In these four places after pregnancy, even if you want to go, you have to bear it, and it is too late to hurt the fetus!

After pregnancy, there are some different taboos because of the different physical fitness of each person, but even if these 5 places are good, the mothers should not go. It is particularly easy to cause fetal discomfort.As a result of abortion, it is best not to go even if you want to go for the health of the fetus.

The cinema is now more and more popular with many people. Usually, it is an entertainment, family, couple, all like to go to the cinema. One is to enjoy this atmosphere and that special effect.But it is best not to go after pregnancy.Inside, the closed air is not very circulating, and there are more people. Moreover, sometimes the inadvertent special effects may scare the pregnant mother. These major symptoms will cause the fetal condition to be unstable.

KTV can also be regarded as a closed space. Generally, the people who go here want to relax, so there will be some other unexpected symptoms, and the overall area of KTV is still relatively small and the air is not circulating.Maternal is prone to hypoxia, and if the hypoxia is hypoxic, the fetus will cause restlessness.So if mothers want to relax, use other ways instead.

Whether it is a new decoration or a newly bought furniture, if you are pregnant, try not to stay in it. At this time, the chemicals that have some chemicals in the new decoration are the largest.If you confine, stay away.

Occasionally, when you want to go out, many people choose to steam the house. It is recommended that pregnant mothers better not go, because the temperature of the steaming house is relatively high, and the traffic is relatively large, and sometimes the air is not as good as the outside air outside the air outside the air.Fresh.If the temperature is high, it can make the body’s blood circulation quickly, so at this time, the fetus will feel that if the fetus is not adapted, it will cause unnecessary unexpected situations if it is not suitable.

When the mothers go out during pregnancy, pay more attention when going out. For places with more people, the places where the air is not circulating can be avoided. If you really want to go, you should also stagger the time.Because during pregnancy, many mothers actually have a feeling of lack of oxygen. At this time, if you go to the place where hypoxia is hypoxic, it is easy to cause the fetus instability, so you should usually be careful when going out.

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