Introduction to Garfield Cat Barrier 1

Part 1: About eating and drinking

1. Shimizu:

Please make sure that a pot of clean water is near the kittens to eat near the cat. Garfield usually drinks many times a day, so clear water must be provided.Moreover, the cats are easy to bring the hair on the body to the water. Garfield loves cleanliness. When you see that there are debris in the water, do n’t drink it. You will use your paws to pick up the water. Therefore, you must replace the water frequently to ensure cleanliness.

2. Cat milk cake:

The kitten from 1 month to 4 months, to feed the kitten cat milk cake. We have used the royal BK34 cat milk cake since childhood.When the kitten is out of the nest, it has been ensured that the cat milk cake that can be eaten by itself does not need to be soft with water or kitten milk powder.Recommended to the kitten directly to feed the royal BK34 cat milk cake to ensure the adaptability of the kitten gastrointestinal.If you need to replace the cat milk cakes of other brands, please follow the steps that are gradually replaced in 7 days. If you find that the kitten has a soft stool or even thinner during the replacement process, it indicates that the kitten’s intestine is not suitable for the new cat milk cake, Should be replaced back to the cat milk cake familiar to the kitten in time.

A) Generally, the amount of food for kittens eating cat milk cakes can be fed according to the free feeding method, that is, there are often a small amount of cat milk cakes in its basin. It can eat it by yourself when it is hungry.Most kittens can control their own food.

B) In special circumstances, if you find that the kitten is particularly able to eat, and the stool that is pulled out becomes thinner, it means that the kitten eats too much and causes digestion of the intestine.Artificial interference reduces its food and allows the stool to return to normal.

3. Cat food:

After 4 months, the kitten should be replaced with a special kitten food for the same brand.After 12 months, the kitten was replaced with the same brand of cat food.Cat food is the main food of kittens. The brand and variety models should be stable. Try not to replace it. In particular, it cannot be replaced frequently.If you have to change cat food, please follow the steps that are gradually replaced in 7 days. If there are soft stools and thin stools during the period, you should replace it back to the familiar cat food in time.The food amount of cat food can also be controlled by the judgment of the third cat milk cake.

4, goat milk powder:

For less than 4 months, if you have the conditions, you can properly feed some special goat milk powder for kittens. It can be used once a day. Milk powder is auxiliary food, not the staple food of the kitten, not to be fed.Because the intestines of the kitten are very fragile, not all goat milk powder, kittens can drink.Our kitten has been fed from the new kitime sheep milk powder of Weishi Nourse brand to ensure that the kitten can digest normally.This brand of milk powder is available on Please do not change other brands of goat milk powder. If you can’t buy this brand’s kittens milk powder, prefer not to feed, and do not easily use other brands of goat milk powder.

5. Egg egg yolk:

Regardless of the kittens or cats, if possible, you can feed white -boiled egg yolk from time to time.The egg yolk is squeezed into small pieces.

6. Chicken breasts:

Regardless of the kittens or cats, if possible, you can feed white or steamed chicken breasts from time to time to ensure no salt.After the chicken breasts are cooked, tear it into small strips.Soup water should be less, so as to avoid the kitten just licking the soup and water, but not eating meat.

7, raw beef:

After 4 months, Garfield began to grow and grow faster. At this time, it was the key moment when the kitten cheek (as the saying is: grow into a big fat head).Raw beef can help the kitten cheek, and it is nutritious. If possible, it is recommended to feed the kitten. Generally, it can be 2-3 times a week.Raw beef recommends lean meat such as good quality beef tendons and beef ridges. After buying, freeze in the refrigerator for more than 2-3 days (can kill some parasites). When you need to feedFeed.If kittens often eat raw beef, you need to remember to remove insects in the body once a quarter.Do not feed raw beef during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

8. Master’s food and salt with salt:

Garfield’s intestines are very sensitive and fragile, so they remind you not to feed people’s food and various salt foods for food because of fun.Do not feed foods or fish with bone, bone spurs.

Part 2: About Lazarus

1. Cat sand pot:

The owner needs to prepare a cat sand pot for the kitten to pee and stool for the kitten.It is recommended to buy a little bigger, so that the kittens can be used when they grow up.The open -air is still closed or not, this mainly depends on the master’s preference.

2. Cat sand:

Cat sands have pine and cat litter, with bulky puffed cat litter, crystal cat litter, tofu cat litter, etc. From comprehensive consideration of effects, deodorant, ash -proof, and cost -effectiveness, pine cat sand is recommended.The owner can also choose according to his preferences and the actual situation of the kitten.

3. Place:

Cat sand pots should be placed in a fixed position to ensure that the kitten can remember and accurately find it so that the kitten will not drow in the corner of the house because they can’t find the cat sand pot.Cat sand pots are generally more secluded, and kittens do not like to be disturbed when urinating.

4. Wipe your butt:

Garfield’s buttocks and hair on the tail will be slightly longer, so during the stool, the hair on the butt may stick to the stool, so the owner can pay attention when the kittens are stool, and clean it with a paper towel after pulling.

5. Observation:

When the owner usually shovel, be sure to pay attention to the shape of the kitten’s stool, and when necessary, you can also observe the performance of the kitten when the stool.

a) If the kitten is pulled out of the shaped strip -shaped dark brown or dark brown stool (the color should be similar to the color of the cat food and cat milk cakes similar to eating), it is normal.

b) If the stool that the kitten is pulled is not formed, it is a bunch of dull -shaped, which means that the kitten has a problem of digestion. Generally, it can be used by reducing the amount of kitten food and only feeding cat milk cakes/cat food and water to continue observation.Essence

c) If the stool that kitten is pulled out is water -like in egg flower soup, it means that the kitten has diarrhea. Generally, it is completely unable to adapt to the food that the kitten eats recently.And fed similar intestinal probiotics such as Mommy Ai to stop diarrhea. If continuous diarrhea should be sent to the doctor in time to prevent life danger.

Part 3: About Residence

1. Cat’s nest:

The owner should prepare a fixed sleeping cat’s nest for the kitten. The cat’s nest can be simply a carton with a cushion. It can also be luxurious to a special small bed, but in the end it depends on whether the kitten itself likes it.EssenceIt is likely that the owner spent a lot of effort to choose a satisfactory cat’s nest, but the kitten is not appreciated. It is common for the situation where the situation when it is sleeping on the floor all night.Therefore, you can generally do not need to buy a luxurious cat’s nest first, get along with the kitten for a while, and observe its preference before deciding.In fact, in many cases, a paper box or a washbasin is the favorite of kittens.

2. Cat grabbing board:

The cat’s paw needs to be constantly grabbed the rough object surface to molt the old nails to grow new nails, so you need to buy a cat grab or a cat’s claw pad by the cat’s nest, so that it will catch the cat and grabThe board has grinded the nails without catching furniture everywhere.

3. Cat toy:

You can prepare some toys for kittens. Small balls, funny cat sticks, and carton are the favorite of kittens. You do n’t have to buy it deliberately. You can use the packaging of packaging.If possible, you can also prepare a cat climbing rack for the kitten, then it will like it very much.

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