In the poorest time, there is no money to buy food for eight months of pregnancy, and dare not tell your parents that this is your choice

Netizen 1: I did n’t find the cheapest fried rice when I found it. One 6 yuan, almost no dish, is the simplest fried rice. Once I was choked, I did n’t want to spend money to buy water and drink.Pretending to be very happy, walk to the end of the street, and the retching is almost not choked. Fortunately, it came to survive.

Netizen 2: In the second year of marriage to my husband, I cried 200 yuan in the 28th year of the year. After the New Year in the New Year, our business -opening business in the second year, when the monthly income reached 67,000 yuanThe fried rivers did not dare to eat it blindly, but when the business gradually slipped downhill, he learned big hands and feet strangely. Now facing unemployment, it is still impossible to change the habit of spending money.

Netizen 3: In the summer vacation of 2014, he went to Zhangjiajie with his wife. At that time, Qinxing started, and the two were really poor.The most memorable thing is that at the attraction of the Ten Mile Gallery, in order to save a small train ticket of 30 yuan, the two of us walked the whole process over the big sun … The next day, his wife had a heat stroke response, but fortunateAfter a few years, the business was on the road. Last summer, I went to Thailand to travel freely and felt really good.

Netizen 4: So far when the most embarrassing time is when they first came out, the 500 yuan given by my mother on the body, because the first month of the month will be pressed for a month, and then I am not familiar with the boss.I called me and asked me if I was full. I always emphasized that eating and eating was full.After hanging up the phone, I looked at the braised beef noodles on the table, but now it is okay.

Netizen 5: If you do n’t go to the distance, let ’s talk about 21 years. This year I think I have a poor one. At the age of 24, parents at home, my parents want to make money for me to decorate the house and get married. I am very nervous.I do n’t know what to do, I want to go to school to learn some skills, but more than 10,000 tuition, I sold my motorcycles and other things, plus the money left before, I made 6-7 thousandBlock, I really ca n’t get so much money, but I do n’t want to drag it, and then loans to school. It ’s really poor. The living expenses of more than 10 yuan a day are special. Generally, I only spend 6 yuan a day to eat.A meal, none of me at school, I didn’t say it, so I barely insisted on owing a lot of money on the graduation card, but I believe it will be over soon.

Netizen 6: The most difficult time is to go to elementary school. It is about 10 years old. One day it was raining. I couldn’t return home at noon. My mother gave me a dollar for me and my brother to eat at school.Buns, buy a bag of instant noodles, the money is spent.Two steamed buns each, a bag of instant noodles, two people ate.Seeing other students from three and five pieces of snacks, I was particularly envious.From the beginning of the poverty seeds deeply buried in my heart, I vowed to make a lot of money in the future.It’s almost twenty years in the past. Now I have a house in the second -tier cities. There is a house in the second -tier cities. Life and work in a flat and dull work, oh!The ambitions and ambitions of that year were almost destroyed by reality.

Netizen 7: Listening to my husband said that when he was a kid, he was particularly difficult at home. Father’s stomach cancer, his mother’s intelligence was low, but he would still go out to feed and feed three young children.Grass shoes, the brothers and sisters were worn by three.

Netizen 8: Remember that when I was a kid, my family was poor. When I was seven years old, my mother once sprayed pesticides from the farmland. I told me to wash her clothes. I found a seven -wool from her pocket.I bought two homework books, I did not tell my mother, because at that time it was only 1 cents of pocket money a week, and the seven cents were too precious for me.

Netizen 9: During the undergraduate undergraduate, his father failed to do business. It was really difficult to even have no living expenses.Fortunately, the grades are good. I have received a lot of scholarships. After four years of college, I finished my scholarship and aid, and then continued to study for graduate students. I did n’t want a penny at home.I still remember the excitement of getting a graduate subsidy for the first time.Now I live too much. Parents have pensions. I still do n’t want to spend money. I usually buy me something for me.

Netizen 10: In 1984, my sister and brother picked up the tea factory near the tea factory near the home.

Netizen 11: The public unit, the cafeteria tube rice, no matter how delicious it is, I eat cleanly every time. My colleague asked me why, and I would joke, "That’s not hungry when you were young."It is really uncomfortable starving.

Netizen 12: When I went out in the first year, I paid 300 yuan a month. I was fooled by others for a month and 30 yuan left. I do n’t want to eat breakfast.Crime, at that time, it ’s really poor. You do n’t want to buy a piece of clothes. You feel that you are hungry every day, you feel that you do n’t have enough food.

Netizen 13: For the tuition fees of 300 yuan, the surrounding relatives were borrowed. The salary of the first three years of graduation returned the college tuition!

