In these 5 cases, men and women have to hold back if they want to "room in the same room", otherwise they will hurt women’s bodies

Sexual life is the basic needs of male and female love. Reasonable sexual life can make each other enjoyment, but women’s reproductive organs are special and vulnerable to the invasion of germs to induce diseases. Therefore, they must pay special attention to sexual life.In the case, you cannot live a sex life.

1. Menstruation

The cervical mouth expansion during the menstrual period, weak body immunity, and sexual life can easily invade the bacteria to breed in the vagina and go up to the cervix to cause inflammation.disease.

Second, sick period

During the illness of a woman, such as colds and fever, the body is weak. At this time, if sexual life is performed, the germs are susceptible to invasion, causing the disease to worsen and even cause other gynecological diseases.

Third, there is a reproductive inflammation

Pay attention to sexual life in vaginitis or other gynecological diseases. It is serious to avoid inflammation. At this time, sexual life will cause cross -infection, which will further bring the germs into the uterine cavity and fallopian tube accessories.

Fourth, too fatigue

Women cannot perform sexual life in a state of fatigue, because sexual life needs to consume physical strength. At this time, it is easy to lead to increased physical burden. In addition, under the influence of fatigue, the increasing heart burden will cause discomfort.heart disease.

5. After drinking

Most people think that sexual life can improve each other after drinking, but they do not know that the blood circulation accelerates after drinking, and the heartbeat is also accelerating. At this time, the sexual life will increase the heart burden and easily cause cardiovascular disease.

1. Do a good job of hygiene

Genogenic was cleaned before and after sex to avoid infection caused by bacterial invasion, and ultimately induced gynecological diseases.

2. Can’t be too intense

Some men and women will be too intense due to excitement during sexual life, so that women’s vagina is torn and painful, and even hurts themselves in the process of sexual life, so be careful not to be too intense.

Third, take good contraceptive measures

In sexual life without intending to be pregnant, we must take contraceptive measures to avoid artificial abortion from accidental pregnancy. After all, artificial abortion damage to the uterus, and multiple abortion can cause endometrial damage.

Generally speaking, proper sexual life can be pleasant and relaxed, but for women, in these cases, avoid sexual life in these cases, and can only ensure the quality of sexual life under the state of good mood and good physical condition, andPay attention to not to take a bath immediately after sex, which is easy to induce colds and cause blood pressure to rise and cause unexpected accidents.

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