In the early stages of pregnancy, these 4 types of "nourishment" should be eaten, and they are good for themselves and fetuses.

After every female friend finds that after she is pregnant, I am afraid that in addition to being happy to have a small life connected to her own blood, I am afraid that they will worry about it.In the first three months, I don’t know how to settle the fetus, what should I eat, what to pay attention to, and how to make the baby baby grow up healthy.In fact, in addition to paying more attention to pregnancy, pregnant women should also pay special attention to eating some foods that help the baby’s development in the appropriate time period.In the early stages of pregnancy, if pregnant women eat these 4 types of foods, they have a good development of the fetus.Especially in the last one, it is really important.

1. Protein

In the early stages of pregnancy, it is the critical period of differentiation of embryo. Pregnant women must ensure that sufficient protein intake.Pregnant women can choose to eat pork, beef, fish, or soy products, fungi food, etc. according to their usual preferences.It should be noted that the diet during pregnancy should be as light as possible, especially for pregnant women with a pregnancy reaction. If the diet is too greasy, it is not conducive to digestion, and it may increase the pregnancy reaction.

2. Rough grain

In the usual life, most of them are eaten with white noodles, but these delicately processed foods have lost a lot of nutrients.Pregnant women should eat some coarse grains in the early stages of pregnancy, such as corn, oats, soy beans, mung beans, and so on.These coarse grains are rich in dietary fiber, which can improve the immunity of pregnant women.And for pregnant women with constipation, eating coarse food can also relieve constipation.However, pregnant women should pay attention, it is best not to eat barley, because barley is cold. If pregnant women eat too much, the body will be cold, which is not conducive to the health of pregnant women and fetuses.

3. Fruit

To say that pregnant women supplement nutrition, it is naturally indispensable.Fruits are rich in vitamins, which is an indispensable nutrition for fetal development.In addition, fruits in the early stages of pregnancy can also alleviate the pregnancy reaction.Fruits suitable for early pregnancy include apples, pears, grapes, cherries, etc., but pregnant women should not be greedy, just appropriate amount.In addition, pregnant women should not eat fruit as rice, and they have to eat more.

4. Folic acid

Many people know that pregnant women should supplement folic acid, which is an indispensable nutritional element for fetal health.However, the human body cannot synthesize folic acid and needs to be supplemented from the outside world.Some folic acid -rich foods, such as broccoli, kiwi, animal liver, etc., can eat more appropriately.

5. Walnut

Pregnant mothers need to eat more walnuts in the early stages of pregnancy. The elderly often say that eating walnuts to replenish the brain is still very reasonable, because walnuts are very rich in protein, there are various vitamins, and nutrients that are particularly good for brain development.Elements, the first three months of pregnancy are also a critical period for baby’s gene development. Eating more walnuts can more stimulate the vitality of the brain nerve.

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