Infertility "invisible killer"

Dysmenorrhea is a true "pain" confirmed by science.Studies have shown that the degree of pain in dysmenorrhea is no less than a heart attack. Do you think the light is painful?No, a small number of women may also be accompanied by symptoms such as vomiting, headache, back pain, and 17%of women may absent from school and absenteer due to dysmenorrhea, causing economic losses …

Recently, Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital has come to such a patient. According to the patient describing the "dead and alive" of each menstrual pain, it is like eating Sun Wukong into his stomach, turning over the sea … Thinking about giving birth to a child after marriage, justI didn’t expect to be pregnant.After systematic examination, she found that she suffered from endometriosis.

"Endometriosis is an important cause of dysmenorrhea, and it is also a disease and common disease for women of fertility age. It is a disease with a high incidence that women have to pay attention to.At least one of women suffer from endometriosis. It is called a pain that can cry, which seriously affects the quality of life of women. "Director Zhang Yanjun of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital said.

Zhang Yanjun, director of the Department of Infertility of Jinan Jiale Reproductive Hospital

Seeing this, there must be a lot of women who can’t help asking. What symptoms will cause endometriosis, except for dysmenorrhea?

1. Irregular menstruation

Endometriosis on the ovary forms ovarian chocolate cysts, which can affect ovarian function and cause abnormal secretion.The main manifestation is that the menstrual disorders have passed or cyclical, and it will further affect the ovulation function.

2. Infertility

The "bleeding" of the lesion can cause inflammation around the surrounding area, and then the surrounding organs will appear. The pelvic uterus, ovary, and fallopian tube adhesion into a group, causing the fallopian tubes to be unable to pick up the eggs. The fertilized eggs cannot run to the uterus normally, which will inevitably affect good pregnancy.When the ovarian tissue is destroyed, the ovarian reserves can be reduced, causing the ovarian quality to decrease or even affect ovulation.Therefore, endometriosis infertility rate is as high as 40%, not only infertility, but also increased abortion probability after pregnancy.

3. Chronic pelvic pain

Endometriosis can cause chronic pelvic pain. Sometimes this pain is very severe, which makes people feel painful, and it is not healed for a long time, which seriously affects the quality of life and health in women.

For the treatment method, Director Zhang introduced that the treatment goal of endometriosis is to reduce and remove lesions, reduce and control pain, treat and promote fertility, reduce and prevent recurrence.Under normal circumstances, doctors choose individualized treatment methods based on the patient’s age, symptoms, signs, scope of lesions, and fertility requirements. It mainly includes expected treatment, drug treatment, surgical treatment, and joint treatment.

If you suffer obvious dysmenorrhea that cannot be relieved all year round, or infertility, sexual intercourse, and other symptoms related to the menstrual cycle, consider the possibility of endometriosis, seek medical treatment in time, and have a healthy self!

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