In the past century, the beautiful girl was exposed to extramarital affairs. As a wife, her image was completely destroyed.

The recent entertainment industry is not small.

The gossip is also fast.

This one is particularly intriguing.

The collapse of the house is a word of scolding, but she seems to be difficult to evaluate.

Not only because of the filter of the times, but also because of her own Japanese drama -style complicated and vague:


Known as "the last beautiful girl in the twentieth century in Japan", Hiroshi Liangzi.

As a wife, she was scorching the famous chef.

Then he announced the stop of performing arts.

The follow -up of this incident was that the husband of Liangzi, Hiroshi, urgently developed the conference and apologized to the public with tens of thousands of words.

The focus is:

1. Breaking the news of Hiroshi Liangzi derailment

2. Don’t want to divorce

3. I am a candle artist, please take care of it (business)

The off -site media followed up and replenished the knife. The news broke the news that the man with his wife’s surname Hiroshimo had been in contact with the object of derailment of Hiroshi Hiroshiko several times.

SIR has put the progress bar here and won’t go into details.

Today I want to talk about this Japanese drama girl, a derailed woman, and an "lost" artist:

And none of these can define her identity.


Artist’s wife

How hot is the Hirosan -Mid -Mid -Mid -Mid -Mid -Mid -Midward Ryoko?

In the 1990s, Japan even had a term called "Guang Mo Tide".

The human figure on the outside will be stolen by the fans; the TV is all her advertisements and dramas.

In the year of the suspense movie "Secret", Hiroshi Liangzi was only 18 years old.

The author Higashino Keigo was shocked to heaven for the first time:

"Miss Liangzi, summarize in one sentence, it’s really beautiful."

△ "Secret" stills

In the next decades of acting career.

The image of Ryoko in the end of Hiroshi is basically determined by the label of "beauty".

Pure desire, vitality, gentle:

Nothing is in line with film and television works on the biggest convention of Japanese women.

In 2008, "Entering the Division" directed by Takada Yaki should be regarded as the most high -light in the highlight of Liangzi in the end of Hiroshiko.

The film will incorporate the Oscar’s Best Foreign Language Film Award, and as the heroine, she also likes the best actress of the Golden Awards of the Japanese Film Film.

You know at this time, she did three ruthless things of "disconnection":

Delivery from Waseda University.

The fans who have been with the fans who have accompanied for 11 years personally.


These three are controversial on the stars, but Hiroshi Liangzi was not hit at all.


The screen image became her amulet.

In "Entering the Master", she is completely in line with the traditional women who have forbearance and give up everything for her husband.

Her husband’s orchestra was dissolved and unemployed. Without complaints, she retreated to the apartment rented in the big city and accompanied him to move back to the old house in the countryside.

The husband was a division.

For the first time, she was disgusted and scared.

But in the end she also understood her husband and comforted him gently.

The public hopes that Hiroshi Liangzi is a good wife, and she has done it in the movie!

Thinking about it is also a delicate irony.

Drama and real life often teased life.

In the late Liangzi of 2023, her husband Hiroshimo is also a artist, who is a candle.

There are some colorful and expensive colorful candles on the official website of the studio.

But her husband’s character is not as reliable as the cello player in the movie.

After his wife’s scandal was exposed, Guangxunshun held a press conference to seek understanding and forgive his wife from the public.

But I do n’t know if it ’s intentional or unintentional, and exposed many details of the wife’ s do not do so:

For example, although the Hiroshi Ryoko supports her family, she still does it;

For example, her husband often dislikes her not dressing up, "no femininity";

For another example, after Hiroshi Liangzi worked for one day and housework, he had to get up early to make a bento for his family.

The husband even complained to her:

"Even if you are in charge of your child’s school, you should spray perfume as a woman."

One more detail is.

At the press conference, Guang Mo Shun even used the word "Leopard Change" (Japanese original).

What does leopard change mean?

Here is a suggestion that the other party has been derailed many times.

Strange phenomena happened.

Under the news of the launch conference at the end of Guangxun, the Japanese people’s messages were almost encouraged by refueling.

In the country, netizens gave Geng Liangzi more sympathy.

On the one hand, there is a complex that has been shined by the filter of Japanese dramas that year, and on the other hand, it also shows that the awareness of women in domestic mainstream society has a clear rise.

Some female netizens are mourning: Who can also make up for overtime, bring baby (including husbands), and do housework. It is content to be able to died smoothly.

Some people question: Is a breakfast bento so important for Japanese women?

Maybe there are.

It is the most decent endorsement of Japanese housewives, and it is also a brick that is pressed on the heart. The bento is not rich in nutrition and has no clever design sense, which means that you are unsuccessful for your wife and mother.Bleak

Ah …

Therefore, it is not difficult to understand, and the bento has become the brick in the apology letter in the apology letter.Bleak

As an artist’s wife, you should not only get up early to make lunch, but also make makeup beautifully.

Just like the most standard Japanese drama scene.


Housewife’s secret

The 2014 magic drama "Day Yan" tells the daily derailment of the two housewives.

Someone asked them why they were derailed?

The answer given in the play is:

Marriage is to change stability with passion

Three years after marriage, my husband regarded his wife as a refrigerator

No matter when you open the door, you have food

It will be inconvenient to break, but it will not be maintained

But you are in love outside

Husband at home will be very tolerant

I can still wash his underwear very well

The family will be very happy

"Day Yan" rarely puts the perspective on the psychological transformation of women.

