In the summer, when pregnant women eat ice cream, will the fetus feel "cold"?The real answer makes people very warm

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Nowadays, the weather is really hotter every day, and many people will choose to relieve the heat by eating some cold things.For example, the ice cream we often eat in summer is a necessary tool for relieving the heat.

For pregnant mothers who are in a special stage, because they need to consider the healthy development of the baby, they cannot be so presumptuous in their diet.

Like spicy foods and cold foods are all taboos.But many times, the more you can’t eat those pregnant mothers who are pouting, the more you want to eat.

Xiaomei is a 5 -month pregnant mother. Recently, she entered the summer. The weather is hot, and Xiaomei often sweats.

Usually Xiaomei watched others eating ice cream, often she was so greedy, but her husband strictly banned Xiaomei from eating cold food, but it affected the baby in the belly, so even if Xiaomei herself was very nagging, she could not satisfy herself.

In the past few days, her husband went to a business trip in the field. Xiaomei secretly bought a cabinet’s ice cream to solve the cream while her husband was not at home.

Even if these ice cream eat one a day, they can eat for several months. It can be seen how Xiaomei wants to eat ice cream.

In the impression of many people, pregnant mothers cannot eat too cold food, which will affect the safety of the baby in the belly and even cause premature birth.

But in the hot summer, the pregnant mothers who are afraid of heat are very hard. I want to eat ice cream to solve the heat. So can pregnant mothers eat ice cream after pregnancy?

So far, there are no scientific theories that can prove that cold things can cause contraction, premature birth, and even abortion.And ice things will not affect the development of embryos and fetuses.

The reason why pregnant women cannot eat too cold is because the pregnant mother’s body during pregnancy is in a special period, and the stomach will be fragile.

If you eat too much foods that are too cold, it will stimulate the stomach and intestines, cause abdominal pain and diarrhea, and affect the health of the stomach.

And ice cream is generally high sugar content. After the pregnant mother’s intake, it is easy to cause hyperglycemia for pregnant women, which is not conducive to the development of themselves and the fetus.

Therefore, during pregnancy, pregnant women can eat ice cream, but they must not eat more, especially when they buy dozens of dozens like Xiaomei above, they just eat too much.

Many pregnant mothers will think that when they are eating ice cream, the fetus will feel the stimulation of cold, and then it will be severely moved to express their discomfort.

But in fact, although we feel cold while eating ice cream, the ice cream will be melted by the temperature in the body after the esophagus and the stomach, and it is not directly transmitted to the baby.

Therefore, when the pregnant mother eats ice cream, the fetus does not feel the obvious chill, and there will not be much reactions.

1) The baby will taste "sweet"

When the fetus is 4 months pregnant, it can taste the "taste" in amniotic fluid.

All little babies like sweets, which is the same in the mother’s belly, so when the ingredients of the ice cream increase the blood sugar, then it will be passed to the baby through the umbilical cord, and he can taste the sweet taste.

Therefore, when pregnant mothers occasionally eat some desserts, the baby’s baby will punch and kick, but it is not disliked, but is happily ate in the mother’s belly.

2) The baby can appreciate the mother’s emotions

As the saying goes, "mother and child are connected."After the mother eats ice cream, she will be very happy in emotion, and this pleasant emotion will also be passed on to the baby.The mother is happy, and the baby will naturally be happy.

Written at the end:

Therefore, in the hot summer, if pregnant mothers have a strong desire for ice cream, don’t suppress you anymore, you can eat it with confidence.

But be sure to be too greedy.At the same time, those pregnant mothers who have a bad stomach and stomach, and have high blood sugar, can bear it if they can bear it. After all, the health of yourself and the fetus is the most important thing.

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