Insomnia during pregnancy, do not take medicine!Experts recommend 5 tricks, and the quasi -mother sleeps overnight

Pregnancy is the only way for every woman to become a mother. As we all know, mothers are great, not only because of the drama pain during childbirth and childcare and companionship in childhood, but also the adverse reactions experienced by expectant mothers during pregnancy.Such as pregnancy vomiting, hemorrhoids, back pain, frequent urination, and so on.

During pregnancy, insomnia is also a lot of trouble for expectant mothers. I lie on the bed every night and tossing and turning on the side. It is difficult to fall asleep and have no spirit during the day.What is even more worried about expectant mothers is whether this situation of insomnia during pregnancy will affect the baby in the stomach?In response, the Medical Federation media interviewed Qi Wei, the chief physician of the Department of Neurology, the Department of Neurology, the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat -sen University, to talk about the treatment of insomnia during pregnancy.

Dr. Qiwei told us that there are differences in the cause of insomnia in the early stages of pregnancy and late pregnancy: there are differences:

1. Insomnia in the early stages of pregnancy: Insomnia in the early stages of pregnancy is mainly because hormones are making monsters.When she was just pregnant, the level of hormones in the expectant mothers was in a state of change, and the level of progesterone still continued to increase.During this period, many mothers will have early pregnancy reactions, such as uncomfortable feeling of vomiting. In fact, this is also caused by changes in hormones in the body.The same is true for sleep. Due to the changes in hormones in the body, it affects the function of some nerve endocrine, and there will be symptoms of insomnia.

2. Insomnia for late pregnancy: Insomnia in the late pregnancy is due to the continuous increase of expectant mothers, and there are some related symptoms of compression, which leads to insomnia.For example, if the fetus is too large to compress the vein, and the nerves of the lumbosacral layer, it leads to the pain at night, the edema of the feet, etc., or the burden of the heart is aggravated.Good.

Dr. Qiwei added that insomnia during pregnancy is also related to the psychological pressure of expectant mothers, such as worrying about whether the baby is stable and unstable in the stomach, will there be any accidents.Especially for some expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time, despite the check -ups on time, they are still worried about whether the baby will have deformity, and the intelligence is abnormal.Due to hormone fluctuations during pregnancy, these inner concerns will also be amplified, resulting in prone mothers easily think of many things, which will also cause symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy.

Dr. Qiwei reminds everyone that insomnia during pregnancy also has some adverse effects on the baby in the stomach.If the expectant mother is insomnia, the rest is not good, the diet and mental state will be different from the difference, and the baby’s growth and development will naturally be disturbed.Therefore, the symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy should go to the hospital as soon as possible, and ask the doctor to give the corresponding treatment for these situations.

Dr. Qiwei also suggested that prospective mothers can better ensure sufficient sleep through some self -regulation, so as to give the baby sufficient nutrition.The sleeping mother’s sleep is also very important for the baby, because the baby must slowly establish the rhythm of the biological clock in the stomach, so I still hope that the expectant mothers can ensure good sleep.

Dr. Qiwei does not recommend that expectant mothers to treat symptoms of insomnia during pregnancy, because many sleeping drugs have side effects and are not good for the baby.At this time, you can try to adjust the schedule or sleep habits to improve:

1. Listen to music before going to bed and do yoga.Specific mothers can regulate their neurological state through these small habits, which can be easier to enter sleep.

2. Improve the environment of expectant mothers.You can improve the fatigue of expectant mothers by putting some waist pillows or leg pillows.

3. It is recommended that the expectant mothers in the third trimester choose to lie on the side while sleeping, which can help reduce the pressure on the abdomen.

4. Moms do not eat some spicy or cold foods before going to bed. You can drink a little hot milk, or eat some healthier snacks, but avoid eating fried foods to prevent indigestion from indigestion.Essence

5. You can let the prospective dad massage some legs and feet for expectant mothers, which can also effectively promote sleep.

All in all, the dangers of insomnia during pregnancy directly affect the health of expectant mothers and babies.Only by ensuring the good sleep quality during pregnancy can the baby in the abdomen grow up healthy.Improve insomnia during pregnancy without taking medicine. As long as daily conditioning is done, it can be solved, and healthy and good pregnancy.””” “””

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