Infertility is a woman’s problem

Another annual Qixi Festival. Many girls stunned their minds because of the hormones of love. After no warmth of protection measures, unexpected pregnancy was unable to escape.

However, some people are happy and some are worried, and some people can get pregnant, and some people want to do their best, such as having high difficult movements and throwing upside down for 30 minutes … but still can’t be pregnant.


Smoking can hurt the development of the fetus, but firstly affect the opportunity of women’s pregnancy.This is mainly because smoking will disturb hormones and damage the DNA of men and women, which will reduce the density and vitality of men’s small tadpoles. The women’s ovaries will be aging in advance, disturb the endocrine function, increase natural abortion, premature birth and abnormal levelsThe possibility of pregnancy and so on.


Alcohol is a great damage to raw essence. Drinking too much alcohol, fewer testosterone, you can’t afford sexual interest in love. If the number of tadpoles is reduced, it is easy to cause impotence.


Excess fat will affect hormones and make pregnancy more difficult. The fatter woman, the faster her ovarian function decreases.

Diabenate, bisphenol A

It can interfere with endocrine, reduce the number of male tadpoles, low sports ability, and abnormal morphology, which will also cause testicular cancer.It also enters the body through female respiratory systems and skin to endanger the baby’s reproductive system.

Sexual life is chaotic and unclean

Sexual life is chaotic and unclean is likely to cause sexually transmitting diseases.And for men, while many sexually transmitted diseases cause urinary system infections, it also directly leads to damage or abnormal reproductive function, which will cause the number of male tadpoles to decrease, decreases vitality, and decreases.ability.

For women, if sexually transmitted diseases lasting, not only can cause repeated infections in vaginal and cervix, the pathogen can also cause pelvic infection, resulting in female fallopian tube adhesion and deformation, fallopian tube blocking, etc. This is the main cause of female infertility.There may also be abortion, premature birth, teratogenic, etc.


Many flowing flows will have irreparable consequences.

In addition, there are endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic surgery history, etc., which will also affect the fertility of girls.


Unexpected contact with radiation or electromagnetic fields will destroy ovarian function and cause premature ovarian failure.

Air pollution

More and more studies have shown that inhalation of particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and multi -ring aromatic hydrocarbons are the main components of environmental air pollutants. These substances will affect women’s reproductive endocrine levels, cause damage to women’s fertility, and cause pregnancy failure.It can also lead to limited growth and increase the probability of birth defects, which is closely related to the prevalence of newborn.

mental stress

Women’s conception is a systematic process, which requires the joint collaboration of various organs of the body.The hormone in the body can work normally under the control of the cerebral cortex.If you carry pressure and keep your spirit in a state of tension and anxiety, the cerebral cortex cannot make hormones be secreted normally and inhibit the normal ovulation function of the ovary.Eagerness to achieve success or quick success will make the original incidents that can be difficult to increase, and reduce the probability of pregnancy.

From the perspective of the man, there are still the causes of infertility:

Long -term sitting and wearing tight underwear will cause the basin of the basin of the basin, which will affect the prostate function.In addition, it will be used for a long time to touch the exhaust gas, and some antibiotics, hormones and other drugs will also damage the function of male glandular gonads, resulting in a decrease in the number and quality of small tadpoles, or through the endocrine function of the gonad, leading to sexual dysfunction.

All in all, there are many reasons that affect infertility. Due to space issues, Xiao Jianjun will not introduce them one by one. If you have any questions infertility, please leave a message and we will answer it in time.

Finally, I want to say that good pregnancy is also the result of full preparation. In addition to staying away from the conditions of the infertility, the two parties do a good job of "pre -pregnancy medical examination" is also the first step in success!Stay away from maternal and infantile diseases, gynecological diseases, genetic diseases, etc., to better achieve eugenics and eugenics.

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