It’s like the play.

Housewives are not satisfied with being regarded by her husband as "a tool person with a wife and mother."

Only by derailment can she find a little happiness of being a woman.

Even if it is only for a moment, the other party is eager to

Fifteen years that you can only get answers to answering answers every day

It’s a hundred times better

This is the secret of the housewife and the secret of Hiroshi Liangzi.

As early as the first marriage began, Hiroshi Ryoko had been interviewed, saying that he had a deliberate pregnancy before his marriage.

The purpose is to break the stereotype.

Later, he said that he would not have an autobiography, and did not want to link his private life and acting. I hope everyone will look at the works instead of paying attention to their own lives.

You may understand when you see this.

From the beginning, Guangxi didn’t want to be a good girl for a lifetime.

In line with the tradition of Japanese women, playing their own role, getting married and having children, looking at the head at a glance.

However, her change is not as simple as "jade girl" to "desire girl".

Year 2014.

Hiroshi Liangzi filmed a drama, "Virgin".

Some of these lines seem to be similar to her current situation.

for example.

Why do Japanese husbands always ask their wives to do housework?

Answer: Because they choose a way of life that makes them happier.

Question: Why has she married a female star and hopes that she can maintain beauty at home.

But in front of the public, it broke through her unbearable life, and was blame outside?


Men are really strange

Tell a woman, you have to be dazzling

Sometimes you worship you as a goddess

Wait until the woman is slightly eye -catching

But then panicked and pushed her down

(Because) a smile like their subsidiaries

It’s a man like

Based on the love letter of Hiroshi Liangzi and the third party, the relationship with her husband’s sword is tense.

Question: Why is a relationship that needs to be careful, which is easier than legal marriage?

When you come here, the answer is just out:

Because love this kind of thing is itself obsessed and desire.

Compared to a relationship that needs to be deliberately operated, the emotions that do not need to be carved are more fascinating.

It is not necessarily lofty, but it is the most direct pursuit and thought of everyone’s heart.

Derailment, for female stars in East Asian society, is almost the destruction of occupations.

However, Hiroshi Liangzi once again "rebellious", and the glorious flowers of the flowers may be the burden that could not be thrown away.

Today’s choice is just the true trueness of human nature, the obsession of women, and after picking all the labels, a person’s most simple desire.

It’s just that we all know.

If you want to live the self -denied self, even if you are sincere, you will eventually pay the price.


Alternative Japanese drama

After the press conference, Hiroshi Ryoko announced the withdrawal from the performing arts circle indefinitely.

Since then, her 28 years of acting career will come to an end.

From his debut to the present, the life of Hiroshi Ryoko is like a roller coaster in the cloud.

Between the ups and downs, it is full of the danger of the secular neck to capture, and the stimulus of self -knowledge.

You can say that she is derailed.

But what you can’t deny is her life, just like the expansion of a certain type of Japanese drama in reality.

The brain hole and scale that surprised us always reflect the most vivid point of the character.

Beginning with the tranquility, incredible.

△ "The Pregnancy of Kentaro Kentaro", "Unpleasant Fruit", "The Love of the Sage"

Compared with the uniform domestic dramas, those models of suspended models.

This type of Japanese drama can always tell you that people are not a single symbol or label.

People always have a variety of, five -colored cut surface.

Compared to creating a perfect role for the audience, it is more important to reflect the arc light of human nature in the character.

: Even if these are not "optimal solutions" under secular standards.

For example, young women who are working hard in the metropolis decide to resign and start their low desire.

In some people’s opinion, proper "self -destructive futures".

△ "The New Life of 新"

For example, a small town girl who was originally sweet with her boyfriend.

Because of longing for better material conditions, choose to leave your lover and become a rich man.

Even if it is "low" and "obscene", she failed to stop her from standing in the metropolis.

△ "Tokyo Women’s Book"

Not to mention those who are always out of the frame.

Always do some shocking moves, and you don’t know why, but they always have reason to be happy.

△ "I’m better in the next life"

to be honest.

Regardless of the edge and niche character, you can find the possibility of its attachment in Japanese dramas.

No matter how weird, how abnormal.

There are always the environment that can be tolerant, and it has become a part of these marginal people and niche groups.

Insert, the domestic dramas compared with the model rooms are consistent with the values.

It is consistently engraved and aged consistently, and it is also suffocating, suggesting that the most "reliable" woman in the public sight can only be like this.

Speaking of the derailed Guangxiang Liangzi.

She was originally the most insignificant corner of this "human nature".

Unwilling to follow a standard road, unwilling to say compromise.

And after all, risks and costs that adults should be responsible.

She crossed the morality, the rules, and the perfect image built by her first half of her life.

From this perspective, it’s just her?

It’s not just the protagonist of film and television dramas, but to become the protagonist of your own life.

Even if he is sinful.

But trying to break away from the shell of the "good woman" model, the denying of other people’s barbarous growth, and unwilling stories and future.

From a certain perspective, the spirit of alternative Japanese dramas is truly implemented in life:

Live freely and reconcile with yourself.

Sir once saw this sentence in an article by an American psychology expert:

As an adult, the whole life is full of opportunities to choose and decide.After accepting this fact, you will become a free person; if you can’t accept this fact, you will always feel that he is a victim.

When the late Guangzi and countless East Asian women really make choices under their own drive, the sense of freedom they get, even a little bit, is precious.

Not only women, but all modern people are like this.

As long as you can make a choice, you can check it yourself.

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