Incentown!The woman was drinking with my girlfriend for 7 months, and she was full of beer cups.

After pregnancy, what women need to change most are "taboo".Before I liked food, drinking wine, and after pregnancy, I had to stand side by side to prevent everything that is harmful to the fetus.

However, some women do not know whether they are big or lack of cognition. They obviously have children with their children and do things that are not good for themselves and fetuses.

After women are pregnant, because they are inconvenient to move, they will be raised more at home.At first, it was okay, but as time increased, pregnant women would feel more and more boring, so they thought about asking their girlfriends to come to the house to gather at home.

This pregnant woman is a similar situation, because staying at home for a long time is really boring, so she is called their girlfriends.Girlfriends naturally entertained themselves when they arrived at home. I did not expect that the way of entertainment in pregnant women turned out to drink with girlfriends.

It can be seen that the pregnant woman’s pregnant belly is already very large. It is almost 7 or 8 months pregnant, but it is unambiguous when drinking.With a full beer cup, the pregnant woman drank it, and the speed and quantity of drinking seemed to be inferior to ordinary people.

In life, everyone will have three or two friends, after all, many friends and many ways.There is a friend who can talk about whether it is joy or difficulty.Especially for pregnant women, because of the impact of hormone levels during pregnancy, it is easy to cause great volatility in emotion.

During pregnancy, often looking for friends to chat is a good way to relieve emotional pressure.In this way, pregnant women can also relax, and their quality of life during pregnancy can also be improved.

However, like this girlfriend of this pregnant woman, even if it is not a friend ~ After all, "pregnant women can’t drink" are common sense. Why should you drink a pregnant woman to drink together?Obviously, these so -called girlfriends do not know how to know.

After all, as a friend, I hope that the other party is better, and such behaviors such as hurting pregnant women and fetuses can only be chaotic. It can be seen that this is not a friend at all, but to hurt friends.

After women are pregnant, they must be very careful about everything related to themselves, especially their diet. After all, they need to be imported. Once a wrong choice is made, it can easily affect the development of the fetus.

During pregnancy, "alcohol" is a taboo.Alcohol is a chemical of small molecules. It is very easy to enter the fetus’s body through the placenta, and the fetus tolerate alcohol is low, mainly because the fetal liver function of the fetus cannot be effectively metabolized.

The impact of alcohol on the fetus, different pregnancy damage: early pregnancy: drinking a lot of alcohol in pregnant women will cause fetal malformations, mainly affecting the development of the nervous system, and also causes malformations of multiple organs such as the heart and kidneys;Drinking will cause the fetus to grow slowly and restrict the normal development of the fetus; in the third trimester: a large number of diets of pregnant women will cause fetal alcohol poisoning, and severe can also cause "alcohol syndrome" after the fetus is born.Children of "alcohol syndrome" are generally most obvious that they are more special in their faces. They are specifically manifested as "small eyes", "smooth in people", "thin upper lip" and so on.

In addition, there are some malformations in the development of children’s nervous system, and there will be abnormalities in terms of learning, communication, memory, etc. in the future.Therefore, during pregnancy, both pregnant women and fetuses are "zero tolerance" for alcohol.

For whether pregnant women can drink, many people will subconsciously reflect "not".Although this seems to be a common sense, in life, pregnant women during pregnancy are not 100%banned alcohol.

Data show that the drinking rate of foreign women during pregnancy is 10%-11%, and the drinking rate of pregnant women in some regions in China also reaches 8.3%. It can be seen that there are really pregnant women who have drank alcohol during their pregnancy.

Except for those women who do not know the harm of alcohol, a large part of women are because they do not know that they drink accidentally drinking. Then, how to choose the children in the belly to leave a problem?

You know, nowadays, you are advocating eugenics and eugenics. You must ensure that the process of breeding is foolproof, and you ca n’t be sloppy at all. So can children who are drunk, can you still need it?

In fact, if you choose this problem for the fetus, first of all, we must look at the amount of alcohol intake of the mother.Generally speaking, the impact of low -dose alcohol on the fetus is relatively small, and it cannot be used as a indicator of termination of pregnancy.

And if the fetus is affected by alcohol when I am pregnant, it will also flow directly.If the fetus can survive, it proves that alcohol has no effect on it.

In addition, whether alcohol has an impact on the fetus, it is also determined based on the frequency of drinking.Generally speaking, occasionally drinking once, it does not risk the abnormality of the fetus as continuous drinking.

I want to say:

Regardless of whether it has an impact on the fetus, drinking drinking during pregnancy is not desirable. In fact, from the time of pregnancy, expectant parents must stop all activities related to alcohol, and must not have a chance.

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