carefully, or consult a Chinese medicine doctor to get help.

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