Netizen 14: The poorest time is now. The husband will check out immediately. The son’s milk powder money is borrowed. The husband is alone outside the car. He can only squat in the car at night.Qian also was linked to debt one after another. For the sake of my son, I could only support my son.

Netizen 15: The poorest I am now is now a child who has been divorced for 8 months and eats and sleeps at her mother’s house.The son is okay to bring it. It ’s uncomfortable here and uncomfortable, wake up N times a night.Torture I was going crazy. I cried for a long time yesterday. I think this is the poorest when I am the poorest, and I must come out.

Netizen 16: Now 8 months of pregnancy, I am so poor that I have no money to buy food. I dare not tell my parents that marrying him was my own choice, and now it is difficult to grit your teeth. I believe it will be better tomorrow.

Netizen 17: The poorest time was the operation after getting married for one year. It took more than 2,000 to review. I only left hundreds of pieces on the card. In addition, the cash on my husband and my husband were 900 yuan.My second aunt’s house borrowed it, but I said that I went out to work to earn money and returned to her. In the end, I had only four dollars left in the card. I had to go back to my mother’s house for more than a month.The wound is not good. Every day at work, the wound hurts. I have to persist. After one month of work, I get the salary, and I will pay back the money of the second aunt, but I believe that the poor is temporary.How poor may be.

Netizen 18: Now is my poorest time, I have only issued leaflets at the age of 29 and worked over cleaning.Because my husband is working alone to support our mother, fortunately, the son and daughter are very obedient, because there is no money that children have not attended a tutoring class, they all coach themselves to pick up and drop off.I couldn’t go to work. I could do something when there was zero work on the weekend. When I went out to do zero -living, the two children watched TV and wrote on TV at home. Occasionally, when they were so tired that they did not want to move, the child was eating noodles by themselves.I believe that I will pass. Sometimes when I think about it, I want to cry. Such a sensible and beautiful pair of children may be very happy if they are born in a rich family. They may not be so bitter. Sometimes they will blame themselves. They feel sorry for children!

Netizen 19: The poorest time was when his son would just walk.The house I just bought is only ten dollars in their pockets.The son wanted to eat two pounds of tomatoes, and he was unwilling to buy. The flour and oil returned to the mother’s house. I bought five cents a day for a month.well!Now think about crying.Although there are no wealth and wealth now.At least there are cars and houses, and you can eat meat and vegetables.

Netizen 20: I feel that I am the poorest time now, one year of marriage, 7 months of pregnancy, Cai Li was pitted on the wedding room decoration, and I owed 30,000.He was used to his awareness of financial management, and did not go to work to eat mountains after pregnancy. He asked his father -in -law to cry.Because I want money, my husband still quarreled with me. I have a bad temper and refuses to accept my mother’s money. I sell jewelry.Really, before getting married, I really have no worries, especially moisturizing. I am really tired when marrying the poor boy. I do n’t look down on it, but there is a reason for poor.

Netizen 21: I still do n’t know if I am a student, but when my family was the most difficult time, when I was in the 4.5th grade of elementary school. At that time, my mother just resigned. My dad was a teacher. Every month, I relied on my dad’s two or three thousand dollars to raise a family.Bit, I want to buy a school chapter and find my dad when I get a dollar. I found that my dad’s wallet was only a few dollars. Later, I opened a photo studio. My mother looked at the shop and had more than 20 yuan a day.With a car, my dad also prepared a 140 -square -meter wedding room for me.

Netizen 22: When I was the poorest, I failed to do business. I returned to my home in the thirty year. There were only 500 yuan in my hand and more than 300,000 debts.My mother -in -law, I was very guilty in front of the whole family. I called the whole family together. I met a plan for a meeting.Train tickets, the remaining 300 yuan for them to support them to the fifteenth day of the first month, I went out to work hard on the eighth day, but fortunately, all the debts were paid a year and a half.Leading the whole family to live a well -off life, this experience made me unforgettable.

Netizen 23: Previously, when he was in elementary school, the money he made outside was basically given to my dad, and my mother worked at home.My dad took rice at home, took vegetables, take eggs, and held my dad’s money.I remember that at that time, I didn’t even have money to buy a pen. Then my mother borrowed it everywhere. Finally, I borrowed the five -pointed money and was very bad. I took it to the boss of the shop.Said that people who picked up outside did not want bad money. At that time, I cried, and I didn’t dare to tell my mother at home because she was suffering enough.

Netizen 24: The hardest time was before marrying her husband, and the father -in -law sent his uncle to college.The money was paid to the uncle, and the salary of both of us was spent.At that time, I got a credit card, and I overdraw 300 yuan. I asked my father -in -law to have a meal and bought a ticket to get him on the train.I did n’t give a gift for my mother -in -law. I did n’t dare to open a penny with my parents. After graduating from graduation, I did n’t care about a penny at home.

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