In the past few days after "menstruation", it is easy to "concert". If you don’t want a baby, please avoid

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Xiao Yao is only 32 years old, but she is already a mother of 3 children. She was pregnant with her fourth child again in March this year. This is really worse for the whole family.Thinking about it, I finally decided to let Xiao Yao flow. Xiao Yao is a woman with a normal weight, a regular manner, and a good habit of living, which is often called "easy to get pregnant."

The husband and wife did not learn any physiological lessons, and they were ignorant about contraception. They thought that after menstruation had just left, there would be no problems.

After all, Xiao Yao was the second time after her third child, so the couple began to avoid their hearts.So, what are some related knowledge about ovulation and safety?

Doctors answered: The dangerous period and safety period are corresponding statements, also known as the ovulation period.In terms of menstruation, it is a cycle and one cycle, as is the ovulation period.Women will excrete their eggs every month for a period of time. This period is also a dangerous period. Generally, on the seventh day after menstruation to the first fourteen days of menstruation next month, it lasts about 7-10 days.

The formation of fertilized eggs cannot lack eggs and sperm, so this time is a good time for women.If the same room is in the same time, the "winning rate" is extremely high, but it is also different from person to person, because the physical fitness of each woman will cause different signs of ovulation.

Men’s sperm will survive in women’s body for about 3 days. During this period of time, women with normal menstrual periods are relatively normal. The probability of pregnancy after the same room is relatively high.

Doctors answered: There will be a safe period in the danger period, which refers to the time period except ovulation and menstrual period. Of course, the safety and danger period are very close, and we must pay attention to distinguish.During this period, women’s eggs are still developing, and they have not reached a stage of maturity, so even if the same room is in the same room, it will not be combined with sperm because the eggs are not mature enough. The chance of pregnancy is very low.

It can be seen that the ovulation and safety period is calculated based on the date, which is inaccurate.Women who prepare for pregnancy or do not want children must learn to judge based on physical signs, which are generally manifested in these three aspects.

1. White with elasticity, transparent texture and increase in texture

The leucorrhea plays a very important role in women’s gynecology. It is called a "barometer" of women. The state of the leucorrhea directly feeds on whether women have inflammation.At the same time, leucorrhea will also intuitively show the time of the female ovulation period. If the leucorrhea becomes elastic, transparent, and significantly increases, it means that the ovulation period is coming.

2. Basic body temperature rise

The signs of body temperature are much more accurate than leucorrhea, and body temperature measurement is also a way to prepare for pregnant mothers.What is the basic body temperature?It is the body temperature when women just got up in the morning. If the ovulation period, the basal body temperature will rise much compared to usual.

3. Strong energy and strong desire

During ovulation, women will appear particularly energetic and have full spirit.Often at this time, women will rely more on her husband and want to be with her husband.Lands in ovulation are sometimes accompanied by bleeding. Women will feel slightly painful in the lower abdomen, similar to menstrual pain. This is a normal reaction of estrogen after the follicle development is mature. Do not panic.

Of course, this situation varies from person to person, and different women’s ovulation periods will be slightly different.

If you do n’t want to have a baby, you can contraception even during ovulation. Do n’t blindly rely on time contraception. Scientifically using condoms is also a great choice.In the past few days after "menstruation", the winning rate is quite high.

And those who already have children and do not want to have children anymore are also good, scientific and safe.At the same time, women must also raise their awareness of self -protection. After all, abortion is not a long -term plan, and physical and mental health is the most important.

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