In the fallopian tube accumulation, she gave up test tubes, but obtained "good pregnancy" with a Chinese medicine like a dose of Chinese medicine

Once the fallopian tubes have problems, such as inflammation, water accumulation, obstruction, etc., the egg sister meets the sperm brother "breaks".If you want to conceive normally, a "difficult" word, everyone often thinks of IVF babies.

This is because the fallopian tubes are hidden in the pelvic cavity, not only fragile, but also as thin as hair, and they cannot bear a little "failure".

If inflammation, water accumulation, and blockage occur, it will directly affect normal pregnancy pictures. Source: Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital

On the occasion of New Year’s Eve in 2021, Ms. Guo, who had no fruit for many years due to the water accumulation of fallopian tubes, wanted to have a test tube to realize the "fertility dream", but she gave up test tube because of a chance.I actually got pregnant. After more than 70 days of preservation, I went to the obstetrics after more than 70 days, and the whole family was happy.

Ms. Guo has cured for many years infertility, which has attracted the surrounding patients to come forward to find out.

The "birth death penalty" is sentenced to a test tube, and Chinese medicine aid is reversed and welcomed "good pregnancy"

Ms. Guo, who lives in Muyun Town, is from Xiangyin, Yueyang.After marriage, he failed to get pregnant. With the urging of the family, Ms. Guo was in a mood to check on the hospital, and even found that "the tubal umbrella end water" was found: one side of the fallopian tube was not connected, and the other side of the fallopian tube was not smooth.

Vampire infertility!Faced with this cold -ice diagnosis, Ms. Guo was shocked!

"This situation is difficult to conceive!" At that time, the doctor made Ms. Guo even more desperate. "It is better to prepare 100,000 yuan to do test tubes directly. This should be the fastest way to solve your fertility …"

It is too difficult for Ms. Guo and wife who is fighting for her career!Since then, the two husbands and wives have embarked on the road of long begging, and have asked many doctors in Yueyang and Changsha, and they recommend test tubes.A Xiangya expert also said that either laparoscopic surgery dredge the fallopian tubes, but the recovery was slow and the risk of recurrence was high. The chance of conceived was small.

In June last year, Ms. Guo, who was preparing for 100,000 yuan, was preparing to accept test tubes. She coincided with Dr. Zhou Wei, a Chinese medicine infertility expert.

This Dr. Zhou Wei is the pro -disciple of Professor You Zhaoling, a well -known Chinese medicine medicine infertility expert, and has won the true biography of the teacher in the field of traditional Chinese medicine."The youngest Guanyin Guanyin".

Ms. Guo, who was pregnant, couldn’t help taking out the photo of the baby’s baby to take a photo with Dr. Zhou Wei

Facing Ms. Guo’s condition, Dr. Zhou Wei also recognized either surgery or test tube.However, Ms. Guo was unwilling to perform surgery, and IVT tube was under financial pressure.

"Anyway, I will do my best to help you." Dr. Zhou Wei comforted his heart warmly.

After understanding the condition and consulting the medical records, Director Zhou Wei jointly used the ultrasonic expert to dynamically observe, evaluate, and compare it with ultrasound technology.The fallopian tubes have not been completely blocked, and they may improve and conceive, and these are also ignored by past doctors.

"Suddenly there was a hint of hope, then I was really happy." Looking back at the beginning, Ms. Guo was still excited.

Dr. Zhou Wei comprehensively regulates the overall internal and external maintenance methods of traditional Chinese medicine and formulate personalized treatment plan.Based on the menstrual cycle, the internal administration of traditional Chinese medicine is selected, and the whole body regulation and ovulation treatment are performed at the same time, combined with rectal Chinese medicine retaining enema therapy, three worm dispersal umbilical therapy, abdominal traditional Chinese medicine packaging method, etc.The distance, fast effect reaching the pelvic cavity, eliminating inflammation, water accumulation and other diseases, enhancing pelvic cavity and fallopian tubes, improving the reproductive environment of the pelvic cavity, greatly exerting the effect of traditional Chinese medicine, and reducing the gastrointestinal response of the drug.

After less than four months of comprehensive treatment, Ms. Guo was surprised to conceive and was called "miracle" by relatives and friends!

Ms. Guo, who has passed the fetus during the fetus, did not forget the nobles in her life. She especially brought the flag and chocolate to Hunan Women’s and Children’s Hospital for helping her medical staff.

After Ms. Guo learned that she was pregnant, WeChat reported to Dr. Zhou Wei

How much does the fallopian tube accumulate on the "pregnancy"?

In the infertility clinic, infertility is common due to fallopian tube problems. There are inflammation or adhesion for fallopian tubes, and fallopian tubes, and fallopian tubes.If the fallopian tube is not connected or adhesive, it is generally recommended to do laparoscopic surgery or IVF.

However, fallopian tube accumulation is a pathological change as a fallopian tube. The accumulation of liquid in the lumen is relatively complicated. It often uses the following channels to reduce the probability of normal conception:

First, the effusion returns to the uterine cavity, which indirectly causes the uterine effusion, affecting the embryo bed;

Second, the inflammatory factors in the effusion will have toxic effects on sperm or embryo;

The third is the endometrium tolerance damage, which means that the embryo is not easy to bed.

In this regard, Dr. Zhou Wei, a traditional Chinese medicine infertility expert, emphasized that once the fallopian tubes have accumulated water, natural pregnancy will be greatly affected.Nursery women with fertility needs must be treated seriously and treated in a timely manner.Usually, you can pay more attention to your physical changes, such as notice the pain in the lower abdomen, the pain of the lumbosacral region, the pain of sexual intercourse, the increase in vaginal secretions, and a large amount of water -like leucorrhea.Check the examination.

Ms. Guo sent the flag to the ultrasound department to express the gratitude to Director Yang Xia

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