In the sixth week of pregnancy, what changes have the baby in the stomach?What should pregnant mothers pay attention to and pay attention to?

When pregnancy enters the sixth week, due to pregnancy, the body secreted in the body will have a certain impact on the pregnant mother.The reaction of pregnancy becomes obvious, and fatigue, fatigue, and frequent urination occur.Emotions became moody, angry in the first second, and suddenly happy in the next second.

For pregnant mothers after pregnancy, the most concerned issue is the development of the baby.Six weeks of pregnancy, what will happen to the baby in the belly?What should pregnant mothers master and pay attention to?

I usually work very busy, and I don’t even have time to go to the toilet.

Recently, I found that some changes in their bodies have changed. Suddenly I always fell in love with the toilet, and I also felt a bit like a fever, and a little sleepy.

I thought it was not good to rest, the work was too tired, and I didn’t pay much attention.In recent days, I have been disgusting, and colleagues have persuaded her to go to the hospital. No matter how busy work, she has to pay attention to her body.

I thought it might be bad, and after the examination, I was pregnant.The doctor told her "It’s been six weeks pregnant, and now the baby is like a little blueberry."

The doctor gave a little bit to the development drawing. The moment you saw the picture, he had the joy of being a mother.

Six weeks of pregnancy, the baby is about 0.6㎝, weighing 3g, it looks like a little blueberry.

Facial organs are basically formed, and primary kidneys, hearts and other organs have formed. The heart is like sunflower seed kernels. It is small and fluttering, which is very magical.At this time, pregnant mothers also need to master and pay attention to things.

1. Early pregnancy examination

Those careless pregnant mothers who have not yet went to the hospital for examination should be checked.At this time, blood or ultrasound examination can determine the baby’s pregnancy position and timely exclude ectopic pregnancy.

In this way, you can understand the baby’s development as soon as possible, so that the pregnant mother can rest assured.If the pregnant mother wants to listen to the tick’s fetal heart sound, it can be checked in 7-8 weeks.

2. Timely supplement zinc

From six weeks of pregnancy, zinc is required.At this time, the baby’s organs begin to differentiate, and zinc deficiency may cause the baby to develop slowly and increase the probability of differentiation.In order to promote the development of the baby’s limbs, it is recommended to consume 20mg zinc per day.Usually eat more meat egg milk, walnuts, etc.

3. Can’t urinate

In the early stages of pregnancy, the pregnancy reaction was obvious, and the frequent urination occurred.At this time, the pregnant mother must not be urinating, and it is not good for her body.You can usually drink less water, especially at night, drink less water before going to bed, which can reduce frequent nights.

4. Overcoming pregnancy vomiting

From the 5th week after pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have a pregnancy reaction.I feel that I ca n’t eat well and do n’t sleep well.

To relax, take a walk outdoors, and exercise in moderation; stay away from places with heavy smells, often ventilation and ventilation at home;

Pay special attention to diet, eat more things you love to eat, eat less meals.Drink a glass of water or eat some fruits every day, which can relieve nausea.

5. Avoid abortion

In the first three months of pregnancy, the baby is unstable, and accidentally may cause miscarriage.

The causes of natural miscarriage are roughly divided into two categories. One is genetic factors. In natural miscarriage, genetic factors account for 60%-70%, of which chromosomal abnormalities account for 50%-60%.

The other is the abnormal factors of the outside world, such as a large amount of smoking, drinking, contacting chemical poison, emotional excitement, and severe noise.Remind pregnant mothers to pay attention to daily life and habits before and during pregnancy, and adjust their emotions in time.

6. Use less computer

Sitting in front of the computer for a long time during pregnancy may cause the baby to be hypoxic, which will cause the baby’s brain deformity and intelligence.

Therefore, when using a computer, pay attention to the combination of work and rest, and take a while to get up to move to reduce the use of computer time.

【Mom Sending】

As the saying goes, "there is no back arrow in the bow", pregnancy is a long process. Different stages of different periods and different stages, things that need to be paid attention to are different.

Babies are not stable in early pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should be careful to ensure their safety of themselves and the baby.

【Topic today】

What changes have emerged after pregnancy?

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