Inventory of the joy and tears in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy!Sisters who are pregnant and new to pregnancy must watch it

“What did you experience in the first 12 weeks before your pregnancy”

Today, the baby in my belly is 23 weeks. After entering the middle of pregnancy, I feel really good. I can eat, sleep, and feel fetal movement every day, not as tired as late pregnancy.

But looking back at the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, it is really a mixed flavor. Today I will summarize what kind of joy and accumulation I have experienced in the early pregnancy for your reference.

1. Early pregnancy adverse symptoms

Because the pregnancy period is calculated from the first day of the last menstruation, some people may not know that they are pregnant in the first four or five weeks of pregnancy.I measured my pregnancy around 5 weeks of pregnancy. The most obvious symptoms of early pregnancy were all weakness, fatigue, and always wanted to sleep, yawn

Suddenly there is frequent urination. Even if you do n’t drink water, you want to run the toilet. As long as you drink water, you ca n’t wait to go to three or four trips for an hour;

The most uncomfortable thing in the whole pregnancy is the poor appetite, no appetite, and I don’t want to eat anything, especially when I see the meat, I want to vomit.It is hard to imagine that people who are not pregnant for food are completely lost.What big fish and meat, it is better to drink a bite of vinegar to be comfortable;

In the early pregnancy, due to the reasons of progesterone, the intestinal peristalsis becomes slow, constipation, and indigestion. Therefore, I especially like to eat sour. I want to pour extra vinegar.Eating dumplings in the New Year, I ate dumplings twice the vinegar of others;

The sense of smell becomes old and sensitive, and it can’t smell particularly smelly. For example, seafood, fish and snail powder, you can’t stand it.My first formal pregnancy occurred, and when I packed a raw fish in the kitchen, there was a while of pregnancy.

2. Body changes in early pregnancy

The biggest change in the appearance of the body in the early pregnancy is the chest, and the speed of visible to the naked eye jumped to two cups.From a very flat "airport" to C, her husband is shocked;

The abdomen will not be too obvious, but the belly will grow on the belly;

My skin is worse, and there are small red bumps around the neck, chest, and back, and acne occasionally on my face;

The hair quality becomes better, dark and bright, but at the same time start to lose hair;

The teeth are not as good as everyone says. As long as you eat your mouth diligently after eating acid, it is okay to have a good dental hygiene to keep your teeth.However, the nose will have "rhinitis during pregnancy" in the early pregnancy, that is, always love to sneeze, itchy nose, and runny nose;

Eyes will cry in the morning and morning;

I can have back pain, and I have bleeding for a day or two. I need to go to the hospital to do a B -ultrasound and sticker tire stickers.

3. Pregnancy

Everyone’s pregnancy time and degree of pregnancy are different. I really vomit from 11 weeks of pregnancy. I vomit every morning. I will vomit madly when brushing my teeth every night. I spit out some foods.It is even more uncomfortable not to spit out.

I vomited for about 10 days in total, and I vomited at night. After 12 weeks, I suddenly didn’t respond. It was amazing, so I was fine.

The psychological changes in the early pregnancy are mainly happy, then worry about ectopic pregnancy, worry about abortion, bleeding, etc., but as long as you diligently check to confirm that the fetus is normal, your mood will be calm.(Inspection items that need to be done in the early pregnancy, you can read the article published by me 5.12)

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